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Elder Races

First of the Commonfolk

  The Elder Races are the three most prominent creatures that inhabit the physical realm. These races are known as humanoid in nature and each of them has a connection to magic and to the gods that can be traced back to their creation stories, often these stories are a source of pride. In terms of common folk, these are the races that emerged first and created their civilizations far before any others had been founded. Each of these races has dominated the major continents of Isekai for the past 200,000 years battling against the races of monsters that have emerged all the while, among them have emerged champions and villains alike. These races are often characterized as being the agents of change in the world, for better or for worse, having interactions with ancient secrets, gods, and mystical powers that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. In order of their appearance in the world they are: Elves, Humans, and Dwarves.   Initially, these races were inseparable, often intermingling their settlements and sharing their unique gifts among each other freely. The passage of time has matured these relationships so that they see each other as peers, masters of their crafts, and reliable allies that can be called upon in times of dire need. Throughout history there have been very few wars between them, the disputes are small and usually overcome due to an understanding called "Three Days, One Year." Through this simple saying, they have overcome many disagreements and often have no problems with racially-based treatment among themselves, though there was a silent grudge being held until rather recently in the current age between Humans and Dwarves of the Northern Continent because of actions taken during the Eldritch War.


In Summer's Evening of the year, 200,000 I.M. is when the creation story takes place for the Elder Races. Before the year ended each of these creatures would appear and shortly thereafter seek out the wonders and mysteries that the world had to offer, questing after magic and the knowledge of the gods with insatiable curiosity. While individual details are vague there are few that question these stories not only because of how difficult it is to verify something so far back in history but also because they stand as a point of central pride for each race and give them a connection to a certain type of magic, geographical location, and deity. As a general rule, the deities that these races note in their history through interaction or favor are also the ones that they tend to worship.
Date of Setting
200,000 IM
Related Species

Historical Basis

Their legends are passed down through historical texts and oral traditions that stem from the race in question. The most notable and complete version of these histories have come from the Unending Scroll by way of their magical text and the great Council of Metallic Dragons by way of their Historian.  


These are songs, stories, folk tales and myths told widely by the common people as a source of wonder, entertainment, and history for those with serious minds.


Many Elves of the world call the Elven Forest home, often practicing the traditional ways of the Huntress and Lycana or the more magical ways gifted by the Mother of All Elves.

The Elves are a mystical people that are beautiful, powerful and their blood holds a strong connection to magic in its most natural form. Their race holds the ideals of wisdom and knowledge through the experience of a long life as their greatest virtues. Throughout history, they have embraced nature, climbed to the heights of the world, and seen its depths with fear for no dark thing but instead seeking to vanquish it. Whether an Elf wields a sword or spells they are fearsome to behold and their long life dictates that they are a master of whatever they pursue, learning each thing completely and naturally. It is said they receive their inner light from the goddess Lycana a powerful entity associated with nature and the moon that is often depicted with the likeness of an Elf, but they are closer in nature to a shapeshifter.   It is said that Lycana enjoyed the sights of the world, all that nature had become, and the many creatures that thrived in it but she felt longing as if a part of the world were missing. The Ancient Fey had long since withdrawn to a mirror world much like the physical realm, an expansion to Isekai of their own creation or discovery but in doing so they had left a hole in the world. At first, it had been filled with the many and varied descendants, Fey creatures of varying sizes, shapes, and intents of which some were not wholly good. She approached the oldest of the Fey race, a being called Yggdimil, a creature that had taken the form of a tree long ago when the Wandering Forest was created and become known as the All-Seeing Tree because its roots spread throughout all corners of the land. Silently she gathered a hundred leaves that had fallen from its branches. These leaves were vibrant in color, some green, some silver, and some still shimmering like a rainbow without a clear color yet. She moved swiftly from the tree, not bothering to wake it, and moved to the edge of the Wandering Forest where she conjured a great wind.   This wind took the leaves she had gathered and spun them around in a great whirl before scattering them far. The leaves that could not yet decide drifted back into the Wandering Forest. Those of a strong green hue took flight and scattered throughout the forest farther west and north where the first tree had been planted ages ago. And then those that had taken a sharp silver color danced in the wind long and refused to settle, riding the cold winds of the north and finding secret places to fall within the earth that carried them far from the surface. When each leaf had settled it was then that Lycana revealed herself to all life as she sang a simple and serene melody, every creature reacted when it was heard. Good creatures felt life pour into them, a sense of bravery and vigor filled them. Evil creatures that heard it recoiled, slinking into the darkness and hid themselves, shaking as if their entire body had been lit aflame.   It is said that where these leaves settled was where the Elves first appeared. The leaves shifted, the smallest being the size of a rowboat, and Elves emerged from under them each to behold the world for the first time from that vantage. The green leaves had gathered in what is known today as the Elven Forest, many Elves descended from this first settlement to include Jade Elves and Emerald Elves. The leaves that could not decide their color had chosen to remain in the Wandering Forest settling about the great tree of Yggdimil and their descendants became known as the Wandering Elves. The silver leaves had chosen to gather in the depths of the earth away from the sun and from them descended the Silver Elves.   Elves are often called the Children of the Forest in old stories.


