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Ylyndar Coin

Secret Coins of the Knights of Yggdrasil

A Paladin draws a handful of gold coins from her pocket. To anyone that sees, it may seem that she is counting her coin, but the simple gold coins in her hand mean so much more to the one that holds them. With a deft twist of her fingers, she flips the coin three times, watching as the symbol of her order slowly grows from one side of the coin.   The face of the coin bears the symbol of a branching tree, the symbol of the Knights of Yggdrasil and the clan that leads them. For those that hold one of these magical tokens, it is a mark of their friendship with the Knights and the Ylyndar Clan if they are not already one of the Knights. The magic of the coin is deliberate, only working for those deemed allies of one of the sworn members of the honorable Paladin Order.   With another twist of her fingers, she flips the coin again, three times, watching as the tree fades and the gold coin in her hand once again returns to nothing more than a form of currency. She returns it and the six others she carries to a special pouch on her belt, waiting for when the coin will be needed to mark a safe passage or a friend.


The Ylyndar Coin, while made from a gold coin, has no monetary value, but it is an extremely significant symbol for the Ylyndar Clan and the Knights of Yggdrasil. These coins are enchanted by the Enchantress of the Knights to only respond to those that are allies of the order and clan. When turned the correct number of times, the magic of the coin reacts to its holder, showing a branching tree on one face of the coin if the person is considered an ally. If not, the coin remains unchanged, seemingly nothing more than a standard gold coin.  


Some believe that these coins have existed since the earliest days of the Knights of Yggdrasil, but it wasn't until the years after the Giant Wars that these coins became prominent. Few in the Ylyndar Clan had them and they were used sparingly, often only shared with other Elves from the northern parts of the Elven Forest. For hundreds of years, the coin was just an after thought for many in the clan as they travelled and made allies, but that would eventually change.   As Isekai was thrown into the Eldritch War, those of the Knights needed something that would allow them to easily identify those that were considered allies when no one was quite sure who could be trusted. At this point, no new Ylyndar Coins had been created in centuries, causing the old magical ways to be lost to the march of time. The current Enchantress of the clan, Naya Ylyndar, used one of the remaining coins in Elduin Ylyndar's possession to create a new set of Ylyndar Coins that had much stronger magic and could be given to more than just the Elves of the Elven Forest. These coins would find homes in the pockets of many different people throughout Vóreios as the war raged on, but these coins were a guarantee of a helpful ally in a trying time.

Ylyndar Coin by RiverFang

Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Holder
Owning Organization
26.73 g
Base Price
1 gp


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Jul 18, 2020 23:02 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really like that the coins only react to those considered allies. Can you imagine flipping the coin one day and it doesn't change for you? Yikes.

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