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Wielders of Weapons & Divine Power

The path of the divine and Purple Magic can lead one in many directions, but all eventually lead to picking up a weapon in the name of what you believe in. People that choose these paths are leaders of their people, rising above and meeting the call to action that their deity asked of them. Some of these people follow this calling to become healers and leaders of temples or places of worship, gaining the name of Cleric, but others still choose a more difficult path. Some are called to be protectors of the weak, using their divine gifts to aid those that are unable to protect themselves. These are the ones known as Paladins, those who have no qualms raising a weapon in protection of those most unfortunate.   Paladins are one of many Purple Magic users, but they match their magical prowess with their skill with the blade or any other weapon that piques their fancy. Beholden to one of the Pantheons of Isekai, these people are often the voice of morality and humility, serving their empire or kingdom in the name of the deity that has granted them divine blessings. Their training is never-ending and their faith must be unwavering as the foes they face are often sinister and willing to sacrifice anything to gain their goal.   Becoming a Paladin is not for the feint of heart or those that do know who they are. It takes deep faith and conviction to wield a weapon and the magic of the divine, otherwise one may falter at the worst of times. A successful mission, the success of leading an order or citythrough an ordeal unscathed, is reward in itself. But with great reward also comes great sacrifice sometimes. These people must also be stalwart leaders in the face of the unthinkable.



To become a Paladin, one must have experience both with fighting and the use of Purple Magic. Knowledge of the divine and the Pantheons of Isekai is also key as a Paladin must have a deep faith driven by conviction to hold the title and wield the rights given to Paladins throughout the world. It is not simply enough to have dabbled in the magical arts and know how to hold a weapon realitvely well, but one must be experienced and battle tested in the use of both magic and weapon, able to think on one's feet and make a quick decision.   Many orders also require Paladins to be well educated, often with formal schooling by either a master in the chosen weapon or at one of the many magic academies found in the world. Formal education on languages, cultures, and other parts of the world is not required, but it is helpful when asked to lead fledgling militias or other groups during conflicts or dangerous situations.



Paladins, also known as Holy Knights, are those that harness power granted by the divine in order to aid those less fortunate or to remove those that threaten life from the world. In many cases, they are considered the vanquishers of all things undead, dealing with all manner of unnatural things.   These people often also serve as leaders in their communities, whether it be as a religious figure, in a temple or other place of worship, or as a political figure, as a mayor or other leader of a village or city. The traits that allow them to become a Paladin are often those that are highly sought after in leaders.

Social Status

Those that are blessed with the knowledge of Purple Magic and have the ability to use such magic are revered throughout the world. To use divine magic, one must be blessed by the gods and have an unwavering conviction that few have. In many places, Paladins and Clerics are treated as nobility because many places of the world would not have survived without these people that use their gifts to aid others.
Alternative Names
Holy Knights
Constant demand across the world. Paladins are a staple in many areas where large conflicts have happened in the past.
Famous in the Field
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For as long as the Elder Races have known about Purple Magic and were able to harness it, so too existed Paladins. Once known as Crusaders or Holy Knights, these people brought light to the darkness and vanquished the undead and other unholy creatures that stalked the land.   As the millennia passed, Paladins were called upon to fight in conflicts and then in great wars. From the Giant Wars of Vóreios to the Eldritch War, men and women of all races were called upon to fulfill their divine duty and protect their people from the evil that threatened their existence.


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