Humans can be found nearly everywhere across the world but tend to centralize themselves in their ancestral homeland, the Great Plains. It is said that the great god Dern built the capital city of Stronghold.
The Humans are a determined people that are innovative, short-lived and they possess an unquenchable desire for self-improvement that has often earned them audiences with celestial and infernal entities. Their race holds the ideals of loyalty and acceptance as their greatest virtues despite the many variations of this race that exists. Throughout history, they have contended against evil, built high walls, and sought to tame the world around them through their numbers and their ingenuity. They thrive in almost any environment and have proven to be the most tenacious of the Elder Races when faced with plague, destructive magic, and overwhelming odds. It is said that Humans receive their ability to overcome from the god Dern a powerful entity that is associated with loyalty and the sun that is often depicted with the likeness of a massive man that towers over the likeness of Giants with the sun high overhead.   It is said that Dern saw the Elves as a wonderful creation and admired the handiwork of Lycana but he felt estranged from them. While they ran through the forests, laid under the stars, and embraced nature he saw the wasted potential that the land held. Long had he desired to share his love for working and shaping the land but there was no creature that he could instruct, none that could share in the love of building grand cities and overcoming what the world had to offer. Dern walked through what is now known as the Great Plains, his massive stature could be seen for miles and it scattered both the fiercest of the Dinosaurs and the Giants that had since begun to multiply in the world. At first, the Giants gave a challenge to him, assuming him to be a strange member of their own race but their challenges were ignored as he busied digging up the earth and placing what he believed the choicest handfuls in his satchel. When they gathered to try Dern's might, his wrath was kindled, they approached and the sun overhead seemed to grow in size and ferocity until the very ground lit aflame. No Giant was brave enough to fight the god, not even their champions and so they retreated as far as they could cursing the titan of the sun.   Dern seemed satisfied that the Giants wished to preserve life and returned to his work. With intricate detail, he sculpted small likenesses of people, much like himself though far smaller. With a spade, water, and a careful hand he molded the earth to his liking, with detail far beyond that of earthen Elementals. He finished work under the light of a full noon sun having taken care to make a great number of the earthen sculptures because he feared the return of the Giants and wished for them to have the gift of numbers though he supposed that they would venture forth and make friends with the good peoples of the world in time. When he deemed his work finished he returned his spade to his belt and brought forth his axe, a weapon massive in size and glowing brighter than the sun itself. With a mighty swing, he cut the grass leaving a great clearing among it, and set to work once more.   His efforts drew the attention of many of his siblings, some looked on from their realms while others came to see what he was doing. The answer that he gave them excited some and concerned others as he set about making a small town. He used the Traveler's Grass on the plains and bound it together, and the stones from the ground and the dirt underfoot and made a simple but clean town to house all the sculptures that he had made. The last thing that he did was to make a fence, high enough to protect what was inside but with small steps so that it provoked wonder and curiosity for the people that would live in this town. It is said that shortly after making the town Dern placed the sculptures within the walls and shut the gate saying "Your home shall be your starting point," the locking of it awoke the statues from their slumber and they were the first Humans.   Humans are often called Children of the Plains in old stories.


Dwarves are the most well-known miners and crafters of the world, tinker with alloys made from the special metals of the world as well as working with Adamantite.

The Dwarves are a hardy and stubborn people that are stout, sharp-minded, and skilled with the workings of metal and earth. Their race holds the ideals of skill and craftsmanship as their highest virtues which has led to petty disputes among themselves as they constantly seek to outdo their fellow Dwarf. They have no equal when it comes to the mining and shaping of metal, Dwarven weapons seldom rust and their armor breaking through mishap is unheard of. They thrive in the mountains where they carve out homes for themselves among the rocks, metals, and gemstones that the ground has to offer and they form them into tools, weapons, and armor the likeness of which the world had never seen until their forges fired. It is said that Dwarves receive their skill and love of metalworking from the god Crommel, a powerful being associated with the forge and the mountains that is often depicted as a mighty Dwarf striking an anvil from which lighting and fire spews.   It is said that Crommel had just finished his labor of forging and perfecting a massive set of Adamantite gates, the likes of which could never be broken, and affixed in the darkest corner of Isekai so that defeated evils of ancient power would never trouble the world again. Upon his return he observed the Elves as they explored the world, he also inquired of Dern as he fashioned a small town for the people he had created and he laughed heartily. Being ever at friendly odds with Dern he jested with his sibling and told him that the race he had made were far too soft unless they were forged properly they wouldn't survive more than a few days before age overtook them. Dern seemed disinterested in the conversation, instead keeping his focus on his work as he replied that a long life was not as important as a life full of meaning and ambition. Crommel then set off, determined to create a much sturdier creation for himself though with enough of a likeness to Dern's that they could make a proper comparison between their handiwork. Crommel set off to the mountains now known as the Great Furnaces, there the forest grew thick and attempted to prevent him from crossing. With a great laugh he brandished hammer and axe, a mile's worth of lumber was knocked down with the first blow to expose the mountainside and he gathered it up to become fuel for his furnace fires.   Crommel departed for his forges and stoked his fire with the timbers that he had gathered. He set about making molds of strong stone and melted sturdy metals, unlike his creations of the past these would be made for more than just warfare, they would be sturdy and find a place in the world according to the work of their own hands. He filled each mold carefully, mixing in various metals and firing the outside of the molds with great flames until Winter's Evening when he was finally ready to smash the molds with his hammer and reveal the creation that his labor had wrought. Smaller than Dern's handiwork and sturdier, he appraised them to live at least twice if not three times the amount of days and they would be hardy enough to stand the trials of Isekai.   In old stories, Dwarves are often called the Children of the Mountain.


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