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Dragon Scales

Written by RiverFang

A pile of what seems to be discarded gemstones rests in the corner of a forgotten cave, glittering even in the darkness. Deep scratches line the floor, bringing those that enter to pause, but the large grooves have long since been blanketed in a thick layer of dust. One might think a large creature had once lived in this cave, but upon closer inspection of the pile in the corner, the truth of what this cave may have been is revealed.   The objects that lay forgotten in the corner of this dusty cave are the scales of an Orium Dragon, glittering like rubies even in the dark cave. The scratches and the scales denote this cave as the site of a once kept dragon hoard, the home of an Orium Dragon. The valuable things of the hoard have long since been stolen, taken by adventurers and archeologists alike, but no one dares touch the sacred items of the dragon’s scales. No one dares face the wrath of the Dragons and their warring gods.   One of the most sacred objects in all of Isekai, Dragon Scales are rare to find and even rarer still to keep. While they have their purposes in alchemy and magic, it is nearly taboo to touch one if it is found, more so if someone dares use it for some purpose. Touching a Dragon Scale requires the permission of the Dragon whose scales they are, or another of the same color if the original dragon is no longer living. The scales hold a magic far beyond anything one of the Elder Races could create and bring with them a wrath from the Dragon Gods if the scales are touched or used without permission.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Dragons are one of the Divine Races and hold an ancient magic that is nearly as old as Isekai itself. While scientists and alchemists alike have attempted to study the ancient Dragons and their scales, the magic held within is far beyond anything that can be replicated by the Elder Races. The magic within the scales stems from the Dragon Gods, protecting the Dragons from a large variety of things. It is said that a single scale holds more magical energy than a single mortal being, but it is uncertain whether this is true.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

Dragon Scales are considered a sacred material, a gift from the gods themselves. Whether Metallic or Chromatic, the scales have an immense power that can be used for nefarious purposes. Much like their hoard, Dragons are protective of their scales, so to receive one is an extreme honor.   Chromatic Dragons rarely gift their scales or allow anyone to touch them. Even so, it is said the wrath of Xellak is no less than that of Kallex if someone breaks the taboo of touching or taking. Metallic Dragons are much more generous in their giving of their scales, but the receiving of one is a great honor. This gift deems someone worthy of the Dragon’s interest, something not easily given. In some respects, this honor is seen as a blessing from beings that are nearly demi-gods and is not taken lightly in most societies.
Extremely Rare
Varies depending on the type of Dragon


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Jul 28, 2020 11:12 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Ooo this is really interesting. I love that the taboo is so strong that a pile of scales can be left untouched even if the rest of a hoard is pillaged.

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