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Rhajada is the shining capital of the Empire of the Jade Eye. The city stands as a testament to the grandeur and authority of the empire. Nestled amidst the jungles and terraced hills, the city emanates an aura of power and prestige. Its name, derived from Azun ancient words meaning "radiant jewel", perfectly captures the essence of its opulence and wealth. Governance, craftsmanship, culture, and influence converge in the city. The focal point of which is the Imperial Iris, which serves predominantly as the seat ofb The Jade Eye but also as a location of guilds and the many prestigious academies and instutions of learning where people meet and exchange ideas.


5. Academy of Prosperity
6. Dragonfly Island
7. Eastern Lighthouse
8. Western Lighthouse

Circular City

The city was carefully planned along a circular geometric layout, which was designed with the utmost consideration for the comfort and convenience of the citizens and demonstrates the empire's commitment to order, efficiency, and the well-being of its inhabitants. The buildings and structures as well as the parks and green spaces for which the empire is known, are meticulously designed and placed within the layout to create an aesthetically pleasing and organized cityscape. The architecture of Rhajada is a sight to behold, with typical Jadean designs, patterns and details adorning every structure. Naturally, jade is featured prominently in the city's construction, from the majestic Imperial Iris to the homes of the citizens of the city.

Swift Streets

The many districts of the city are connected by three main roads that span the city in concentric circles and eight avenues that are laid out along the cardinal directions from the inner ring to the outer ring. These carefully designed transportation arteries provide efficient movement of goods and people. The jadeans invented an effective transportation method with the use of Arcwheel carts that travel along metal rails embedded in the ground along these major roads. Although it is simple in nature, the railsystem of Rhajada is considered one of the largest Magitech structures in the world.   The smaller streets between the circles reflect the blooming economy of the empire. Traders from far and wide travel to the city to offer exotic wares, rare treasures, and goods from within the empire and from much further away. The city's streets, markets and bazaars are a sensory feast of colors, aromas and sounds. Skilled artisans demonstrate their artistry on the streets and in their shops, weaving silks, forging metal, carving figurines, and crafting jewelry.
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