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Ylyndar Clan

Leading Clan of the Northern Outposts

Centuries stand before us as they stood behind us, with a single duty and a lifetime of morals to follow. Our clan stands as our elders did, the leaders of those that keep our homelands from harm. We must continue the cycle of leadership by example, following through on the tenets that our founder, Eldrin Ylyndar, left for us in his legacy and his writings. The Knights of Yggdrasil survive and prosper through the leadership of the clan, we must ensure that those we lead remain strong.
Elduin Ylyndar, current leader of the Knights of Yggdrasil
  The name Ylyndar carries a heavy respect in the areas along the border of the Neither Tundra, even those places that are outside of the Elven Forest and the Kingdom this family ties itself to. For many, this name is synonymous with safety and honor, a sacrifice made in order to save those that could not protect themselves. While the family existed long before their noteriety came, two specific events have defined this family and the organization that they lead.   In 5000 IM, the Elven King Cyllin ordered the creation of a group to protect the northern parts of the Elven Forest from the threats of the Giants in the Neither Tundra. These heathens had attempted to encroach on Elven lands before and that threat would come again. Elduin Ylyndar was named the leader of the newly formed Knights of Yggdrasil and tasked with building a citadel that would stand as the center of protection for the lands on the edge of the Neither Tundra.   Yllvalion and its Ylmaris Citadel would be built and stand as the home of the Knights of Yggdrasil, the center of their divine duties to protect their homeland. The Ylyndar name would gain greater notoriety in 3500 IM when this citadel was threatened and Alaric Ylyndar stood before the Giant Prince Krojak. The Giant Wars ended at the Battle of Krojak's End, solidifying the name of the Ylyndar Clan across the Northern Continent.   Even as the millennia have passed, the Ylyndar Clan still stands as the pinnacle of honor and leadership in the Northern Outposts. While generations have come and gone, all follow the tenets of their order outlined in the Yggdrasil Letter by their founder so many years ago. As Paladins, they fulfill their divine duty to the Elven Kingdom and protect their people from all threats, no matter the sacrifice.


Serving as the leaders of the Knights of Yggdrasil, the Ylyndar Clan must hold the respect of their people and purvey honor and leadership even in the face of disaster. The Knights of Yggdrasil serve as the guardians of the Northern Outposts, a swath of land that stretches through the northern portion of the Elven Forest along the border of the Neither Tundra. Following the teachings of the god Ygg, they spread their faith in honor and light to those that live in some of the bleakest territory in the Northern Continent. Hope and safety are their greatest assets as their teachings have helped create hardy Warriors and people that are able to sustain themselves during the harshest of times.   While the Ylyndar Clan calls the Northern Outposts home, neither they nor the Knights of Yggdrasil lead every village in the area. Even so, their teachings have created leaders that have great respect for the Paladins that are entrusted with the safety of the Outposts. These leaders run their villages and prosper, keeping livestock and farms that will eventually come to supply the Ylmaris Citadel during the harsh winters that all people spend in Yllvalion.   Because of the nature of Snowfell and how stores of goods are kept, the foodstuffs and livestock that supply the Northern Outposts during the winter are often counted amongst the clan's assets as one of the Ylyndars is in charge of organization and inventory of the goods. In many cases, those in Yllvalion, including the Enchantress, multiply these goods, making sure there is enough for all that will be within their territory for the winter. It is a lengthy process, but this organization allows the clan to easily gather more resources from elsewhere in the Kingdom due to their noteriety.
Aelinor Elk
Aelinor Elk are known for their intricate horns that often grow and twist in various patterns over the course of the creature's life. Their horns set them apart from the other animals of the Elven Forest and often grant them great reverence as an oddity of the forest.


