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Celestial Realms

Realms of the Gods

Glimmering gateways give way to open lands, verdant fields, endless books, or all manner of landscapes. A single step through one of these gateways will transport one to a land of the divine, the realm of one of the many gods that are worshipped in the land of Isekai. Each place is decorated to a specific standard, the landscapes and intricate details harkening back to the one that calls this place their home. No two are the same just as no two of the gods of this world are the same.   Celestial realms are magical realms created by the gods to coexist alongside Isekai. More removed than the Wandering Forest and the Lost Paths that could also be considered magical realms, the celestial realms of the gods rarely have more than one or two gateways that attach them to the mortal world and allow those of Isekai to visit the mystical seats of the divine. Often times, these realms are attached to the world through their gateways in the Southern Library and possibly another gate elsewhere if the god so chooses.   These realms were created in the earliest days of the Pantheons of Isekai, each created to be the home of a single god and to be the center of their power. Each realm was designed with the specific god in mind, often reflecting various landscapes and locations that exemplify the traits and tenets that are part of worshipping this god. No one is quite sure how the realms were created or even how to reach them in most instances as it seems this is knowledge kept secret between the divines and the Sphinxes.

Localized Phenomena

Because of the divine magic these realms seem to be built upon, the god of the realm is welcome to change the landscapes and natural laws as they see fit. Some deities take advantage of this to create perfect landscapes that fit their whims, constantly changing them based on their mood or the day. Others choose not to change their realm in any way, allowing the natural order of things to define how and why certain things occur within their realm.   Because of these changes, lifeforms and the worlds themselves within these realms do not have to follow the common laws of nature that dictate life within Isekai. The greatest example of this is Caspian inverting the ocean within the Depths so that the colder deep ocean areas are towards the surface of the water. While this is not a constant change, Caspian does this so that he may interact with all creatures that live within his realm.


The celestial realms as known today are said to have only existed since the early days of the Pantheons of Isekai, but it is believed that the realms themselves may predate the gods. Evidence of primitive gates within the pocket dimension of the Southern Library makes Scholars among the Sphinxes question the true origin of the celestial realms but it is a conundrum that few discuss as it has been waved away by the gods.   As the Pantheons of Isekai became solidified, each of the gods chose a realm to create their home. Over centuries, changes were made to perfect each realm to fit the personality and whims of the god residing in it. Once fully settled within their realms, some of the gods chose to step out and create the Divine Races and eventually the Elder Races.   Until the creation of the Southern Library and the era of exploration of the Sphinxes, only the gods could travel between this world and their own realms. With the Southern Library came the establishment of individual gateways that would allow anyone to walk between the worlds and entertain an audience with one of the gods. This was most frequent in the era of the Divine Races, all manner of folks speaking to the gods as they made their places in the world, but this would change when the Elder Races came to the world.   Once the Elder Races came to Isekai, the Southern Library was sealed away from most, and thus the gateways to the gods were hidden. Few still traveled between Isekai and the celestial realms, but only if the gods and the Sphinxes allowed them to enter. During this time, other gateways to the celestial realms tended to appear as certain gods chose to create dedicated gateways for their followers. Gods such as Kallex and Caspian created gateways in the highest peaks and deepest oceans, places where only the Dragons and the sea dwellers could reach them. While these gateways were rare, some of them still appear from time to time even though the Southern Library is not as sealed as it once was.

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