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Days of Dawn

Season of Giving

As the year slips to an end, the excitement in the Human Empire becomes palpable, decorative lights lining the streets, the smell of dying paper and cloth wandering through the streets. Smiles and kind words echo, the depression of a cold winter beginning to slip away in the face of something exciting coming soon with the sunrise. Bundles of cloth, paper, and silk exchange hands, hugs and greetings abound. It is finally the time that the Humans have been looking forward to.   Soon enough, the winter will be replaced with longer days of sunshine and warmth, a blessing granted by the God of the Sun himself. All people celebrate the end of the colder, shorter days, but none so much as the Humans as the sun defines their existence. Without it, they would not be here and Dern would not have built their stronghold. The sun means everything and the change toward longer days means that another year has come to move forward with.   The Days of Dawn are an oddity, a celebration only observed by Humans, but it is a way in which they honor the god that created them and the one who holds the sun. In the month of Winter's Evening, people all around the Human Empire share gifts with loved ones and acquaintances as a means of celebrating the soon coming of longer days. For some, a feast is held on the spring equinox in celebration, but in many cases, the gift-giving is enough.


Officially, the Days of Dawn begin on the first day of Winter's Evening, but as this is a month-long celebration, those that observe are welcome to begin their celebration whenever they wish. Some choose to wait until closer to the spring equinox to begin their merriment while others choose to utilize the entire month to share gifts and time with loved ones or certain acquaintances.   Parts of the Human Empire may celebrate differently based upon what events the lord of an area may be putting together or what the individuals have decided. Per the order of the Empress, all in the Human Empire are allowed at least three days to celebrate in any fashion, without the need to open their shops or provide their services. This ensures that all have a moment during the festivities to spend with loved ones and celebrate in their chosen way.  

Gift Giving

The largest observance of the Days of Dawn occurs in gift giving. The idea is to gift someone something that would be useful to them in the coming year and allow them to move forward as the sun comes again. These gifts are often simply wrapped, utilizing colored fabric, paper, or even silk. Colors are often reminiscent of the sun or the greenery that the sun brings to the Great Plains.   Gifts can be given to loved ones, acquaintances, or others that the giver feels necessary. Strangers may exchange gifts of food or drink on the street to share the merriment and good cheer that is often spread this time of year. While giving gifts can be fun, the main takeaway from the celebration is kinship and excitement for the warmer days.  

Feasts & Merriment

Depending on the village or city, celebrations may vary. Stronghold often decorates the streets with glowing magical lights and will provide feasts near daily in one of the many courtyards of Castle Nightbreeze for everyone to gather, eat their fill, and be merry together. Feasts are hosted in other areas of the Human Empire, but this is dependent upon the lord of the area. Weekly feasts are more common in these areas so those outside the city of the lord's seat can travel if they so wish.
Wrapped Gift
Gifts wrapped in colored cloth, silk, or even dyed paper are common during the Days of Dawn. Humans prefer to wrap their gifts in colorful wrappings as it is a reminder that the sun, and Dern, will be coming again soon.
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