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God of the Sun & Father of Humans

Dern is most often described as the god of Humans and is also associated with the sun, wrath, war, and agriculture. He is known to have been a particularly active and present deity during the first few generations of Humans and gained enmity from the Giants by driving them out of the Great Plains. Dern is often called the god that loves mortals the most and voiced strong opposition when the Pantheons collectively decided to let the world mature on its own without as much of their direct interaction. Dern belongs to two pantheons, the Pantheon of War and the Pantheon of Order which expresses his identity through his status in each. He is depicted as a massive man that is tall enough to block out the sun if he so chooses, a Giant in stature but with the proportions of an immensely muscular Human with bronze skin and light hair. This god is often depicted with the sun being shown small in comparison to him or by him wielding the sun as the centerpiece of a giant axe or hoe. The implement in Dern's hand depends upon if he is being invoked as an image of war or order.   His tenets involve unity, protection of the homeland, pride, and living freely under the sun. The attitude of Dern can be learned best by examining how he interacted with the early Humans. Dern created the original city and wall around the city of Stronghold before creating the Human race and placing them inside of it. He is also the first deity to pass on a mantle, an item that dictates his favor, and selects a demi-god from among the Human race if they meet the criteria he has decided upon. This item was a golden axe, fashioned after Dern's own likeness and massive in size so that only the chosen champion could wield it freely without bursting into divine flame as intense as the sun. This item was named after the first Human king, the axe is called Damascus while Dern's own weapon is called Sunrise.

Divine Domains

Dern is involved in two separate domains due to his focused nature as the primary deity for Humans. In order of relevance he is associated with the Pantheons of Order and War. His primary worshippers are Humans though it is not unheard of for Avians and Rodenta to worship him due to their Animal Lords being canonized under his exploits. When Dern is revered as a god his followers will emphasize his might and the association he has with the sun in its various positions in the sky with his power reaching its height when the sun is straight overhead.  


Dern is considered a primary of the Pantheon of Order, he dictates the path and intensity of the sun by which time is largely tracked from day to night. As a primary deity, he wields immense power and during certain times of the day, his influence can rival a pinnacle deity. Ballads written in his honor identify these times as Sunrise, Noon, and Sunset. Poems and prose often place him at odds with Varell because of his love of Humans and as a friendly rival of Crommel, both being gods of war. When it comes to order, his focus is on unity, the passage of time, the constant presence of the sun, and its relation to agriculture as a natural law. Those that beseech Dern as a god of Order will identify him as the keeper of the sun and wielder of light, warmth, and steadfastness.


Dern is considered to be a god within the Pantheon of War because of his existence as the wielder of the sun and intense divine flames. When it comes to aspects of the war pantheon, his influence is the attribute that weakens certain species in sunlight and destroys Vampires if they dare to step out under the sun. He is specialized in the fact that his impact on warfare is tied to specific times of day and most effective against the undead, though the Giants also have a particular wariness of him due to a direct confrontation eons ago. When it comes to war his focus is on immense power, unity of forces, and righteous glory in battle to triumph over darkness.

Holy Books & Codes

The exploits of Dern are recorded in a large series of books called the Rays of Hope, which is a proper religious text detailing a mixture of songs, heroic exploits, fables constructed from historical events, words of wisdom, and clear communication of Dern's attachment to humanity so long as it pursues virtue worthy of the light. Many of Dern's exploits are detailed on Isekai itself though a few extend into his existence as a celestial being that cast out several threats of darkness. These records also confirm Animal Lords and Monster Lords that came into being through their interactions, favorable or unfavorable, with Dern himself. The texts are quite clear in establishing the origins of the Human race and their ancestral homeland being chosen as the Great Plains which empowers the pride of the Human Empire to remain within the challenging landscape.


The holiday dedicated to Dern is the 30th of Summer's Noon. It is on this day that the highest point of the sun is said to last for three hours and shorten the night by the same amount. Here the sun weighs heavy and hot overhead, creating a fine day for crops to grow, and making it the most deadly day of the year for undead to walk about even if the sun would normally not affect them. The Human Empire considers this a great day of celebration, they will hold feasts and tournaments on this day that begin as soon as the sun reaches its highest point. Festivities continue until the last light of the sun. Small traditions that accompany this day are the planting of sunflower seeds during the sunrise of this day, some of which are said to reach their full stature with the setting of the sun.
Divine Classification
Ruled Locations

Tenets of Faith

All those under Dern shall stand united as one, casting out those that would follow darkness as they strive to create a steadfast and honorable land. Shoulder to shoulder and with arms at the ready as the sun rises into the sky, ready to combat evil and defend homeland as one.   Seek to make strong bonds, a friend that is close shall become a brother that never falters.   Build up for the future, the sun shall only rise so many times upon your life so seek to make each day more favorable than the last so that others may follow in the work you have begun.   Kin are to be treasured, family is of the utmost value to protect and cherish for there is no future for those that stand alone.   Darkness, evil, division, and lawlessness have no place within the walls of a just city. Purge them or cast them out lest they threaten the foundation of the whole.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The primary symbol of Dern is a golden sun that is simply fashioned from solid gold with many rays extending from a central circle. Other symbols include his silhouette darkened and depicted with a black stone while the sun shines from behind him with an emphasis on his size in comparison to it. These depictions always show the sun as secondary or small enough to be manipulated by Dern as if it is his tool or will.

Character Portrait image: Dern by Portrait via Portrait Workshop, created by RiverFang


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