The history of the Ylyndar Clan in the northern areas of the Elven Forest exists far beyond when the clan was named to lead the Northern Outposts through the Knights of Yggdrasil by King Cyllin in 5000 IM, but the clan as it is known today did not exist before that point. The founder of the Knights of Yggdrasil, Eldrin Ylyndar, the youngest of seven siblings, was chosen by the King of the Elven Kingdom to lead those that would given protection to the Elven Forest from the horrors and creatures of the Neither Tundra. While Eldrin's older siblings had more experience with leadership and battle, he was picked due to his thoughts on leadership and serving others that he had exemplified during his time serving in the Bauxatehn.  
Northern Outposts
The snowy lands of the Northern Outposts on the border of the Neither Tundra are inhabited by Elves, but the Giants of the north have been known to encroach on the territory of the Elven Kingdom when the need arises.
Paladins were few in the clan before the founding of the Order, but once the clan took up the leadership of the Knights of Yggdrasil, it was almost a requirement of the leading family to become a Paladin. This tradition began with Eldrin's four children and has continued over the millennia. Those children not part of the leading family, or those not chosen as a leader's successor, are not required to become a Paladin and may choose to take up other professions within the Order. Many other parts of the Order were formed through these choices.   Since Eldrin's time, the Order and the clan have grown large and have kept the same tenets that the founder followed and outlined in his Yggdrasil Letter. After centuries of teaching and training, the mantle of leader of the clan and of the Order often falls to the firstborn son, although other children may be chosen to lead in specific circumstances. The children that were not chosen as successor often fulfill other leadership roles in the Order and the Order and the clan are tied so closely together.   Leaders of the clan have lead the Knights of Yggdrasil through a great number of conflicts, including the Giant Wars and the Eldritch War. The leaders that weathered the battles of the Giant Wars were immortalized in the Elven capital of Alfensil at the
request of the then King of the Elven Kingdom. Outside of that commemoration and the histories housed in Yllvalion, the names of clan leaders have been lost of history. The Eldritch War, having ended only two centuries ago, remains fresh in everyone's minds.   The current leader of the clan, Elduin Ylyndar, was granted his title five decades before the events of the Eldritch War scarred the lands of Vóreios. The Giant Wars of the past had paled in comparison to the horrors that were seen in the Eldritch War. Elduin lead the Knights and their homeland through the Eldritch War nearly unscathed, with minimal casualties. After the war ended, Elduin became more of a teacher, fulfilling the role that Eldrin had originally held.  
All is lost without hope. In the North, the Knights of Yggdrasil bring that hope, nearly as much as the glint of dragon scales in the sky.
Elduin Ylyndar, current leader of the Knights of Yggdrasil

Notable Members

Eldrin Ylyndar

When the Knights of Yggdrasil were commissioned by King Cyllin in 5000 IM, Eldrin Ylyndar was already many centuries ol. He took up the mantle of leader, of not only his clan, but of the Knights of Yggdrasil and the Northern Outposts, in order to prepare for the possibility of a war with the Giants of the Neither Tundra. His Order was founded on the tenets that many Paladins were known for, including duty to others and being the light of hope that was needed in the darkest of places.   The teachings and trainings that he established for the Order would eventually lead the Knights of Yggdrasil through conflicts such as the Giant Wars and eventually the Eldritch War, although Eldrin would not live to see either of those conflicts. His establishment of things such as the Snowfell would essentially cause the survival of the denizens of the Northern Outposts through these conflicts and various hard winters.   Eldrin Ylyndar swore an oath, to the King, to his people, to all who wished for the safety of the walls of Yllvalion. The name Ylyndar and the Knights of Yggdrasil would stand as a beacon of hope on the dark edge of the Neither Tundra. He hoped that the Order could be the color in the world that people craved against the white blanket of their homeland. With the blessing of the Council of Metallic Dragons, Yllvalion and its family became a safe haven.

Alaric Ylyndar

Young Alaric Ylyndar
As a teen, Alaric Ylyndar was set to serve as the strategist for the Knights of Yggdrasil under his older brother Ryo Ylyndar. Due to his brother's illness, Alaric quickly had to become the leader of the Order that his father had always dreamed of.
Alaric Ylyndar was not the oldest son but still was chosen to rise to the occasion and lead the Knights of Yggdrasil. Grandson of Eldrin and the second child of his parents, he was relegated to the simplicity of being nothing more than a Paladin. He trained and studied alongisde his older brother Ryo and his cousins, preparing to one day take a role as part of the Order that his entire family was dedicated to.   A horrible winter struck, causing his brother to be taken to Alfensil for his health. Alaric was chosen to lead the Knights of Yggdrasil in his brother's stead, a large job for one so young. He chose to bring in others to aid him in his leadership, building a strong network of Warriors and leaders that would keep the Northern Outposts safe, no matter the issue. This would serve them well as a large conflict came upon them.   The Giant Wars would define Alaric's leadership, often pushing the man to the edge of his limits and testing his knowledge and strength. Small skirmishes were common with the Giants, but the rise of the Giant Prince Krojak would change the war as they knew it, bringing battles and conflict farther into the Northern Outposts than ever before.   Krojak's march toward Yllvalion led to sacrifices and choices that were difficult but ultimately necessary for the Northern Outposts to survive the onslaught. Alaric would choose to make his final stand at the Battle of Krojak's End, slaying the Giant Prince with a sword given to him by the Elven King. While a victory through his leadership, this battle also marked the most difficult period in Alaric's tenure.   Alaric would continue to lead his people following the tenets his grandfather outlined in the Yggdrasil Letter until his death. His leadership defined a period of prosperity that his descendants hoped to have as well.

