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Bauxatehn (Bau-a-ten)

The Elven Military

Colored magic flies across the battlefield before landing with a powerful impact, shattering the enemies' defenses. Elves in shining armor run forward, piercing the rest of the defenses and moving through to engage the enemies in combat with well-honed axes and swords. The cover fire of magic continues, often joined by volleys of arrows from hidden Rangers and others that use the cover of the Elven Forest to their advantage. Rarely do such forces join together in battle, but the fate of their homeland hangs in the balance and the whole of the Bauxatehn answered the call to battle.   The Bauxatehn is the formal name of the Elven military, comprising a variety of brigades that specialize in localized combat and a variety of other subject areas. While not nearly the organized forces of the Human Empire, the Bauxatehn capitalizes on the subject specialties and knowledge that the various regions bring to a large-scale war. In most instances, the brigades of the Bauxatehn will enter a conflict on their own and fight for their individual homelands, but when the entirety of the Kingdom is threatened, all must join forces for the greater good.   Since the beginning of the Elven Kingdom, the Bauxatehn has existed in one form or another, but its true nature was not solidified until the days of the Eldritch War fell upon Isekai. The regions of the Elven Forest had their military forces and many had survived small conflicts and the likes of the Giant Wars, but the Eldritch War dictated cohesion and camaraderie if they wished to prevail. Under the watchful eye of the Headmaster of the Unending Scroll, the King's War Council led the Elven Kingdom through the war relatively unscathed, but their once grand forces were decimated to much smaller numbers that would never recover.


The Bauxatehn is one of the largest military forces on the Northern Continent, numbering in the thousands. Due to the organization’s size and the landmass in which it covers, it is necessary for the Bauxatehn to be split into a number of brigades that are in charge of specific areas of the Elven Forest. The six brigades cover a variety of specialties that are dictated by the terrain or areas that they commonly work in, but the various brigades can work together during large conflicts if necessary.   The current Elven military is lead by the Headmaster of the Unending Scroll, a title not easily earned. Appointed by the King and his council, the Headmaster presides over the school and will serve as the Grand Commander of the Bauxatehn in the event of a large conflict that would involve the entire Kingdom. The title of Grand Commander has not been invoked since the days of the Eldritch War and was used few times before then.   Each brigade has its own team of leaders that serve as intermediaries between the Grand Commander and the various battalions and units that may be found in the brigade. Each team of leaders is appointed through various means often dictated by the nature of the area that the brigade is in charge of. Rarely is this team of leaders appointed by the King, but the King must approve of the team in some way as these teams would become the King's War Council in the event of a large war.  


The Ahelian is the section of the Bauxatehn that protects the capital of the Elven Kingdom, Alfensil. The second largest of the Bauxatehn’s brigades, the Ahelian specialized in a variety of magic and techniques that capitalize on shields and other protective measures. Many of those in this brigade are well-trained Brown Magic users while a few specialize in Orange Magic and other offensive magic. Numbering nearly 5000, this brigade provides all necessary protection for the capital and its nobles, including the royal guard, the Kyserion.   The Capital brigade is led by the Minister of Defense, a position appointed by the King and his council. This person does not have to be a noble or one of the King’s line but should be proficient in military tactics and strategy. The Minister of Defense then appoints individuals to serve as the overseers of the four districts of Alfensil. These appointees gain the title of Minister of District Defense depending on their district.


The Allanar is by far the largest section of the Bauxatehn, but it is not a formalized force. Protectors of the Outlands, the Allanar number nearly 8500, creating a large militia that is ready to fight at a moment’s notice. This brigade specializes in guerilla warfare and long-range tactics, utilizing the skills they’ve gained from hunting throughout the Elven Forest. Their weapons are often handmade and their tactics are often difficult to understand as they have been developed over centuries by the tribes of the Outlands.   The Outlands brigade is led by the Huntsmen Elders, the governing body of the Outlands. In times of peace, the Elders serve as a sounding board and the intermediaries for the tribes to the King and his council. In times of war, they serve as a miniature War Council, focusing on the protection of the Outlands. During these times, one of the Huntsmen Elders is chosen as the commander and will serve as part of the King's War Council.
The Allanar is by far the largest section of the Bauxatehn, but it is not a formalized force. This brigade specializes in guerilla warfare and long-range tactics, utilizing the skills they’ve gained from hunting throughout the Elven Forest.


The Ayvelon is a small force, numbering only 500, that is scattered throughout the section of the Spine of Kallex that crosses the Elven Forest. This brigade is another informal force, considered to be berserkers or a mercenary force than even a militia. Comprised of the Barbarians that call the Spine home, this group specializes in trade missions, difficult terrain, tracking, and other difficult jobs. While one of the smallest forces of the Bauxetehn, the impact of the Ayvelon is unmatched in terms of durability and flexibility.   The Spine brigade lacks any sort of leadership team in peacetime. In many instances, the Barbarians of the Spine look to the elders of the Llanowen Clan, but often live solitary existences with their own clans. During wartime, the Barbarians may form their own miniature War Council including leaders of the various clans, often having the leader of the Llanowen Clan as the council’s leader. This is a rare occurrence and the Barbarians often function on a clan-by-clan basis.


