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Empire of the Jade Eye

The Empire of the Jade Eye is the one of the most influential and powerful nations in Azuno. The empire values discipline, order and knowledge above all and is known for its strict but slightly unusual hierarchies and it's enigmatic ruler, The Jade Eye. The empire's social structure deviates from traditional structures seen around the world. While bloodlines, nobility and aristocracy hold some importance, the empire recognizes exceptional talents and skills regardless of a person's social status. Individuals with exceptional abilities or intelligence can rise through the ranks of the society. This is thought by political scholars to be one of the most valuable strategies of the empire, as it contributes to a diverse range of talents in the ruling class of the empire and supports innovation and diverse thought which it needs to prosper and counter any threats it might face.

Under the Eye

Academics. Education and knowledge are highly valued in the empire's culture. Academies and libraries are found throughout its cities, fostering an environment of learning and exploration. The empire encourages the pursuit of all scholarly subjects. The most knowledgable individuals become advisors to The Jade Eye Although religious and arcane practices are not forbidden within the empire, it is closely monitored and rarely a field of study within the academical societies of the empire with the exception of select forms of Transmutation magic for artistic purposes as well as research and creation of simple Magitech devices that aid in crafts and everyday life. The Jadean people have perfected enchantments and spells that contain and counter the unwanted influence of arcane and otherworldly powers with the use of Rainbow Jade. After enchanting these stones with enchantments that reduce or prevent the power of the arcane, they are subsequently used to adorn buildings, sculptures, weapons and armor and sometimes incorporated in various forms of art and jewelry. This has given the empire a strong hold on the wild magics and arcane powers within Azuno, and was cause for the empire's rise in power.   Culture. As the Empire of the Jade Eye prosperred, artistry, craftsmanship, and beauty became more important and available to the masses. The distinct Jadean style that developed over the years has become known as Artakarun, and is highly praised for its application in the creation of solid jade weaponry and sculptures. However, Artakarun has developed far beyond those uses and is particularly evident for most citizens in daily life through it's application in architecture as well as the design of public spaces. Apart from the marvelous buildings, streets and plaza's, the cities of the empire boasts meticulously designed gardens and parks. Carefully cultivated, these places offer a serene retreat from the cities. The designs of these spaces with their geometric patterns, carefully laid out pathways, and symmetrical arrangements grant a sense of balance and tranquility. They are a testament to the empire's dedication to order and harmony. They provide respite and are places meant for contemplation and deep thought. They are certainly not only reserved for just the ponderings of the elite, these havens of tranquility are open to everyone. An individual may find inspiration or rest in these places, so that they may improve their craft, skills and intellect and thereby contribute to the betterment of the empire as a whole.   Order. Next to the pursuit of knowledge and craftsmanship, discipline is deeply ingrained in every aspect of life within the empire. From an early age, its people are taught the importance of duty, obedience, and respect for those in power. This applies especialy to those who join the military force of the empire, which even by Jadean standards is renowned for its unwavering commitment and strict rules. The military trains its soldiers to not only be physically strong, but also mentally balanced and extremely loyal to the empire and its subjects. Cruelty, corruption, and injustice are all heavily punished within the military and justice systems of the empire, to guarantee a fair and honorable society for all.


Even though the government of the empire consists of three branches, it is predominantly ruled by the executive branch through the enigmatic ruler known only as 'The Jade Eye'. It is not known whether or not the Jade Eye is an empress or an emporer, or if the person holding the position has changed over the years. They remain masked and cloaked at all times and their identity has always been a mystery to all. The empire's commitment to order and discipline comes mostly from its governance and laws which have been of the Jade's Eye's design. The strict regulations and social etiquette ensure stability and harmony, though they may limit personal freedoms at times. With the guidance and the wisdom of the Jade Eye, the empire has been able to fend of threats and enemies, foster its unwavering pursuit of knowledge, and build a strong society mostly independent from arcane power. If it wasn't for the Jade Eye, the empire could have never gained its might and solidified its dominance in Azuno.


Many people have flocked to the empire and settlements have become part of it over the years. Sometimes through force and conquest as a response to an attack, but mostly through diplomacy or just because people and their leaders found that the ways of the empire improved their lives significantly in terms of wealth, wellbeing and prospects even if that meant sacrificing some of their own traditions and culture.   Outside of Azuno, the empire holds only a very thin connection to other kingdoms and lands that serves only to allow for trade and to prevent any confrontation or rivalry that may lead to battles or war. In truth, the empire is not interested in having strong allies, but instead puts more effort in the creation of bonds with others, so that they may become part of the empire itself with the goal to grow and increase the might of the empire.


Even though many small settlements, tribes and peoples have become part of the empire over the years. There are still those that remain independent from the empire and consider it their greatest enemy and threat to their own culture and ways. These people may consider themselves lucky to be in places where they are of no interest to the empire, or have been able to live a more or less nomadic lifestyle to evade the influence and rule of the empire. The Awaoki people have surrendered territories in the north of Awaoka during the Foxlands Battle but have maintained peace afterwards, although there is little communication, trade or exchange between the empire and the peoples of Awaoka. The empire's disdain for wild magic and arcane power is the main reason the Awaoki have no wish to join the empire. The city of Javesz in New Ankoya has been a sworn enemy of the empire not only because their developed arcane arts but also because according to Jadean history, New Ankoya was raised from the seas by arcane practioner's from Ankoya whom the empire had sentenced to death after an attempted assassination of The Jade Eye. Even though there have been some battles on the mainland of Azuno, the empire has never attempted to invade New Ankoya or try to annex it into the empire. The advanced knowledge and use of crystallomancy of the arcanists of Javesz is an advantage the empire cannot face, even with their knowledge and power to oppose the arcane.
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The Jade Empire
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