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Human Empire

Empire of the Great Plains

The Human Empire is a vast territory encompassing the entire Great Plains, a grassland that covers thousands of miles. In this land, high walls stand amidst the tall grass to keep out both Goblin raiders and carnivorous Dinosaurs. All are welcomed through these borders regardless of race and origin, but magic is carefully documented as the Humans see it as a way to easily conduct crime and mischief. Some say they are also still superstitious about the rise of another Warlock in the future that could return the world to a state of chaos.   This area is ruled by a woman named Catherine Nightbreeze, known in whispers and stories as the Witch Queen because of her powerful spellcasting abilities that allow the creation of demi-level weaponry. She is known for fiercely guarding her people and setting up a long-lasting future for her Empire against internal and external threats. Corruption is sought out with a vengeance and destroyed publicly, earning her both love and fear from her subjects.   The Human Empire is the center of all trade, artisans and Adventurers alike come here to seek their fortune. One can easily charter passage on a caravan that will take them anywhere on the continent or to the shores south of the Little Greenwood to go further. If magic is what you want then it can be bought, weapons can be made and knowledge can be found. Grand Fighters are trained here on a daily basis and spellcasters come to earn degrees at the Starlit Academy. Due to its location in the center of the continent, it has become a hub of cultures and a melting pot of races that live and work side by side though the area is still settled heavily by those of Human descent.   Metallic Dragons are often known to visit this area, Silver and Orium being the most frequent because of their ties to the Human race and their history. It wouldn't be out of the question to see a Metallic Dragon flying away from a large settlement or small towns and seemingly unprotected portions of the empire in their own territory, providing them with protection. There are very few races that the Humans do not openly try to get along with or welcome into their borders, some quarrels that once stopped diplomacy are slowly beginning to mend. While the Human Empire once held a deep anger towards the Dwarven Kingdom for what they saw as a distinct lack of involvement during the Eldritch War, this quarrel has slowly begun to resolve under the purview of Empress Catherine Nightbreeze and King Maximus Thunderbeard III.  

Demographics & Territory

Around 75% of the population in the Empire is Human with another 20% being of mixed Human descent. The remaining 5% is mixed between various races that have decided to call the Great Plains their home. Because the Human Empire is considered to be the center of trade on the Northern Continent, there are no lack of travelers from far off lands and countries, exotic races are likely to be seen in the large cities of this country.   The Human Empire resides in their ancestral lands, religious texts and legends indicate that the Great Plains has always been the home of the Human species. They define their borders roughly using the Traveler's Grass and the surrounding forests as natural borders for their lands and have no need to expand them into neighboring regions though there has been talk about expanding onto the Southern Continent in the future. This territory is divided into 23 areas, each with a ruling Noble save the area

Quick Facts

Population Breakdown
Human Descent
Other Races
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Common Flora
Traveler's Grass
Common Fauna
around the capital of Stronghold which is ruled directly by the Empress.  
Nightbreeze Insignia
Nightbreeze by RiverFang
The symbol of the Nightbreeze Family and their legacy is often a simple drawing of the Nightbreeze in either black or a blueish-purple color. This insignia can be found on many assets of the Human Empire, to include armor and weapons.


The Military of the Human Empire has five major branches that function to provide protection for the towns from other nations and encounters with dangerous monster races, the primary threat of which is Goblinoid in nature.   The five branches are called: the Night Guard, the Black Grass, the Nightshades, the Newmoon, and the Dusk Winds. Each one has a specialization that allows them to be effective during wartime and dangerous combat situations, though the Night Guard is the most common branch of the military that people in this Empire see on a regular basis. Common attire for the Human Empire's military is dependent upon the branch but a common design theme is the presence of a black flower with four petals, flared out as if in full bloom. This flower is known as a Nightbreeze and only opens under the light of a moon, during the day it will remain closed and appear as a spring bud.  

Foreign Relations

Currently, the Human Empire is not engaged in active warfare with any race or country though they often have trouble with Goblins that live on the outskirts of the Empire. Because of the Eldritch War, Goblinoids hold a significant number of advantages and often come from the forests and mountains to raid smaller towns and merchant caravans which dictates the need for trained forces to protect settlements. Often members of the various branches of the Military of the Human Empire are spread amongst the most targeted areas, usually along the fringes of the Great Plains, to provide protection from all who threaten the Empire.   The Human Empire has representatives in every major country of the Northern Continent, except for the Dwarven Kingdom, but this is slowly being remedied. These representatives serve as correspondents and handle matters of trade and foreign relations on behalf of the Empress.
  Abroad, the Human Empire has favorable relations with most of their neighbors, being especially close with the Cradle and the Elven Kingdom. Trade also flows freely from Coastland and the Fairy Kingdom, the only direction trade is sparse but beginning to grow from is the roads leading to the Dwarven Kingdom. Amongst some in the Human Empire, there are still grudges and bad blood held against the Dwarves for choices made during the Eldritch War, but this is something that the current leaders of both nations are slowly attempting to remedy. Even so, this type of diplomacy takes time and takes a monumental shift in thinking on the part of both races.   Outside of the Northern Continent, the Human Empire has representatives in three other locations for trade and foreign relations. The first of these is the Fire Islands, a nation of Nephilim, one is in the Highland, a large island to the south that is a nation of Dragonkin, and the final one is a guest in the Obsidean kingdom of the Crystal Sands. These relations are less developed than the others but they are favorable in nature with an emphasis on safe travel and trade through these regions.  

