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Jadean Imperial Manifesto

The Jadean Imperial Manifesto is a defining document which marked the dawning of the Empire of the Jade Eye in 6571. It was created by The Jade Eye to convey the empire's founding principles of discipline, order, knowledge, and the mastery over arcane arts through the control of magic. It emphasized the pursuit of justice, equality, and innovation as the pillars upon which the empire would stand tall.

A Vision of Jade

The manifesto lays out the vision of a united empire where diverse tribes and people could find common ground under the shared values as well as the benevolent guidance of the Jade Eye. When it was first read in Rhajada, its words resonated with the citizens of the city as well as the tribes and people living in that region. It united them under to work together towards a brighter future that would benefit them all, instead of competing with one another.
Innovation and ingenuity stands as the foundation in our pursuit of progress and prosperity. Let each mind be a forge of invention, and each heart a wellspring of creativity, for within every single one of us lies the power for us all to endure hardships and thrive in this world.
— Excerpt from the Jadean Imperial Manifesto
  In the present era, the Jadean Imperial Manifesto continues to serve as an instrument in diplomatic endeavors. It is used in negotiations with other nations, whether they be allies or foes, as a powerful reminder of the empire's core principles. When faced with adversaries, the manifesto is proof of the empire's unwavering commitment to justice and unity, urging enemies to reconsider their stance and seek a peaceful resolution. Conversely, in dealings with allies, the manifesto serves as a beacon of shared values, offering a foundation upon which these allies can work together with the empire, or possibly be incorporated within it.
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