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Northern Culture

Way of Life for the Fair Folk of the North

From towering trees to reaching mountains to finally the cold snows of the Neither Tundra, the northern border of the Elven Kingdom is varied and somewhat vulnerable to those that wish to bring harm to the forest and its people. HEre in the colder north, Paladins make their home in the shadow of the Council of Metallic Dragons, using the divine power granted to them by Ygg to protect their homes from the Giants that wish to claim all. In the Northern Outposts, it is the Emerald Elves that reign and protect, their culture reflective of the harshness they face.   Tradition and knowledge find a central place in the Northerner Culture, much like all Elven Cultures. The Knights of Yggdrasil look to their leaders and elders to drive them forward, standing as stalwart guardians where few others wish to stand. This culture must stand as a beacon of hope and resilience, something that isn't necessary in the shadow of the towering Aelinor Oaks. AS the trees thin and turn to tundra, the Emerald Elves of the North stand as pillars of strength.   Here against the lands of the Giants, the traditions that all Elves hold dear often matter little as life does not allow for the magic and celebration that is so common elsewhere in the Elven Forest. Those of the North dabble in divine magic, looking to Ygg as the god of life to guide the righteousness that they must have to survive. The Northern Outposts seem little like the rest of the forest, but still they are beholden to the Elven King, protecting under order for as long as necessary.


Culture and cultural heritage

In many ways, the traditional teachings of Lycana that abound throughout the Elven Forest and drive so much of Elven Culture has been tossed aside in the Northern Outposts. In its place are the words of Eldrin Ylyndar and the teachings of Ygg that define everything about the Knights of Yggdrasil and their charge. The Northern Outposts do not exist without the Paladins and their culture represents that.   The Northerners are still part of the Elven Forest and fall under the rule of the Elven Kingdom but they are led by the Knights of Yggdrasil and the Ylyndar Clan, often so removed from the capital that they are allowed to rule themselves, so long as they continue to follow the orders granted by King Cyllin millennia ago.  


All races in Isekai have a set of beliefs that they consider their law. The Emerald Elves of the North, even though their culture is far different from the rest of the Elven Forest, hold fast to some of the same beliefs that have essentially become Elven law.  
  1. All animals have are to be respected, even when hunted there shall be no cruel treatment of any creature.
  2. Orcs have no place in any Elven settlement, they are never to be allowed past any border.
  3. Káto is dangerous, new entrances are to be safeguarded and shrouded with powerful magic to avoid discovery from either side when encountered.
  4. Outsiders are cautiously welcomed.
These beliefs are held dear to the Northerners as following them protects their flank as they look towards the true dangers of the Neither Tundra. These people also follow the words of the Yggdrasil Letter as their law and tenets of their Order.  


Much like all Elves, family is important to the Northerners. It is these connections and relationships that allow those of the Order to continue to serve, even in the most difficult of times. Such ties are so important, that certain rules of the Order are written to prioritize one's family so that worry can be alleviated and the Paladin can have a clear mind in the face of whatever lies ahead.   Names seem to matter little to the Northerners as many here are not part of a clan. Outside of the Ylyndar Clan, mostly small families and single people call the Northern Outposts home as it is a difficult place to live and raise children.  

Property & Ownership

Property and ownership are fairly simple amongst the Northerners. Individuals, families, and organizations own their own property with few restrictions. Rarely is something outlawed to be owned, but those items that are have good reasons and are determined by the Head of the Knights of Yggdrasil.  

Taboos & Insults

The Northerners are far more modest than most Elves as they believe that this modesty in speech and dress is an important way to represent not only themselves but their Order as followers of Ygg. They try not to take affronts of their character seriously, choosing to walk away instead of entering a conflict.  

Northerner Culinary Arts

The culinary arts are not necessarily of importance to the Northerners as their lives are often busy. That being said, certain festivals and times of year warrant special foods and drink. A constant favorite is a sweet icy dessert made during the winter months when the snow piles high. It brings a spot of happiness in the otherwise bleak season.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Life in the Northern Outposts is heavily centered around the Knights of Yggdrasil but others outside of the Order live in the various villages scattered throughout the north. Whether part of the Order or not, these people are involved in the protection of the Elven Forest and their culture represents that in a variety of ways.  

Clothing & Textiles

Clothing is varied in the area depending on whether one is part of the Order or not. Those that are part of the Order will wear the crest somewhere on their dress, more obviously if they are Paladins or other fighters wearing armor. Regular townsfolk tend towards simple tunics and pants, often of heavy wools and furs to help against the chill of the wind.  


Because the Northern Outposts have such a small population, community is everything. All people, whether part of the Order or not, have a role and place within the community. Without these roles, the population of this area would not survive the harshness of the winter.   Festivals such as Snowfell exemplify the idea of community and the role of protectors that the Knights of Yggdrasil fulfill. These ideals are deeply ingrained in the culture in ways that are not seen elsewhere in the Elven Kingdom.
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Yggdrasil Letter

Naming Traditions

Elves have very distinct names that follow the patterns of their native language, but Emerald Elves are known for having less elegant names than Jade Elves. The names of Northerners do not vary from those of most Emerald Elves. Even so, these names may be difficult to pronounce by outsiders.  

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Relations with Other Races

For the most part, Northerners get along best with the races that tend to get along well with all Elves. They find little reason to deviate in this matter from the rest of the Kingdom. That being said, the Northerners have a particular dislike for the Giants that may not be shared by the rest of their kin.  

Religious Observance

The Pantheons of Isekai are of extreme importance to all races and cultures, no matter their differences or difficulties. Each culture worships one of the gods as this belief is what allows them to be judged fairly upon their deaths.   Most Northerners, including those in the Knights of Yggdrasil, follow the teachings of Ygg, the god of life. Others in the Northern Outposts, usually those that have no ties to the Order, my follow Lycana or the Huntress. Beliefs for the Northerners are deeply personal and may vary greatly from person to person.


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