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Council of Metallic Dragons

Leaders of the Ancients

This council is made up of twelve Metallic Dragons, each a direct descendant of the original Dragons that hatched in this valley. Each of them have lived lives full of accomplishment and fulfillment in accordance with their Metallic subspecies. These Ancient Dragons will give up the ability to pass into the afterlife and live out their twilight years like other Dragons would. Instead they will retire to the Metallic Council to live out their twilight years as leaders and representatives of their subspecies in a grand council that mediates the law regarding their species.   These Dragons become something stronger than Ancient Dragons as long as they do not leave the valley for a lengthy amount of time. It is said that they become similar to the original Dragon ancestors that began their Metallic species. This gives them not only the wisdom but the power to rule their species as a council. Each seat in this council is held by one of the twelve Metallic subspecies and the seat holder embodies the values of said metal its very existence: Adamantine, Brass, Bronze, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Iron, Mercury, Mithril, Orium, Silver, and Steel.


The structure of this organization is simple with only twelve seats. Each seat is held by an Ancient representative of a different Metallic subspecies of Dragon that is a direct descendant of one of the original Dragons that hatched within the valley.   These Dragons are considered to be equal to each other when it comes to discussing enforcement of the law on their people, creation of law, dismissal of law and their willingness to be involved in current events of the world. However, each subspecies of Metallic Dragon is considered to be an expert and an authority when it comes to specific traits associated with its subspecies.   Rulings that come from the Metallic Council are considered final and unquestionable. The verdicts from this organization are followed through a sense of duty and honor by the entire race of Metallic Dragon but in the rare cases where it is not, the council has an incredible weapon at their disposal known as the "Judgement of Kallex".

Public Agenda

The purpose of the Metallic Council to preserve and regulate the laws and culture of the Metallic Dragon species as a whole with respect to the twelve subspecies that it recognizes. This council strives to stay out of domestic affairs that involve conflict within a kingdom where there is no involvement of outside entities. However, it gives special regard to the continued existence of Dragonkind and the civilized races of the world as a whole.


Near limitless ancient wealth acquired since the beginning of the Metallic Dragons as a race to include magical items of unknown proportions, powers and significance. These are contained within twelve Dragon hoards, each in a separate and vast cave that tunnels into the surrounding mountainside of the Spine of Kallex. These are collectively referred to as the Ageless Hoards.   Members of this council are granted immense power as long as they do not leave the valley for a lengthy amount of time. Instead of growing weaker in their twilight years these Dragons grow exponentially stronger, especially in terms of magical ability. It is said that Dragons in this state resemble the original ancestors of their race whose eggs were created by the Dragon god Kallex.   The Metallic Council also holds an object of incredible power called the "Judgement of Kallex". Details of this artifact are unknown except that all twelve Dragons of the council must be present in order to activate it. Rumors about this power say that it has the ability to compel complete obedience from any member of the Metallic Dragon race but any other specifics about this power are shrouded in mystery.


The Metallic Council is an entity that has existed as long as the race of Metallic Dragons has. First recorded contact and knowledge of this council is attributed to the Elves and assumed to be one of the oldest organizations in the world. When questioned the organization has identified itself as being over 900,000 years old.

Every Metal Shines

Founding Date
900,000 IM
Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The Dragon Emperors
Neighboring Nations
Manufactured Items

The Current Council

Current Seat: Reescirin   He is responsible for the world that the sun does not touch, a watchful eye, and an overarching guardian to speak on the things of the world beneath the mountains. This seat is required to be a guardian that presides over the passages and cities of Káto while keeping a watchful eye on the horrors that live miles below anything that is good to ensure that they never strike out against the surface without a countermeasure. Reescirin has a love for enchanted metals above all else, things that can be mined only under the most specific conditions that naturally hold immense power. He is known as a being of great power that crusaded against the subterranean Eldritch horrors alongside the Silver Elf society), his likeness and that of his ancestors adorns the crest of the western royal family called Killthorne.
Current Seat: Falkin   He is responsible for being the public face of the council when it is required, running any meetings, and being the principle authority when a debate arises between any members of the council. This seat is required to be fluent in every spoken and dead language that has existed within the world and must act as an ambassador when great events unfold in the world. Falkin specifically has a great sense of justice and will urge for the other members to lend aide to any civilization that seeks it should the cause be noble and grand in scale. He is known for negotiating peace between the Human Empire and the Dwarven Kingdom some 100 years ago, is the youngest and newest member of the council.

Current Seat: Mirin   She is responsible for bringing in news from around the world due to the populous and widespread nature of her species, her seat is responsible for new business for the council's attention to include wider happenings from the other races. This seat is required to know all about the current relations between races, disasters, magical events, celebrations, and even threats to the continent as a whole. Mirin specifically has a great love for living creatures and will tirelessly pursue details so that she knows and understands every oddity that lives under the sun. She is known for aiding the Elven Kingdom in dispatching a nest of purple wurms that rose up from the depths of the Spine of Kallex a few hundred years ago.

