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Children of Dragons and the Elder Races

Scattered much like their namesake, these people of brilliant scales and raging weapons coursing from their maw find little in common with others of their kind and color. Choosing isolation, either apart or amongst groups of themselves, they prefer lives that are unlimited by the ideas of outside society or the dictations of their colors. Even so, it is common to find their shining scales mixed amongst the children of the Elder Races, finding a home within the cities of others.   Dragonkin are a race that appeared after the Elder Races because they are the descendants of a Dragon with one of the Elder Races. It is said that they have a responsibility to discover their place in the world due to their unique and diverse heritage. Their role in the Eldritch War was varied as they tended to integrate with other races and communities because of their mixed heritage. There are some notable casters, Warriors, and leaders that have various mentions in history because of their involvement or lack thereof. Dragonkin are known to be a proud species that has great physical traits that mimic their Draconic heritage, including the ability to breathe fire or whatever else their Draconic ancestor would.   Currently, they live scattered throughout the world and are integrated into many societies but their largest concentrated presence is on one of the Zóni called Ullindar. You will find these people in small tribal communities, large cities, and as travelers throughout the world but outside of their home country, it is rare to find gatherings larger than that of a tribe. The largest city on the island of Ullindar is called Fearsome Maw and it is a curious city that shows a highly segregated aspect of their culture where each variety of Dragonkin has their own sector of the city and their own gate that is used without exception.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dragonkin can be found scattered throughout Isekai, but outside of their homeland on Ullindar, these people are often scattered and tend to choose to live amongst other races. Small groups of Dragonkin may appear, but these small groups, considered tribes, rarely number more than fifteen or twenty. They prefer areas where they can mingle with people of the Elder Races, partaking in parts of their heritage that are often masked by the more Draconic traits.   Culturally, the various colors of Dragonkin vary greatly, much like Dragons do, in the ways they live and socialize. That being said, all colors of Dragonkin can be found on Ullindar, even though they often have dedicated areas per color. It is the safety of this area that brings them together at the Fearsome Maw.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragonkin are known best for their unique physical traits that confirm their lineage to be that of Dragons but the only thing left of the other half of their ancestry is often forgotten save for the height of that race.   This species has 24 varieties that are divided into the two categories of Chromatic and Metallic. The Draconic heritage of a Dragonkin helps to decide their unique physical traits including the color of their scales, the type of damage that their scales have developed a resistance to and what type of breath weapon that they will manifest. This heritage may also dictate subtleties about the build of a Dragonkin such as a more powerful frame or being more agile and fit for acrobatics.   The uniting features across all categories and varieties of Dragonkin are their protective scales, their claws, and their ability to manifest a breath weapon. Dragonkin will always have skin that acts as natural armor and claws that are easily substituted for a weapon but their breath weapon is an ability that they can manipulate.
Draconic Ancestry
120 years
Average Height
4 - 7 feet tall
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Chromatic Dragonkin

Black Dragonkin

Descended from the cruel Black Dragon, they have a powerful body and an extra powerful breath weapon that can easily melt away mundane materials.  

Blue Dragonkin

Descended from the ferocious Blue Dragon, they have a hardy frame that is fit for physical labor and are well attuned for survival in the desert.  

Brown Dragonkin

Descended from the reclusive Brown Dragon, they have an agile frame and a breath weapon that allows them to escape danger easily.  

Green Dragonkin

Descended from the manipulative Green Dragon, they have a silver tongue for negotiations and a toxic breath weapon.  

Grey Dragonkin

Descended from the cunning Grey Dragon, they have a strong body and a sly mind with a breath weapon that makes enemies consider the quality of their armor.  

Orange Dragonkin

Descended from the secretive Orange Dragon, they have some of the most durable bodies and can easily survive temperatures that would reduce other creatures to ash instantly.  

Pink Dragonkin

Descended from the beautiful Pink Dragon, they are agile swimmers with no small amount of natural charm and a breath weapon that deafens their foes.  

Purple Dragonkin

Descended from the quick-thinking Purple Dragon, their capacity to learn and interact with others is often considered to be near genius level and they can render weak-minded creatures inert with their breath weapon.  

Red Dragonkin

Descended from the powerful Red Dragon, they have incredible power and their focus is almost unshakable in the face of danger or enchantment much like their Draconic ancestors.  

Teal Dragonkin

Descended from the agile Teal Dragon, they have a slender body and an uncanny ability to navigate vertical distances with their powerful legs.  

White Dragonkin

Descended from the icy White Dragon, they have a body that is well attuned to punishment and hard battle with the tenacity to overcome the worst living conditions.  

Yellow Dragonkin

Descended from the fabled Yellow Dragon, they have a well-balanced physiology and the natural ability to manipulate dark powers with their breath weapon.

Metallic Dragonkin

Adamantine Dragonkin

Descended from the fearless Adamantine Dragon, they have incredible strength and are well adapted for life in Káto.  

Brass Dragonkin

Descended from the talkative Brass Dragon, they have strong bodies and a love of socializing whether it be for sport or business.  

Bronze Dragonkin

Descended from the sea-faring Bronze Dragon, they have bodies well suited for the rigors of ocean life and can keep up with other aquatic races while underwater.  

Cobalt Dragonkin

Descended from the inquisitive Cobalt Dragon, they have natural hardiness that allows them to live out long winters and a keen mind that broadens their understanding of the world.  

Copper Dragonkin

Descended from the sociable Copper Dragon, they have a love for entertaining other creatures and a breath weapon that can melt any situation that their words cannot.  

Gold Dragonkin

Descended from the illustrious Gold Dragon, they have good judgment and can root out those with evil or underhanded intentions quicker than most.  

Iron Dragonkin

Descended from the strong Iron Dragon, they have one of the strongest bodies and are well suited to stand toe to toe with powerful foes or guard items of great importance.  

Mercury Dragonkin

Descended from the clever Mercury Dragon, they have a keen mind and a potent poison that can render an enemy inert before they realize what has happened.  

Mithril Dragonkin

Descended from the wise Mithril Dragon, they have mastered mystical traits that allow them to pursue enlightenment and recover their strength quicker than others.  

Orium Dragonkin

Descended from the memorious Orium Dragon, they have a memory that captures almost every detail and a passion that allows them to recall stories from all over the world that they have only heard in passing.  

Silver Dragonkin

Descended from the strategic Silver Dragon, they have a breath weapon that is pure ice and an understanding of magical objects.  

Steel Dragonkin

Descended from the wandering Steel Dragon, they have a breath weapon that is pure magical energy and the ability to pass themselves off as a creature of a completely different origin.

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