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Rodent Folk

Tucked away in hills and forests, scurrying feet move and scatter, wandering down familiar paths that will take them home. These people prefer to be in hidden places, kept away from the wider world much like the creatures they look like, always under foot but rarely seen. In these small hidden places, one may find the Rodenta, small hidden people that choose simplicity over the rest of the world.   Rodenta are the youngest of the Animal Kingdom races, the animalistic people that are still considered among the civilized races of the world. Their role in the Eldritch War was relatively unknown as no one knew of their existence until the Mauskin's War of the Giant Camellia announced their presence to the world. Even moreso than the Avians, the Rodenta are known to be an elusive species that are masters of hiding and secrecy that can rival any other race.   Currently, they live in forested and hilly areas of the world where they can easily hide in dens or nests. The Rodenta have no native homeland but many of them live in the Little Greenwood or Fairy King's Wood. You will find these people in areas that are inhabited by other small folks, even though some Rodenta are the same size as Humans. They are often known to cohabitate certain cities that they find to be diverse and safe for their lifestyles.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Rodenta can be found scattered throughout Isekai, often calling any land that will take them and is a safe home. These people may seem like a solitary race as they rarely enjoy living close to others, but Rodenta prefer the company of their den or nest over other races. Rodenta prefer more rural areas, places where they can be separated from bustling cities and villages where they can raise their children. All Rodenta prefer their own family unit over others, but some will still partake in solitary traveling lives.   Culturally, the various types of Rodenta vary greatly, much like other rodents, in the ways they live and socialize. That being said, dens and nests are the most common family groups and in most instances, their culture will revolve around that family unit. These people are scattered across the spectrum in terms of beliefs, whether it be religion, politics, or moral beliefs.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Rodenta are not known to have inherently mystical abilities, their traits are focused on physical aspects and have to do with their rodent-like physiology.   This species has many varieties in terms of coloration, fur, and body size. These can be overwhelming distinctions, but in terms of culture and abilities, all Rodenta seem to be relatively the same with some ability differences depending on size and the make-up of their fur. Some are masters of hiding, others slipping through small spaces, and others still masters of digging or other things, but it all breaks down to biology in relation to what rodents that they resemble.   The uniting features that span all variations of Rodenta are their rodent-like physiology, including their teeth, eyesight, and sense of smell. They are capable of biting through most materials that aren't metal and the various Rodenta have special abilities that are reminiscent of the rodents they resemble.
Genetic Descendants
Animal Kingdom , Rodent
40 years
Average Height
3 to 6 feet

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