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Minister of District Defense

Leaders of Alfensil's Districts

Once a day, a handful of Elves gather around an enchanted map, discussing the movements of troops, goods, and everything else the city needs to function. This briefing is meant to keep everyone on the same page, even though each district of this gargantuan city was very different, each part touched by the great tree differently. These men and women were tasked with the most difficult thing, making sure that everything ran like clockwork, that the people who called Alfensil home were never disrupted from the cycle of their lives that would continue for centuries.   Each of them only watched over a small portion of the city, but these people and their Soldiers had to be far more unified and structured than any other part of the Bauxatehn. Without the Ahelian and these Ministers, the Elven Kingdom could easily fall if their capital or King was taken from them. Daily meetings, magical maps, and hours of patrols kept the city safe and quiet. For the Ministers of District Defense, this strict organization made their jobs so much simpler.   While the Minister of Defense had existed since the earliest days of the Ahelian, the Minister of District Defense positions were a much newer creation that allowed for greater security and specialization in magic and other training that each district needed. The people chosen for these positions were tasked with knowing everything about their district and the people in it, creating relationships and troves of knowledge that could be passed along through the ages.


As with all higher ranks within the Bauxatehn, becoming a Minister of District Defense requires meeting a strict set of requirements to even be considered for the position. An Elf must have served at least two and a half centuries within the Bauxatehn, no other military service can be counted toward this requirement. Those who wish to be considered must specialize in the magic or tactics used in the district they would like to lead and have completed schooling related to such at the Unending Scroll. It is also required to have lived within Alfensil for at least seventy-five years and served as part of the Ahelian, but not as part of the Kyserion.


The appointment to the position of Minister of District Defense takes a number of years, up to two decades, for someone to be selected and vetted by both the King and the Minister of Defense. Because of this, a deputy Minister of District Defense may be assigned to a district while the process of selection is occurring or if the current District Minister is a candidate to become the Minister of Defense.   Both Ministers of District Defense and the deputy ministers are appointed by selection of the King and the current Minister of Defense. In most instances, these candidates are pulled from the list of current Generals, allowing for a somewhat quicker process and coverage in case of promotion or retirement.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

While not as highly ranked as the Minister of Defense, the District Ministers are held to the same standards, meaning that very few, if any, will ever be removed or dismissed from the position. The men and women who are chosen for these positions are meant to have a strong love of country and kin, causing only the most heinous of crimes to be a reason for someone to lose their position.
Minister of District Defense
Minister of District Defense by Crest via Armoria, created by RiverFang
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Source of Authority
Elven Monarch
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