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Dragon Stones

Protection from the Metallic Dragons

In the days of old, the Dragons of the "Metallic Council" granted many gifts to those mortals that were nothing more than children in the world. Often, those gifts were of strong magic, the type to protect those that the Dragons treasured and wished to keep from the harm that the lands of Isekai so often inflicted upon its residents. For some, the gift was a gem of hope, something beyond value that would shine in their halls and light the darkest days. For others, the gifts received from the Dragons would serve to mark a path, one that was often shrouded in the darkness of the mountains.   The Spine of Kallex is known for its impassible peaks, deep valleys, and cragged walls that make even the most experienced of travelers face the ghostly visage of death. In the earliest days of the Elves and their homeland, the Spine was nigh impassible, leaving the fair folk separated by the reaching mountains. One man wished to make a difference and unite the two halves of the forest, but without the copious death that seemed so rampant in the Spine.   The Dragons of the "Metallic Council" granted the man simple stones carved and inlaid with their metals. These would serve to mark a safe passage across the mountains, something that many had long thought impossible. The magic of the Dragons and the dedication of the man would bring safety to those who have traveled the Spine for centuries, eventually falling into the safekeeping of the Llanowen Clan.  

Creation of the Stones

The Dragon Stones were created by the Council of Metallic Dragons as a gift to an ancient Elf that wished for nothing more than the safety of those that traveled through the Spine of Kallex. These magical stones were golden in color, something that would set them apart from the harsh landscape of the mountainous southern reaches of the Elven Forest. In the sunny days of summer, the stones would shine in colors reminiscent of dragon scales, hues of mithril, silver, gold. The symbols painstakingly carved by the Dragons were a deep blue, darker than the midnight sky above, darker still when the light of the Scales of Kallex would shine upon them. Even in the depths of winter, the stones and their markings shone with what could be described as a holy light, a gift from Kallex himself.   The harsh Draconic script was inlaid into the stones with adamantite, the specialty of one of the Council. In the inky darkness of night or under the light of the Scales of Kallex, these markings would glow, weaving through the dark colors of the Metallic Dragons, standing in stark contrast to the lighter tones of the stones themselves. Through their creation, the stones gained great power, one that would stretch through the millennia.
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These stones were created and gifted to the Elves long before the Eldritch War ravaged the world. Within years of the Council's gift of the Gem of Stars and Hope, these stones were gifted to the ancient Elf and found their place along the path of Qimbyr Pass. For millennia they stood as safe passage, even after the man passed. With the Eldritch War and its aftermath bringing increased danger to the Spine of Kallex, the Llanowen Clan and its various branch families have assumed the duty of protecting Qimbyr Pass and the stones gifted by the Dragons.

The Stones and Their Markings

The magical stones gifted to the man were deeply etched with the harsh runes of the Draconic language. Each marking had its own meaning and power, imbued with the strength and power of Dragons to grant a sliver of protection in a place where none can be found. The deep metallic color of the adamantite of the symbols glows bright in any light, marking the path of Qimbyr Pass. While a gift from the Council of Metallic Dragons, it is said that the stones were a gift from Kallex himself, as they shine with the colors of his magnificent scales.  


Draconic Rune of Protection by RiverFang
  The most common symbol used on the Dragon Stones. As this symbol is the simplest and most easily drawn of all the Draconic runes used on these stones, the symbol is often replicated elsewhere in the world with similar charms. The magic imbued in the rune provides a small level of protection for those that travel Qimbyr Pass, often allowing travelers to make the journey without encountering wild animals or dangerous plants. Even with this charm, the weather in the area is not affected and travelers may lose sight of these Dragon Stones during heavy rains or deep snows.   The rune was etched into the stone by an Iron Dragon, a great scholar in the areas of geography, climate, and their histories. The iron of his claws dug deep into the stone, etching it far deeper than any weather could wear away. Through great knowledge of the Spine of Kallex, the stone was imbued with the magic of protection.      


Draconic Rune of Sanctuary by RiverFang

A fairly common symbol seen on the Dragon Stones near areas of rest. While slightly harder to draw than the symbol for Protection, this symbol was given much greater magic, allowing it the ability to affect the weather as well as the wilderness around it. A circle of these stones was often placed around a meadow or another place that was determined safe to rest for any length of time during the journey through the Spine of Kallex. The charm on the rune would ward the area against wild animals and dampen the harsh weather on the edges.   The rune was etched into the stone by a Silver Dragon, one that considered the best ways to protect and shelter those that wished for the help of the Council. The magic granted to the stones would keep the peace between man and beast as they rested soundly through nights and storms. The claws of the Dragon dug deep, leaving a thin line of silver around the dark adamantite of the rune.

Safe Passage

Draconic Rune of Safe Passage by RiverFang

The rune of Safe Passage is one of the rarer symbols seen on the Dragon Stones. These are often placed in areas that are more dangerous, such as places with sheer cliffs and tight turns. Multiples of these stones can be found in very dangerous places, serving to mitigate any problems through their numbers and power. The magic of this rune was less straightforward, being a charm of good luck instead of a spell of protection. The odds of something horrible happening near one of these stones is significantly lowered, but there is always the possibility of something occurring.   The rune was etched into the stone by a Cobalt Dragon, one who hailed from the far north that was used to adversity and ways around it. Her intuition about hazardous places allowed her to make the correct number of stones without ever seeing the path where they would be placed. Carved with the tip of a claw, these runes do not shine with her color, but sometimes flash a deep blue when they have fulfilled their purpose.  

Dragon Wings

Draconic Rune of Dragon Wings by RiverFang

The rarest of all symbols on the Dragon Stones. Often hard to find along the path, these stones are hidden in areas where travelers may need the most motivation to continue. This length of the Spine of Kallex can be treacherous, even with the aid of these magical stones. Many travelers face harsh adversity and find the will to continue fleeting as the hours or days pass. The magic of these stones grants motivation and inspiration in those moments of great hardship, making those who wish to give up continue on until the end.   The rune was etched into the stone by a Steel Dragon , a traveler of far off lands, one who often lived the lives of men. This Dragon knew well the ways of men and how they may give up when faced with adversity. The journey over Qimbyr Pass was not one for the faint-hearted, so the Dragon set out to aid where he could. Instead of the dark colors of adamantite, these stones shine in the colors of Steel, the metal of men.


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