Feudal Times

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If you give me wings, I will soar for you even if this whole land sinks down to the water. If you give me a sword, I will fight for you even if this whole sky shoots through with your light.
— Kurosaki Ichigo
Seireitei is an alternate universe set in the world of BLEACH that was created by Kubo Tite. Taking place in the World of the Living and various other settings throughout BLEACH, the world of Seireitei is built around spiritual powers and those that use them. Whether your powers manifest and mark you as shinigami, visored, or quincy, all kinds of spiritual beings reside in the world of Seireitei.
Death is an inevitability of life, an ending that we all must eventually succumb to. Those strong of spirit in life may find that their souls continue on past their death, powerful and changed. Others strong of spirit find their powers in their lifetimes, using them to understand the creatures of death that may haunt their world of the living.
Those that awaken their spiritual powers, whether in life or in death, will eventually find themselves looking upon the walls of the Seireitei, the center of Soul Society where souls find a place to rest. The whole of one's death is not as simple as entering the gate and finding a place in this new society, especially for those that have awakened their spiritual power.
  Users of spiritual power will struggle with their powers and come to terms with their new-found near godliness. But not all who use spiritual powers do so to cleanse the world of evil. Some choose to take a different path, one much darker and in great conflict with the light...
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