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Profession of the Wanderlost

Dust covers a weary traveller, the leather armor he wears caked with days on the road and the blood of creatures slain. He doesn't remember the last time his bed was more than a blanket on a layer of rocks and frozen groun, his pack held tight in his arms as a pillow. While the luxuries of a comfortable home are far and rare, at least his pockets are full of the coin he's earned through the hard work of his blade.   For many, the wanderlust of the world calls to them, asking for them to leave their homes and find the freedom of the open road. Adventure awaits in the oddest of places if one only takes a moment to look for it. Coin, goods, and magic are only a few of the rewards for those that want to take on the life of a wanderer, one who dedicates their life to the next adventure.   Anyone can beccome the next great adventurer, saving the less fortunate, slaying the hoards that injure the weak, and giving power back to those that need it most. It is a noble profession, although it is not the most glamourous. Even so, those that dare attempt to live such a life will be rewarded heavily for their efforts.



There are no specific qualificaitons to being an adventurer other than a sense of adventure and wanderlust. It is recommended to have some skills surviving in nature or using a weapon, but these are not necessities as it is always possible to join with others that know skills one is lacking and form and advventuring party.  

Dagger Guild & Adventuring Parties

While there may not be qualifications to become an adventurer, guilds are an important part in the regulation and aid of adventurers, parties and jobs. After the events of the Eldritch War, few guilds remained, but the Dagger Guild soon rose as the most prominent adventuring guild in Isekai. It is nearly impossible to find an adventurer that is not part of this guild.

Career Progression

Career progression as an adventurer often happens naturally as one excels in a specific skill set. Adventurers may choose to specialize in certain weapons, magic, or even hand-to-hand combat and may grow their skills over the course of months or years. Eventually, this growth and possible recognition from different organizations will grant them a new profession or title, often one of Ranger, Monk, Mage, or Warrior.   While it is possible to remain an Adventurer for one's entire time working as part of the Dagger Guild or on their own, it is something that rarely happens as progression and specialization often grant greater knowledge and payment for jobs completed. It is in one's favor to progress and gain this greater classification.

Payment & Reimbursement

The largest benefit of being an Adventurer is the variety of jobs that one can take and the pay that one can get from these jobs. Payment depends heavily on what jobs one takes. More complex and longer jobs often grant higher pay but small jobs are always an option to make quick coin.

Other Benefits

Many of the benefits of being an Adventurer stem from one's membership in the Dagger Guild. Membership in the guild provides room and board along with a variety of other benefits for a small amount of coin per month. Dagger Guild inns are common in most large cities in Isekai.
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Adventurers can utilize a variety of tools in their travels, including different weapons, magical items, and survival gear. What type of tools that one specializes in may determine what paths that they may take in the future and what titles they may receive.  


Being an Adventurer can be an extremely hazardous job. Bodiliy injury, curses, magic afflictions, and other harm are common in this profession depending on the type of jobs that one takes.


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I always like the idea of adventurer being a specific profession in a world. I like the fact they can grow into a more specialised class based on their skillset too. :)

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