Current Seat: Ummion   She is responsible for being the expert on the frozen north, the Giants that lie to their northern borders which have been a mortal enemy since the beginning of time are her chief concern. This seat is required to patrol the farthest reaches of the north and maintain the border that has been drawn for the Giants as a whole else they should move en masse against the continent that they call home. Ummion loves the isolated seas of the north more than anything and will only stand the company of creatures lesser than her peers if they render absolute respect and reverence towards her. She is specifically known for a unique type of magic that gains power as the moon waxes towards a full phase, this grants her immense power and the ability to manifest her homeland as a reality despite where she may currently reside.
Current Seat: Kellonic   He is responsible for understanding the limitations and abilities of both allies and enemies known to them and delving into secrets that have evaded the direct knowledge of the council. This seat is required to be a tactician and expert of gaining information beyond the borders of the Northern Continent and the Zóni. Kellonic has a love for song, poetry, art and puzzles of the most complex variety so much that his intellect is likely to surpass a Sphinx when it comes to word games. He is specifically credited with sneaking his way up past the many traps, puzzles and defenses of the Metallic Council itself when he was just teetering on the edge of being a young Dragon.

Current Seat: Tinselkin   She is responsible for keeping the written and unwritten law of dragonkind, the absolute authority on what is considered to be good or evil according to laws both ancient and recent. This seat is required to have a vast knowledge of laws, customs, cultures spanning the entire world, but they primarily will concern themselves with the laws of the various Metallic Dragons. Tinselkin has a love for justice, valor, and stories of great champions that is only rivaled by her hunger for righteous combat against the chromatic variety of their species. She is specifically known for open combat over the Zóni that repelled a Chromatic invasion several hundred years ago when they saw fit to align together and try to move en masse to the Northern Continent before being successfully repelled.
Current Seat: Keffnez   He is responsible for outlining the territories that belong to notable Dragons in the world to include their hunting grounds and the areas that they may roam without intruding upon the lands of other Dragons. This seat is familiar with geography, climates, hunting grounds, the preferences of each type of Metallic Dragon and the prominent members of their race that still live so that territory is never fought over between them. Keffnez has a love for the hunt, for stalking difficult prey, and eating food from exotic lands to the point that he often visits the hunting grounds of other Metallic Dragons so that his knowledge of the land stays current. He is specifically known for hunting relentlessly and participating in the Eldritch War simply for the chance to fight and drive away the creatures that sapped the land of its bountiful hunting grounds.
Current Seat: Allonion   He is responsible for being the opposition of any idea or thought that is brought up, the devil's advocate for any idea whether it is good or bad. This seat is skilled with holding any point of view and seeing all sides equally, it has long been charged with being impartial and quick to offer another option instead of conforming to one path. Allonion has a love for change, for variety, and for examining things that have previously been set in stone or decided even by the council. He is specifically known for his travels to the Southern Continent where he slipped past numerous Chromatic Dragons of immense power and went so far as to see the southern ends of the world, he is acknowledged as the most well-traveled Dragon on the council.

Current Seat: Wenso   He is responsible for being the head of the council, for seeking out new members when the time comes, and for granting defense to the valley itself. Mithril Dragons are often called astral Dragons because of their rarity and their ability to transcend and reside in the astral plane as a creature beyond flesh and blood. This seat has always been bestowed the power of foresight, the ability to see limited portions of the future that specifically involve their kind through the guise of smells, tastes, emotions, and the like. Wenso has a love for meditation, for peace, and for solemn moments in which he can allow his mind to wander and contemplate the vastness of the universe. He is known for predicting the arrival of an ancient sea monster known as the Leviathan and devising a plan to drive the creature out into the northern seas away from the continent that he calls home.
Current Seat: Dorrouma   She is responsible for maintaining the most complete history that the world could hope to know, not only about their own species but about everything that has transpired in the world. This seat is responsible for being the historian and keeper of records when it comes to the council and to the lineage of every Dragon that has appeared in the world, even Chromatic Dragons. Dorrouma has a love for the details of rulers, nations, lords, and allegiances that have come and gone through the ages if there is historical knowledge that she does not possess then she will devote her life to attaining it. She is known for uncovering the true secrets of the Fire Islands, their origin, and secrets that were once lost to the Nephilim race that makes their home on said islands.

Current Seat: Shivkrel   He is responsible for giving consideration to the requests of other races for help and evaluating situations of great evil or destruction when they are brought to the attention of the council. This seat is responsible for peacekeeping within the Draconic race at large and to a lesser extent all throughout the Northern Continent and the surrounding waters, they will decide what Dragons will respond to a large-scale crisis in most situations and with what races they shall align if any. Shivkrel specifically has a love for magical weapons, items, and arcane knowledge from the wide corners of the world. He is known among his own kind for spending years upon years among the Elves as a Librarian and scholar at the Unending Scroll and never revealed himself.

Current Seat: Kimly Brightstar   He is responsible for reminding the Metallic Council and all Dragons of their true purpose, to be a presence in the world that shall never be questioned nor forgotten. This seat is responsible for ensuring that the council continually adds to their culture, their history, their hoards and that they have a presence in the world beyond the valley that they reside in. Kimly Brightstar specifically has a love for traveling, interacting with other races, and seeing the world from a perspective other than his own but he sees his position on the council as the culminating test of his life and an opportunity to give back to this world. He is known among his own kind for helping to establish the current ruler of the Human Empire, Catherine Nightbreeze, and thwarting a plan to overthrow the royal family.

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