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Red Dragonkin

Descendants of Red Dragons

Colored scales surround a table amongst Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and others. Negotiations have stretched across days, tiring out those who specialize in mediation. Soon, an end will have to be reached, this cannot continue much longer. Another decision has to be made for the Fearsome Maw, but the words of the Green Dragonkin and the strategies of the Grey Dragonkin are beginning to fall on deaf ears. Finally, the Red Dragonkin stands and begins to speak, a hush of respect falling across all those who are here. Now the proper decisions can be made as the leaders speak as equals.   Red Dragonkin are the descendants of one of the Elder Races and a Red Dragon. These people have inherited the extreme power and strength of will of their Draconic ancestors, but instead of using it for conquest, they choose to use it for benevolent leadership and aiding those that may not have the ability to do it themselves. What could have been their greatest detriment has become their greatest asset.   Above all else, these people respect power and leadership, but not to the extent of cruelty. They serve their people as great leaders, but it is the voice of their people that defines what they do, not their power forcing the people to do things. This is a great point they wish to make, that while they maintain the ego of the Chromatic Dragons, they do not have the cruelty, nor the wish to subjugate. Red Dragonkin choose the leadership of the Elder Races, not the Dragons they came from.

Basic Information


Red Dragonkin share some specific traits with their Draconic ancestors that prove their ties to the Red Dragons. Their facial features are sharp, with a jawline that comes to a sharp point, similar to a beard. A scaled crest on their head, multiple large sets of horns, and large muscular bodies are also common in Red Dragonkin.   All Dragonkin inherit sharp claws, extremely strong and protective scales, as well as a breath weapon that they can use. Some of these traits are affected by the color of the Dragonkin as the many varieties of Dragons also vary greatly in their abilities. Red Dragonkin have a resistance to all mundane damage types while their breath weapon is a wave of pure monstrous power, often crushing those that are hit with it. These people are almost completely unshakable in the face of danger or enchantment, granting them the title of the strongest Dragonkin.   Common Colorations

Common Colorations

While their coloration is in their name, Red Dragonkin can still come in a variety of shades of red, matching the shades found in the scales of Red Dragons. Their scales can range from a light red that borders on pink in some instances to a deep blood-red color. The color of their eyes has a much smaller range, often only being yellow, brown, red, green, grey, or purple.  

Scale Colors


Eye Colors


Additional Information

Social Structure

Red Dragonkin seem to have shaken the stigma that surrounds the color of their scales and have mingled with a variety of societies. While powerful like their Draconic ancestors, these people are often seen using their power and strength for good, aiding in cities, villages, and wherever else a disaster may have struck. This willingness to aid others has allowed them the ability to join most societies with little issue as many see having a Red Dragonkin in their city or village as a good omen if bad things were to happen.   These people can be found scattered throughout the world as well as in the Fearsome Maw. Their power and strength mark them as the strongest of all Dragonkin, but outsiders and others have noted Red Dragonkin to be benevolent leaders, a title that would never be tied to Red Dragons. Their places in society are far removed from the old stigma relating to the color of their scales, something that seemed to change after their work during the Eldritch War.
Red Dragonkin
Descended from the powerful Red Dragon, they have incredible power and their focus is almost unshakable in the face of danger or enchantment much like their Draconic ancestors.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Draconic Ancestry
120 years
Average Height
4 - 7 feet tall
Related Ethnicities

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