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The Jade Eye

The ruler of the Empire of the Jade Eye is known only as The Jade Eye. Their true identity remains a mystery and it is unknown whether or not the position has been filled by more than one individual over time, or if it has always been the same person. Regardles of who it is, the Jade Eye is viewed as the embodiment of the empire.

Equality and Innovation

The Jade Eye's rule is characterized by the empire's core principles of the pursuit of knowledge, equality, innovation and control over the arcane. The Jade Eye employs many academics and veterans from the Jade Legion as advisors so that they may make a well informed decision and rule justly. It is believed that the Jade Eye invented the first methods of controling arcane energies through the use of Rainbow Jade which was the foundation the empire was built on. This power has enabled the empire's might to grow over time and has ensured the safety and stability of the realm and its people. Another key component of the Jade Eye's rulership is the laws they created through which corruption and injustice are swiftly punished.


The Jade Eye is the individual who created and maintains the founding principles of the empire. They provide wisdom, advice and insight to the people and the leaders of the communities within the empire. The influence from the Jade Eye's profound wisdom and vision for the future, has shaped the empire from its early days up to this point and their commitment to equality and justice combined with their desire for innovation, is the reason why the empire continues to prosper.

Masked Ruler

Despite their powerful presence, the Jade Eye remains an elusive figure, they are rarely seen in public and have never revealed who they were to the the masses. Some speculate that the Jade Eye is not a single person, but a group. Others believe the position to have changed a number of times over the years. None of these theories have been proven though, but the people have accepted the Jade Eye's mysterious identity as the secrecy allows a certain level of safety for the individual that is the Jade Eye. The Jade Eye is exclusively seen to wear intricate robes and a mask with a veil which only reveals their left eye. This eye glows with a soft green light and it is rumored that the Jade Eye is be able to see arcane energies with this eye. This visage and the Jade Eye's commanding aura evoke a sense of awe and reverence among the citizens of the empire and they hold the Jade Eye in the highest regard as a symbol of justice, might, wisdom, and unwavering dedication.
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