Government Bodies

Legislative Body

There are three bodies of government responsible for law-making in the Human Empire. They are known as the Throne, The Council, and The Court. These bodies of government are composed in this fashion:  
  • The Throne: This body of government is currently made up of two people, the Empress Catherine Nightbreeze and her personal knight, the Grand Duelist.
  • The Council: A group of advisory senators that each have a specific function and area of expertise to include trade, construction, foreign relations, and criminal justice.
  • The Court: A collection of 22 nobles that have individual power over districts within the Human Empire. Many of them come from notable families or have risen to their status within the past ten years due to outstanding accomplishments.
  Laws are created by suggestion, discussion, and edits made during monthly meetings. During the last week of each month, the legislative bodies will meet as a complete government and spend the days in session talking about current events, threats to the empire, and this is the time for the law to be suggested or reviewed. Laws originate from any body of government and are given audience to the entire group for criticism and revision if they are to be applied to the entire empire. If a law is to be localized in the lands that belong to a specific noble, it only needs to be declared to the group so that it can be confirmed that it violates no overarching laws for the empire.

Judicial Body

Laws are carried out mainly by interpretation of The Court, a governing body that is made up of the ruling nobles of the Human Empire. In the lands that a Noble rules, they are considered the highest form of government and are charged with upholding the laws of the Empire. They have the ability to be the highest judge in their realm or to appoint a judge to act in their stead as long as the laws of the Empire are upheld.   In the capital itself, one member of the Council has the ability to act as a judge, the seat pertaining to Law and Order. Aside from this, the seat of Law and Order can appoint judges to settle disputes and preside over smaller matters within the area, these are often known as "Law Masters" and act with the authority of those who appointed them. The concept of a Law Master is used throughout the Empire and can be found in areas or cities that have high populations to alleviate the ruling Noble of the need to preside over each dispute. Appointment of a Law Master lies within the discretion of the ruling Noble or in the case of the capital and the surrounding area, the authority lies within the Empress and her advisers.   It should also be noted that the Empress or the Grand Duelist retains the ability to preside over any case that they wish and they are in fact the highest sources of authority in the land.
Founding Date
150,000 IM
Geopolitical, Empire
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Monarchy, Absolute
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Religion is not a point of contention in the Human Empire, while it might be expected that they default into a particular Pantheon or to worship their direct creator Dern this is not the case. Humans are incredibly diverse and so are the gods that they worship whether it is out of devotion, tradition, or because they seek a certain type of power. Because of this almost all Human cities and town default to having a generic and Pantheon neutral temple where everyone is welcome to worship. If a specialized temple to a given Pantheon is built then the others are generally represented with matching temples. Needless to say, such specialized temples are only found in substantially populated areas or settlements that are dedicated to being holy sites.


The specific currency used within the Standard Metal Value system for the Human Empire is called Arms, they have a simplistic design with a sharp imprint based upon the value of the metal that they are made of. These coins are widely used and have no language or other distinguishing marks to denote a time period, ruler, or point of origin so they are favored widely throughout the Human Empire, the Cradle of Clay, and the Little Greenwood. They have little value to collectors regardless of age because they are considered plain coins, purely functional in nature.

Character flag image: Banner of the Human Empire by Crest via Armoria, created by RiverFang

Intense Magic

... 1 IM

The time before the Eldritch War in Isekai

  • 200,000 IM
    Creation of the Elder Races

    Millennia after the first child of the Pantheons of Isekai entered the world, some of the gods wished for more children, ones that would be mortal and live short lives compared to the Divine Races. These children would spread across the world, questing for magic and knowledge with their insatiable curiosity. First came the Elves, children of Lycana like the Ancient Fey before them, born from nature and serving the goddess as stewards. Next can the Humans, short-lived lives created by Dern with reaching potentials and unending curiousity. Last were the Dwarves, born from the forge of Crommel to be stout and hardworking, not nearly as soft as the other Elder Races. The creation of the Elder Races marked the beginning of mortal races, the Descendants of Dragons, the Animal Kingdom, and all other reasonable races that populated the world of Isekai.

