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Sun Steel

The Sunny Celestial Metal

A shrine glows with yellow light as the first rays of the sun wash over it, alighting the marble and metal structure with fiery hues. As the day continues and the sun reaches higher, so too does the metal glow brighter, matching the radiance of the orb above. Those that protect the shrine carry weapons that glow with a similar light, various shades of glowing gold slung around hips and across the backs of Paladins and Clerics that have sworn to protect these places. In service to their god, they wield the power of Celestial Metals.   Sun Steel is one of the many special metals in Isekai but is one of the most used in decoration and religion. Referred to as one of the Celestial Metals, the shining colors are similar to that of White Gold, decorating religious buildings and turning away undead and other creatures of the night. Much like the other Celestial Metals, Sun Steel is used in weapons and armor but needs to be charged to utilize its special abilities.   Sun Steel embodies the power of sunshine and requires no special precautions to work with the metal. Even so, it is noted that it is difficult for Silver Elves to mine and forge the metal as the metal often emits a flash of light when struck.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Items made from Sun Steel must be exposed to sunlight daily in order to amplify their power. These items natural radiate light and have the ability, once charged, to discharged great deals of radiant energy. Because of this quality, Sun Steel items are popular with Paladins, Clerics, and other specialized Warriors that frequently fight undead or other creatures that fear daylight.   Weapons and armor made from this metal radiate light in a small area and can strike with radiant power or lessen the damage that comes from necrotic sources.

Geology & Geography

Sun Steel can be found in nearly any part of the world, but is most prominent in mountainous areas. The largest sources of this metal can be found in the Spine of Kallex and the Great Furnaces.
White in color similar to White Gold but often radiates a yellow light
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