The Thayalin is the smallest force of the Bauxatehn, numbering only 200 at its largest. Stationed at the Unending Scroll, the Thayalin specialize in heavy magic use, often times utilizing Orange, White, and something Green Magic to reach their goal. Communication is a big part of this brigade’s role during battle, making sure that all parts of the Bauxatehn can communicate during large or hectic battles. Specialized units of the Thayalin practice varied types of magic so that they can be used as artillery during conflicts.   The Magic brigade is led by the Headmaster of the Unending Scroll and the school’s faculty. During peace times, this group is nothing more than professors of the academy, but a declaration of war or any conflict that affects the entire Kingdom causes them to shift into a council of specialized casters that lead well-trained and well-prepared units into battles where their specialties can help turn the tides.


The Thanylin is a small force, numbering nearly 500, that protects the Northern Outposts. Outside of war times, this brigade is more commonly known as the Knights of Yggdrasil, a Paladin Order that has served in the Outposts for millennia. Specializing in Purple Magic, difficult terrain, and adverse conditions, the Thanylin has survived one major conflict of their own in the Giant Wars that ravaged their homeland for years.   The Northern brigade is led by the leader of the Knights of Yggdrasil and any appointed advisors the Order has. Currently, the Thanylin is led by the head of the Ylyndar Clan and his sons that serve as advisors on various topics. This brigade is almost entirely comprised of Paladins, but others such as Warriors, Fighters, Clerics, and other combatants make up a small portion of the Thanylin.


The Arsarius is a larger force, numbering nearly 2500, that protects all medium and large cities in the Elven Forest. This force is often stationed in cities that are inhabited mostly by Jade Elves and see a great deal of trade and commerce. Mirroring the Ahelian, this brigade is well versed in Brown Magic and retains a few members that are proficient with Orange Magic. Mostly this group specializes in city defense and will often have a handful of members stationed in all cities, just not to the extent of the Ahelian.   The City brigade has a variety of leaders, often on a city-by-city basis. Each city guard will have a singular leader that reports back to a larger council that is headed by a member of the Minister of Defense's council. Smaller leadership councils may be formed in each city to lead that guard depending on the number of guards that are in a city or the difficulty of defense. The Arsarius is less formally structured than the Ahelian but follows many similar guidelines and training that the Capital guard follows.

For Our Homelands, For the Crown

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The culture of the brigades of the Bauxatehn depends heavily upon what areas of the Elven Forest they call home. The Elves do not have the strict military culture that is seen in other countries and kingdoms that keep standing formal militaries. Because of the Elves' very open and fanciful culture, structure in the military is very much dependent upon the leaders of the various brigades, except in times of war.   Much of the Ahelian and the Arsarius is made up of Jade Elves, often meaning that they follow the magic-loving Jade Elf Culture, even within their military duties. For these folk, magic is a majority part of daily life and their jobs, allowing little difference between military and non-military life. Other brigades like the Thanylin, Ayvelon, and Allanar have slightly stricter military cultures as they often follow the Northern Culture, Barbarian Culture, and Outlander Culture respectively.


Assets for the Bauxatehn are highly varied depending upon what region of the Elven Forest the brigade is from. The Ahelian, Arsarius, and Thayalin specialize in magic and may use a variety of instruments to do so. The Ayvelon often wield oversized weapons or large axes, while the Allanar specializes in long-range weapons including bows of all types. The Thanylin often has varied weapons depending on the personal choice of the Paladin, but most commonly this brigade wields swords and lances.   In times of large-scale war, the different brigades of the Bauxatehn may share assets but this is a rare occurrence. Each brigade is required to bring their own equipment and goods to a battle and must be able to sustain themselves, even when the Bauxatehn comes together as a whole. In many ways, the brigades of the Bauxatehn function as smaller militaries.


It is unknown when the Bauxatehn was formally recognized as the military of the Elven Kingdom but various units have existed since the earliest days of the Kingdom. The first to be created was the Kyserion, the personal guard of the King. This elite unit was trained specifically to protect the royal family, but this training soon expanded to others in order to build the Capital guard. The Ahelian was the first formally established brigade of the Bauxatehn and would set the mold for the others to follow.   The Knights of Yggdrasil, the Barbarians of the Spine of Kallex, and the Rangers of the Outlands were often known as outliers and built their own leadership structure under the King. They raised and trained their own militaries, not wanting to rely on the Ahelian and the newly formed Arsarius to protect their lands so far away from the capital.   The last to be created was the Thayalin, becoming a part of the Unending Scroll. This group focused heavily on magic and how it would change the course of war. At first, this was just offensive capabilities, but soon they delved into communications and the defensive capabilities that would allow the entire Bauxatehn to function cohesively if needed.

Character flag image: Bauxatehn Crest by Crest via Armoria, created by RiverFang


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