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    Elder Races
  • 200,000 IM
    Challenge of Dern
    Military action

    The Giants wandered much of the world, but the appearance of the Elder Races would drive them from many of their ancestral homelands. When the god Dern chose to create his children, the Humans, in the Great Plains, the Giants challenged him.   It is said that the god's wrath was kindled, the sun grew in size and ferocity until the ground lit aflame. With the god's show of prowess, the Giants chose not to fight the god and instead retreated from the Great Plains.

    Great Plains
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    Elder Races
    Additional timelines
  • 194,900 IM
    First Relations
    Diplomatic action

    Once the Clay Giants had made a home for themselves in the Cradle of Clay, they worked to establish relations with their neighbors to the south in the Human Empire. Early relations between the groups were somewhat strained due to the events of the Challenge of Dern, but Humans soon realized that the Clay Giants had little in common with the Giants who once tried to invade the Great Plains.

    Cradle of Clay
    Additional timelines
  • 190,000 IM
    First Appearance of the Descendants of Dragons

    After the creation of the Elder Races, other races appeared across Isekai. Some of the first were the Descendants of Dragons, people who were born from Dragons and others, whether the Elder Races or an unknown species. These children, Dragonkin, were often weaker than their Draconic heritage and walked on two legs, but resembled their ancestors in terms of traits. Those born of Dragons and unknown species were considered mere myths, named the Dragonkith.

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  • 50,000 IM
    Silence of the Gods
    Era beginning/end

    The Pantheons of Isekai had been a large part of the world for millennia, giving aid and their guidance. It is unknown why, but the gods suddenly withdrew from the world, watching Isekai and its peoples from afar. Many believe that a disagreement between the gods caused this withdrawal, while others believe that the lack of the gods' presence is punishment for some great slight against the gods.

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  • 49,700 IM
    Creation of the Starlit Tower
    Construction beginning/end

    The Starlit Tower and its Academy were created to serve as a school of magic for the Human Empire. Since its creation, the school has passed from master to master, eventually gaining the official international title of Academy nearly 5,000 years after it began teaching magic.

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    Starlit Tower
  • 5000 IM
    Line of the Tundra
    Military action

    The Elven Kingdom, along with the Clay Giants and the Humans, drew a line that the Giants could not cross. This line would confine the Giants to the Neither Tundra and the frozen northern reaches of Vóreios.   The Line of the Tundra would eventually cause small skirmishes and a war that the Elves, Humans, and Clay Giants fought together to keep the Giants out of their homelands.

    Neither Tundra
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    Giant Wars
  • 4000 IM 3500 IM
    Giant Wars
    Military action

    After nearly a millennia of being forced into the northern reaches of Vóreios, the Giants chose to expand southward again, setting fire to the Elven Forest and crossing part of the Spine of Kallex. While the Giants did not stay long in the mountains as they feared the ancient Dragons, a war was begun between the Giants, the Elves, the Humans, and the Clay Giants as all worked to secure their territories from the enemy.

    Neither Tundra
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    Giant Wars
  • 3500 IM
    Krojak's End
    Military action

    After 500 years of skirmishes and small battles, the Giant Wars would finally come to an end at Krojak's End. The prince of the Cloud Giants, Krojak, led a campaign against the northern border of the Elven Forest that raged throughout the winter. Many lost their lives, eventually leading to the Knights of Yggdrasil making a last stand.   The leader of the Knights of Yggdrasil made a stand against the Giant prince using a blade enchanted by the Elven King. With a powerful blow, the Elf struck down the Giant, essentially ending the Giant Wars. Since this victory, the Giants have not strayed far out of the Neither Tundra, but it is said that eventually they will attempt to spread across the world again.

    Krojak's End
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    Giant Wars
    Additional timelines

Eldritch Aftermath

1 EA and beyond

The time after the beginning of the Eldritch War in Isekai

  • 1 EA

    100 EA

    Eldritch War
    Era beginning/end

    A Warlock who longed for power reached too far into the dark magics of the world, allowing Eldritch beings to enter the planes of Isekai to wreak havoc. For 100 years, the peoples of Isekai battled these creatures, eventually sealing them away, but not before great destruction was inflicted upon the world. Entire races were lost, once verdant and fertile places were turned into Deadzones, and the monsters of the world became more adventurous.

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    Eldritch War
  • 1 EA
    First Appearance of the Black Children
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Creatures and horrors appeared after the end of the Eldritch War, remnants of the dark magic that had blanketed the world for a century. One of the many phenomena that came from the war were the Black Children, a myth of men that had gained unspeakable powers, things that seemed impossible even with magic. Most believed the Black Children to be nothing more than a fairy tale to raise the spirits of children, but no one was quite sure whether the myths were true.

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    The Black Children


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