Elduin Ylyndar

Elduin Ylyndar is the current leader of the Knights of Yggdrasil and the head of the Ylyndar Clan. The second child of Haemir Ylyndar, Elduin was named the head of the Knights of Yggdrasil upon the death of his older brother, Drannor, during a skirmish in the years leading up to the Eldritch War. Taking up the mantle of leader at a fairly young age in the long lives of Elves, Elduin returned the Knights and the others of the Northern Outposts back towards the teachings of the Order's founder that had been lost in the millennia after the death of Alaric. He implemented the Snowfell during a short hiatus during his father's leadership and led the Knights through the Eldritch War. During his tenure, he has continued to bring increased culture and knowledge from the rest of the continent to the city of Yllvalion and its citizens.   His greatest joy since becoming the leader of the Knights has been watching his children grow and take up various roles in the Order while personifying the traits and tenets that Eldrin Ylyndar held in such high regard. Due to his leadership and the work that his children have done, the Knights and their villages have prospered more than they have in centuries.

Lead by example, Live by the code

Founding Date
7000 IM
Parent Organization
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The Ylyndar Legacy

The greastest legacy of the Ylyndar Clan has been the commitment of all members to the safety and prosperity of the Northern Outposts and the Knights of Yggdrasil. Due to the harsh nature of the edge of the Neither Tundra, those who live in that area are subjected to long winters and vicious creatures. The establishment of the order and the teachings that Eldrin Ylyndar developed has kept the Northern Outposts in a nearly constant state of peace for millennia and is in a place to continue their duties far into the future.  
We must be steadfast in our hope or the northern reaches will tear it from us, like the Giants have done to our brethren in the past. We are the Knights of Yggdrasil, we stand as the last defense on the edge of the Neither Tundra.
Eldrin Ylyndar, founder of the Knights of Yggdrasil
  The other legacy of Eldrin Ylyndar and his descendants is the citadel known as the Ylmaris Citadel in the city of Yllvalion. The city and castle were constructed to be able to house the majority of the denizens of the Northern Outposts in times of need and withstand various attacks from outsiders. This fact, along with the creation of the Snowfell, has kept casualties to a minimum through two great wars and numerous extreme winters.   The Ylmaris Citadel also holds an immense library started by Eldrin Ylyndar which houses many of the great works and histories of the world so that those of Yllvalion and the Northern Outposts had access to the same knowledge that those in the Elven capital of Alfensil and those studying at the Unending Scroll had. This great library is also home to what is known as the Yllvalion Codex, an immense history of the world that is nearly as complete as those that the Council of Metallic Dragons keeps.  
Ylmaris Citadel

Diplomatic Relations

Leading Family

The leader of the Ylyndar Clan, Eldrin Ylyndar, founded the Knights of Yggdrasil in 5000 IM at the request of King Cyllin of the Elven Kingdom. Since then, the clan has led the Order through various wars and hardships, using the training and teachings outlined in the Yggdrasil Letter to help those that live in the Northern Outposts thrive.

Ruling Family

As the Knights of Yggdrasil are the leaders of the Northern Outposts, those in the Ylyndar Clan become leaders of the Order as well as the area that is the northern part of the Elven Forest. The majority of people that live in the Northern Outposts are a part of the Knights of Yggdrasil in some way.


During the founding of the Knights of Yggdrasil and the building of the city of Yllvalion, a gem known as the Gem of Stars and Hope was gifted to the order by the Metallic Dragons of the "Metallic Council" in the Spine of Kallex. This gem has stood as a symbol of hope and protection in the courtyard of the Ylmaris Citadel for centuries.


The Llanowen Clan is a nomadic tribe of the Spine of Kallex that often travels through the northern areas of the mountain range near the city of Yllvalion. The two families have often completed trade deals as well as aided each other in times of need.

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