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Barbarian Culture

Way of Life for the Fair Folk of the Spine

The peaks of the Spine of Kallex rise around them as they move to another camp, another location that holds a small amount of safety amongst the harsh winters and dangerous animals that call these elevations home. Surrounded by danger and a land that strives to kill its inhabitants as much as it shelters them, one may encounter the Emerald Elf Barbarians that dare make their homes amongst the peaks and valleys of the Spine of Kallex.   Tradition and the teachings of Lycana are a central part of Elven Culture, something the Emerald Elves of the Spine tossed away when they chose to remove themselves from the Elven Forest and the Outlands to begin anew and live a life dedicated to the Huntress. Even so, these Barbarians have not discarded all of their roots, still holding many beliefs from the heart of Elven Culture.   Moving away from the fold and beginning anew does not erase all traditions. Often, these traditions change to fit a new lifestyle, but beliefs and thoughts held for millennia in the hearts of all Elves rarely waver, even when questioned by the dangers of the Spine. These traditions and beliefs hold the Barbarians together as they traverse the range from one end to the other, their nomadic lifestyle separating them into clans instead of cities and villages.


Culture and cultural heritage

While the Barbarians do not follow the traditional teachings of Lycana, their heritage comes from the tradition of the Elven Forest. Similar to the Outlander Culture of the Outlands, the culture of the Barbarians is not that far removed from their history, although the conditions these Emerald Elves call home are far harsher than the Elven Forest. It is these conditions that allow the Barbarians to be more secretive about their ways, even forcing outsiders out of their midst.   The Emerald Elves of the Spine of Kallex fall under the rule of the Elven Kingdom. While they may not follow the teachings of Lycana, the Barbarians still believe the Elven King to be a divine appointment.  


All races in Isekai have a set of beliefs that they consider their law. The Emerald Elves of the Spine of Kallex follow the same beliefs of all Elves, a set of beliefs that are part of nature that do not bend or waver.  
  1. All animals have are to be respected, even when hunted there shall be no cruel treatment of any creature.
  2. Orcs have no place in any Elven settlement, they are never to be allowed past any border.
  3. Káto is dangerous, new entrances are to be safeguarded and shrouded with powerful magic to avoid discovery from either side when encountered.
  4. Outsiders are cautiously welcomed.
These beliefs drive the Emerald Elves and their way of life, even in the Spine of Kallex, as they move through their long lives and serve as the protectors of travelers and others through the mountains. While removed from the Elven Forest, the Barbarians still serve the Elven Kingdom.  


Family is important to all Elves, but to the Barbarians of the Spine, family is far more important as family is all one has in the dangers of their homeland. Family units, or clans, become central to survival and the building of cities throughout the Spine as these are the only groups that can withstand the trials these people face.   Most Barbarians are part of a handful of well-known clans or are somehow related to these larger clans. Names to these people are important as a name comes with the backing of a large group of people in terms of trust and abilities. Even outside of the Spine, these names mean a great deal within the Elven Forest and even areas of Káto.  

Property & Ownership

Because of the nomadic life of the Barbarians, property or ownership mean very little. Individuals may often own small packs of clothing and other sentimental items and a family unit may own items used for housing, but overall, there are very few possessions kept by the Barbarians. Animals are more commonly kept as they fit well with the nomadic lifestyle, but these creatures are treated as family members and not possessions.  

Taboos & Insults

Much like the Elves of the Elven Forest, the Barbarians embrace their fey heritage and consider little to be taboo. They do not censor themselves but may be angered if someone questions their strength or abilities.  

Barbarian Culinary Arts

Unlike other Elves, the Barbarians do not necessarily excel at the culinary arts as their nomadic lifestyle does not leave time for elegant cooking or baking. Oftentimes, their cooking is limited to roasting a variety of wild game, something that these people excel at.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The lives of the Emerald Elves of the Spine are extremely nomadic as they follow the herds of wild game and move as the seasons push them. Because of this, their customs and traditions are relatively simple as it is difficult to keep extravagant traditions going while traveling.  

Clothing & Textiles

Clothing for the Barbarians is very simple, often consisting of a tunic and simple pants. These items are woven from wool gathered from the Giant Alpaca and Giant Goats while pants are often made from animal hides. Simplicity is key in their clothing, but the materials must also be able to withstand the difficult conditions of the Spine.  

History & Service

Much of the history of the Barbarians is the same and steeped in the warlike mindset that many held before the Eldritch War. Far removed from the Elven Forest, these people once served as mercenaries for others, waging wars and fighting battles for those that paid well.   After the Eldritch War, the mercenary lifestyle was no longer possible for the Barbarians as so many were devastated by the war. The Llanowen Clan were the forefathers in building the new lives of service that the Barbarians would follow. Now, the Barbarians serve as caretakers of trade routes or as guides across the Spine of Kallex.
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Naming Traditions

Elves have very distinct names that follow the patterns of their native language, but Barbarian names are much less elegant and are rougher in tone when spoken. Even so, outsiders may be confused about how to correctly pronounce a name.  

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Relations with Other Races

For the most part, Barbarians get along best with those races that are friendly to the Elves. In some cases, the Barbarians may align themselves with peoples that often disagree with Elves, but these cases are rare and often are part of their work.  

Religious Observance

The Pantheons of Isekai are of extreme importance to all races and cultures, no matter their differences or difficulties. Each culture worships one of the gods as this belief is what allows them to be judged fairly upon their deaths.   As a group that believes heavily in the hunt and all things associated with that in nature, the Emerald Elves of the Spine follow the teachings of the Huntress as a goddess of the hunt and nature. They believe that it is through the goddess that they are allowed to survive the harshness of the Spine and succeed where others have failed.

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