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Grand Duelist

Military Nobility of the Human Empire

A man watches over the training of the men below him, stoic eyes watching every movement with a weapon, noting proficiencies and where these Soldiers are lacking. Later, he will offer assistance to those he saw struggle, most accepting his help due to the position that he is in. It is an honor to be trained by such a person, one with such knowledge that even the Empress recognized it, but others are more weary, distrustful of the position because it is a responsibility that the Empress could not assume herself.   Being in this place of nobility but bourne of the military is a difficult job, walking a fine line between success and failure. Most will eventually recognize the prowess of the man behind the title, but others will not, shaped by histories that were altered by ones who failed in his position. Unlike so many other titles in the Human Empire, the one he was granted meant something, and gave him responsibility over the life and death of so many people. This title was not for the untested or untrusted because the fate of the Empire could just as easily rest in his hands instead of those of the Empress.   The Grand Duelist is a complicated title of nobility within the military, that while existing for centuries, has not always been used. The Emperors and Empresses of the past that chose not to dabble in weapons and warfare invoked this title to create one that would be second in command and nearly have the power of themselves, but that would lead the military in their stead. In the past, the men that would hold the title of Grand Duelist were highly respected and kept on the same lofty pedestal that the Emperors were, but in more recent times, it has become a much more controversial title due to the current holder.


There are truly no qualifications to become the Grand Duelist as it is not simply a position that one can attain, but the various Emperors and Empresses of the past have listed certain criteria that they looked for when naming one to this title or choosing to fulfill the role themselves. Over the course of the past millennia, only a dozen or so have been named to the title of Grand Duelist and have seemingly been the strongest Warriors in the Human Empire.   The most commonly noted criterion is often exceptional skill with a variety of weapons. Tasked as the leader of the Military of the Human Empire, the Grand Duelist must be able to step in and train nearly any faction at a moment's notice. This does not extend to spell casting as those that utilize magic are seen as beyond specialized. Knowledge of warfare and tactics is also coveted but not always necessary.   Most Grand Duelists have been required to prove themselves in battle in some way, often chosen by the ruler that is appointing them. This could be fighting a known threat to the Empire, attempting to capture the Jiggawot, dealing with a herd of Dinosaurs, or other dangerous tasks. Commonly, these tasks to prove battle prowess are often ones that few others in the Empire would take on, allowing the Emperor to narrow down the list based on people's willingness to attempt dangerous situations that may not have a feasible way to win.


Upon ascension to the throne, an Emperor or Empress can choose to keep the complete authority of the Empire to themselves, assuming all leadership for the military and in times of war. While some may choose this as they have a background in warfare and tactics, not all rulers of the Human Empire are capable of leading the Empire in case of war. In these instances, the ruler can choose to appoint someone as the Grand Duelist that assumes full control of the Military of the Human Empire and can serve in the stead of the Emperor or Empress.   Due to the responsibilities and power associated with this title, there is often a great deal of time and fanfare tied to the appointment of this person. Once this person has been decided upon by the Emperor, a great number of celebrations are held throughout the Human Empire in order to introduce this person to the various lords and militaries before being fully appointed. This tour can take a number of months depending on the choice of the Emperor as this is also used to see how the possible Grand Duelist interacts with the various factions of the military.   Upon completion of the tour, a large ceremony is held in Stronghold, granting the person the full title of Grand Duelist and everything that comes with it. Over the millennia, this ceremony has ranged from a simple ceremony to one as grand as a coronation ceremony. All fanfare is dependent on the choices of the Emperor.
Grand Duelist
The title of Grand Duelist is an honored title granted in the Human Empire to one that the Emperor has deemed worthy of taking the responsibility of military matters off their hands. While not always granted during an Emperor's reign, it is a highly respected title that is nearly as powerful as Emperor.
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