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Precious Metal of the Dwarves

A brilliant glow shines through the forges of the Dwarves, lighting the small room with a silvery hue. The burning forge and the giant pot that holds this delicate metal are bathed in the warm hues of this glow, but the liquid waving within the pot is only the first step, one of many in the process to make this one of the most precious and durable metals in all of Isekai.   Molds are warmed and prepped, ready to form this liquid metal into a simple bangle, one that would be worth very little, even in terms of Gold. Once formed and cooled, a Dwarf with delicate hands will etch the boxy ruins of his language into it, a simple token of his appreciation. The Elf that will receive this is struck by silence, honored that a Master Dwarf dares share their precious metal, let alone gift it in a token of gratitude. She bows her head in reverence, deeply honored to have such a precious object adorn her wrist.   Adamantite is a precious commodity, one that the Dwarves hold more dear than anything else that comes from the mines of the world. Its hardness is unmatched and its ability to hold even the strongest of enchantments goes far beyond even the special metals. Nothing can live up to the prowess of this dark and somewhat unsuspecting metal, that is why the Dwarves worship it when it comes through their forges.


Material Characteristics

Adamantite is an extremely hard and durable metal, being the hardest metal that can be found in Isekai once it has been properly refined. Before refinement, this metal is extremely hard but very brittle, easily broken if not handled correctly. It stands out due to its glossy black color and somewhat rainbow edges, marking ore deposits as very unique and distinguishable once found.   After refinement, Adamantite is very durable, unable to be bent or deformed easily without magic. Weapons and armor made of this material do not dull or chip, making them highly sought after by Adventurers.   This metal weighs nearly as much as Steel and has similar properties including being magnetic and prone to rust. Adamantite that has been properly refined and taken care of by Dwarves may not be as prone to rust, but specific things must be done to prevent this.

Geology & Geography

Adamantite is a scarce resource, much like Mithril, and is found through similar occurrences. The metal can be found through two natural occurrences, the first being the death of an Ancient Adamantine Dragon that has lived to its old age and gone through the "Last Flight" ceremony that marks the Dragon's death to the physical world. The second natural occurrence of Adamantite can be found in the caves of Káto and the Great Furnaces where Adamantine Dragons make their homes and their magic has seeped deep into the rock layers. This second occurrence takes thousands of years to take place and may not occur if the Dragon does remain in the area for a long enough time.   Káto and the Great Furnaces are the most common places to find Adamantite as these are the common homes of Adamantine Dragons, but the metal has been known to be found elsewhere in deep caves and caverns, including the deep-sea trenches that are known for their Mithril deposits. Finding the metal outside of the common areas of Adamantine Dragons is extremely rare, but not impossible.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

As a metal associated with one of the Metallic Dragons, Adamantite is very significant in a number of cultures, but not nearly to the scale that it is in the Dwarven Culture. Having the ability to refine this metal and to work it successfully is considered the pinnacle of becoming a Master Dwarf as it is a feat that few can accomplish. Dwarves work and study nearly religiously to be granted the title of Master Dwarf and Adamantine Smith so that they may work with this metal and create goods that are highly sought after.   In some ways, the significance of the metal is religious as Adamantite is something the Dwarves tie very closely to the god Crommel. Dwarves, made in the likeness of Crommel himself, are to be master smiths and Miners, something that can only be obtained through knowledge of this special metal. It is said that Crommel was the first to create something out of Adamantite and following in his likeness is a near holy experience.


The refinement of Adamantite is an extremely delicate process, as often explained by the Dwarves, but is also one of the most coveted secrets of the Dwarven Kingdom. Only the forges of the Dwarves are said to be able to reach the high temperatures necessary to begin the smelting process, leaving the refining of Adamantite to a small number of smiths.


Trade & Market

Adamantite is an extremely precious metal, coveted for its use in extremely strong and durable weapons and armor. While an expensive luxury, it is a metal that nearly all Adventurers strive to swap their gear with at one point or another during their careers. Because of this, demand for the metal, raw or already realized in its finished glory, is extremely high, often far greater than the smiths of the Dwarven Kingdom can keep up with.   This metal can often be found in any market, even far removed from the forges of the Great Furnaces. Oftentimes, a piece of Adamantite gear will change hands many times during its lifetime, often outliving the person that originally owned the piece.
Adamantite is an extremely rare and coveted metal that can only be refined and turned into a variety of goods by the Dwarves and their special forges. Sold in markets across the world, the demand for this material, raw or already smelted and forged, is extremely high, keeping the special smiths of the Dwarves busier than they can keep up with.
1 Adamantite Coin = 1000 Gold Coins
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Black with rainbow edges when unrefined, but reflects a clear green of purple-white when refined
Melting Point
Extremely high, Flare Steel and an enchanted forge are only two parts of the heating process of this metal

Adamantine Smiths

Because of the rare nature of the metal and how coveted it is by so many, only the best of the best are allowed to work with such a lengthy and delicate process. Only those granted the title of Adamantine Smith will work with Adamantite and be able to stamp it with the insignia that marks the item as the work of a true Master Dwarf.  
Adamantine Smith
Rank/Title | Jan 9, 2023

To gain the right to shape Adamantite is the highest honor that any Dwarf can receive. It is not a title given lightly, as only the Dwarven King can grant such a title after a Dwarf has become a Master Dwarf. Few dare to attain such an honored title.


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