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Nature Conservation

For civilization to thrive, nature must first be subjugated to the will of the people. The wild horses needed to be tamed in order to work the fields of corn, or ridden through the thick of battle. Wolves have been domesticated into lapdogs, and the hawk finds shelter upon the arms of man. All people are guilty of having exploited the natural world, even those that profess to be the stalwart defenders of nature, for their own benefits and to fuel their ambitions. Knights of the Green still use, twist, and work the land against itself though they are hailed as the final bastion.     Yet there are those few that would risk everything in order to save the beasts of land and sky. There is a secret, well hidden role known as the Conservationist, those that transport the younglings through marked caravans and trade ships away from their natural, exploited homes. Through trade rumours and a select few hired explorers many small, uninhabited isles have been found, with many remote plains, and desert areas have been used to shelter creatures. Creatures on the verge of extinction and many endangered species have been saved.      There is a lack of accountability among many who profess to be conservationists, which has resulted in some truly terrible things to have occurred since they first began. With the greatest of intentions giant beasts and dangerous creatures have been let loose in crowded areas, ecosystems have collapsed due to poor planning, and there have been many casualties due to animals protective of their young. Though members operate alone most often, the enemies that one member makes will often target other members.


Becoming a true guardian of nature requires no real qualifications. There is, however, an advantage if the person has enough coin for the many bribes, and the costs of transporting animals across the land. Seeming like a good person to pass the torch to is important, as many conservationists will seek out charismatic, or skilled helpers.


A good understanding of animal biology, knowing the dietary habits and natural predators of the creatures they are trying to save. They should be a young adult, to middle aged with a good record and understanding of nature. Lastly, they must be able to use multiple fake identities for their own safety.


The person is handed the "deeds" to their predecessors 'businesses', which are mostly fake. The former conservationist generally retires into a small town, or leaves civilization altogether in order to be more attuned with the nature around them.


The duties are to protect animals at any cost, to keep and maintain any within their care, and to provide a sanctuary for animals close to extinction.


Care and feeding, as well as proper grooming of animals under their care.

Notable Holders

Significant Members

Triel Comarrah Chaotic Neutral Drow woman. A remarkable caravan master who has operated in Western Hellegrath. She gained infamy for confronting The Devourers. Her current whereabouts are mostly unknown. She was last seen at the border of Omen near the Witches Valley carrying two boxes of precious eggs, which cannot be taken by her enemies.
Self proclaimed
In Effect
Form of Address
The same as their false identity.
Source of Authority
A persons conscience
Length of Term
There is no official length of term, though the torch is usually passed once they hit old age.
Related Locations


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