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Adamantine Dragonkin

Descendants of Adamantine Dragons

Darkened tunnels are traversed effortlessly, claws clicking against the worn stone floor as he travels. When he travels alone, there is little need for light or torches, his eyes adjusting to the dark and leading him to the next town. While a rapier rests on his hip, that's not what he'll reach for if danger presents itself. His claws are sharp and always ready, as a weapon, as a tool, they are a constant part of life.   Adamantine Dragonkin are the descendants of one of the Elder Races and a Adamantine Dragon. They have the incredible strength and fearlessness of the Adamantine Dragons, but their personalities can be much softer as they use their strength and claws to serve those whose communities they have joined. It is not uncommon to see them next to Dwarves in the mines, mining away for the rare metal that gives them their name. Theirs is a life of service, no matter where it leads them.   Above all else, these people believe in service. The Council of Metallic Dragons has proven that they can make a difference, no matter how small, no matter where. Metallic Dragonkin follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, each in different ways. Adamantine Dragonkin create, serving as tradesmen and using their strength to build things from nothing to aid others. Much like the Dwarves, these people find their purpose in craft and the ways of the trade.

Basic Information


Adamantine Dragonkin share some specific traits with their Draconic ancestors that prove their ties to the Adamantine Dragons. Their facial features are softer than other Dragonkin, with a jawline that comes to a point, much like a beard. A ribbed crest on the head, a set of horns, whisker-like pieces that come from the snout, a ridged tail, and large muscular bodies are also common in Adamantine Dragonkin.   All Dragonkin inherit sharp claws, extremely strong and protective scales, as well as a breath weapon that they can use. Some of these traits are affected by the color of the Dragonkin as the many varieties of Dragons also vary greatly in their abilities. Adamantine Dragonkin often have a resistance to sound-based attacks while their breath weapon allows them to create large sound waves that can incapacitate enemies. They have also developed the ability to see well in the darkest of places.   Common Colorations

Common Colorations

While their coloration is in their name, Adamantine Dragonkin can still come in a variety of shades, matching the shades found in the scales of Adamantine Dragons. Their scales can range from a lighter adamantine color to a darker adamantine, but their range of color is not as large as the Chromatic Dragonkin. The color of their eyes has a much smaller range, often only being yellow, brown, red, green, grey, or purple.  

Scale Colors


Eye Colors


Additional Information

Social Structure

Metallic Dragonkin are considered the more social of the two groups of Dragonkin, although this is greatly influenced by the stigmas that surround certain colors of scales. Adamantine Dragonkin come from the depths of Káto where they join the societies of the Silver Elves and Gem Dwarves as tradesmen, often creating weapons or working as Miners due to their ability to find adamantite easily. In most cities in Káto, these people are welcomed and are able to move freely amongst the people without any issue.   While most Adamantine Dragonkin, like their ancestors, live beneath the surface, it is also possible to find a great deal of them that live in areas like the Fearsome Maw or even amongst the Dwarves. These people choose to live where their skills as tradesmen are respected and they can travel freely. Even so, most Adamantine Dragonkin prefer to live underground, limiting the areas in which they live to Káto and beneath the Great Furnaces.
Adamantine Dragonkin
Descended from the fearless Adamantine Dragon, they have incredible strength and are well adapted for life in Káto.
Draconic Ancestry
120 years
Average Height
4 - 7 feet tall
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