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Chromatic Dragons

Descendants of Xellak

The tallest peaks of Nótios are the most dangerous, hidden above the clouds and shrouded from wandering eyes. Bright flashes of color may be seen traveling through the clouds, little more than a comet or some other oddity to those on the ground. Even if someone's curiosity was piqued, one should never dare to investigate as these mountains are the home of the Chromatic Dragons, powerful creatures that can be monstrous and greedy if driven past their limits.   Chromatic Dragons are the descendants of Xellak, the shadow of Kallex. In every way, these Dragons are the opposites of the Metallic Dragons, conniving, greedy, warmongering, and out to kill to gain what they believe to be theirs. They dedicate their lives to strengthening their hoards and growing their lands, conquering all that stand in their way. Their lands are often on the Southern Continent so as to not spark territory battles with the Metallic Dragons, something that could decimate the world if left unchecked.

Basic Information


All Dragons share similar anatomical traits, including powerful breath weapons, the ability to fly, incredibly hard scales, and a host of natural magical abilities that make them wonders to behold and incredibly dangerous to oppose. Chromatic Dragons are often known for their much stronger breath weapons and sharper claws that they use to protect their hoards and when fighting other Dragons. It is said that their personalities and greed are often reflected in their appearances.   Chromatic Dragons are often harsher in their appearance, having more spikes and sharper angles in their features. Many say that these Dragons are more monstrous in appearance, little more than somewhat horrific distortions of the Metallic Dragons, much like a shadow. Their heads are more triangular and are somewhat reminiscent of vipers and other vicious reptiles.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dragons are often seen as solitary creatures that amass hoards and territories that are worshipped by Dragonkin and Lesser Dragonkin. While this is true of all Dragons to an extent, Chromatic Dragons often follow the stereotypes and preceptions, creating massive hoards and fighting for territory. These Dragons wish to be worshipped as gods, often gathering Lesser Dragonkin and sometimes Dragonkin of their color to serve as servants to the hoard.   While the Chromatic Peaks are considered home for the Chromatic Dragons, these creatures do not have an organization that unites them like the Council of Metallic Dragons. They often choose to fight amongst themselves, rarely joining together unless a threat manifests that would become a nuisance for many. Greed is their main goal, and all things in life exist for them to take and amass hoards beyond a mortal's wildest dreams.
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Jul 31, 2022 02:24

Given the violent, suspicious and greedy natures, how do they breed and under what conditions? Could it be that they are misunderstood and it is the females that fight for territory? Males must be able to approach in some way and be able to tell if females are reproductively available, right?

Jul 31, 2022 20:03

Not really necessary to go into here. This is a hub article that we will eventually link all the other dragon articles to. Also, it doesn't really benefit us to create fully biology text-book level entries on things like this. I don't think we need to explicitly know the mating rituals and breeding practices of a species unless it somehow furthers the story or a game that would be played. I don't include those things in my games beyond dealing with a dragon egg, no real reason to so insert your generic fantasy takes on it.   Nope. Dragons are not misunderstood. These are not animals. These are a species of immense power, age, intellect, wisdom, and magical prowess. I would encourage you to look at the article on the Divine races where it talks about their creation a bit. Also, lean on the trope of a fantasy world where 9/10 times dragons are far superior in intellect to humans. I assume males would communicate with females through speech :)

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