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We stand in awe before that which cannot be seen... And we respect, with every fiber, that which cannot be explained.
— Rukia Kuchiki

The Soul Awakens

The power of your soul awakens, but when it does, where do you find yourself? Are you in the bustling cities of the World of the Living, stopped by a small girl, a wisp of a ghost as she asks for help? Is it in the slums of Soul Society, caught as another soul in the numbered districts of the Rukongai? Or better yet, do you feel some unknown power coursing through you as you're forced to stare down the horrific visage of a Hollow as it attempts to find its next meal? No matter the case of your soul awakening, you have found your true power, the power of a soul.   Now the question is how your soul burns, what gives your soul these powers. You could be a Shinigami, a shepherd for dead and lost Souls, a ferryman of sorts. If death has yet to take you, or your awakening did not come from the Soul Society, then you may be a Fullbringer, a child touched by Hollows before birth, or even a Bount, those that consume Souls to reach the near immortality of the Soul Society. You could be a Quincy, lacking the expansive amounts of spiritual pressure but making up for it with an arsenal of tools. If those are not a right fit, then there's Mod Souls, creations of Soul Society, kept within a small capsule until they have a body of their own, or even just a simple Human, but one that can see ghosts and Hollows, things others pass none the wiser.   With an awakened soul that burns with power, you will somehow find your way to the Seireitei, a center for Souls and the balancer of the world.

What is Seireitei?

Seireitei is an alternate universe of the Bleach universe created by Kubo Tite. Magic and fantasy abound in the World of the Living in new ways, bringing together technology, magic, and the power of Souls.   This world seeks to place some historical context behind the events that take place in the Soul Society, as well as the World of the Living. Some things have changed from the original canon story, but many of the people and places remain the same.   More than just Humans roam the worlds here. In this universe, fantasy mixes with reality, bringing together a world that is shaped by magic, technology, and the power of Souls. Soul Society remains mostly untouched by the effects of magic, but it is unsurprising to see Shinigami of varying races outside of just Human.   The world is open to all types of Souls, those awakened or otherwise. Spiritual powers of all magnitudes can be found. Training of this power is encouraged, gaining strength and knowledge is necessary. A balance is meant to be kept in all things in this world, not just in the balance of Souls.


Everything in the world, whether in the World of the Living, Hueco Mundo, or Soul Society, has a soul. In this world, the soul gives power, allowing those who have awakened these powers to become more than simple Humans. These Souls and power range and differ immensely, some nearing the power of gods.   Living Souls are often found in the World of the Living and their powers are sometimes lesser than those of Hollows or Shinigami. Even so, those that are living can have phenomenal powers, allowing them to fight off the likes of things unseen for normal Humans.

The Power of Souls

In a world of Souls, the power of one's soul is everything. Whether one will see ghosts or even the grizzly visage of Hollows as a Human relies on the power of one's soul. Whether one ends up in the poor districts of the Rukongai upon their death or under the leadership of the Gotei 13 as a Shinigami depends on the power of one's soul. Reiryoku is a powerful thing, something that some strive to achieve and go beyond the bounds of what is possible. Every Soul has a spark of Reiryoku, but it is up to that Soul to learn how to harness and train the power that is under their control.

The World

The world of Seireitei is expansive, crossing multiple planes and encompassing millions of Souls within its balance. The greatest majority of these Souls are found within two planes whose destinies are inexplicably tied together as the balance of Souls between the two is the only thing that keeps the world whole.  

World of the Living

Home to Humans and a variety of other Souls, the World of the Living is the modern world we know, full of technology and the effects of its own history and modernity. Some magic flows through this world, just as Reishi does. This world is not as simple as it seems, but it is where you will find the living and even some of the dead.  
World of the Living
Geographic Location | Sep 26, 2022

The World of the Living, also referred to as the Human World, Material World, or the Real World, is where living Humans reside.

Soul Society

Here Shinigami and the Souls of the departed flourish in the Soul Society, removed from the needs of hunger and sleep that affect those in the World of the Living. Only those with high spiritual power are afflicted with the needs of the living, but even those shortcomings do not impede their abilities to serves as the balancers of Souls between the two planes.  
Soul Society
Organization | Sep 25, 2022

In the Soul Society, Souls of all types make their homes. Shinigami live and serve as balancers while Souls that have departed the World of the Living find rest in the Soul Society until they are reincarnated into the World of the Living.


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