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Minister of Defense

Leader of the Ahelian

An aged Elf oversees the movement of the city, watching wagons, Soldiers, and all manner of things move around an enchanted map. While she is in charge of the Ahelian, her job is not as simple as the Kyserion as her scope extends to the whole city and all who enter here. She follows the movements of the King as he paces in his study, the steps of the other Ministers as they patrol their districts. All in Alfensil is within her view, under her protection, at all times.   Each district of Alfensil has its own leader, but all of them report to the Minister of Defense, the leader of the Ahelian and the protector of the capital of the Elven Kingdom. Reporting directly to the King, this person is tasked with keeping all parts of the Capital Brigade running smoothly so that there is no disruption in the daily activities of those who live there.   Since the earliest days of the Ahelian, this dignified position has only been held by a number of select people. Becoming a General is difficult enough in the Elven Kingdom but joining the upper ranks of the Bauxatehn, reaching the seats of the King's War Council is a feat that few reach. The Minister of Defense is considered among the most elite of the Elven military, a position centuries in the making.


To become the Minister of Defense, one must meet a number of strict requirements before they can even be considered for the position. One must be an Elf with at least four centuries of service in the Bauxatehn, no other military service can be counted toward this requirement. Those who wish to be considered must have completed all schooling related to at least one color of magic at the Unending Scroll during their tenure in the military and must be considered an expert in that color or colors of magic. It is also required to have lived within the city of Alfensil for at least a century and a half and have served as part of the Ahelian or Kyserion during that time.   In some instances, those who were once a Minister of District Defense would be considered for this position but serving as one of the District Ministers is not a hard requirement. The King has been known to select qualified candidates from the Generals of the Ahelian who have shown promise throughout their tenure.


The appointment to the position of Minister of Defense is not a quick process, often taking up to five decades for the King to decide on a candidate. As the previous Minister can retire, this search process is factored into the timeline of retirement, making sure that the city does not go unprotected for even a day. The King and any council members that he wishes are part of the decision-making process and they may spend many days in deliberation in the King's private study.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

While it is not impossible for someone to be removed or dismissed from this position, it is very unlikely. The many decades of consideration allow the King and his council to dig into all facets of candidates' lives to make sure that the person chosen for the position will not turn their backs on the Kingdom. Only the most heinous of crimes would cause a dismissal as a sense of serivitude and love of one's Kingdom is essential for this role.
Minister of Defense
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Source of Authority
Elven Monarch
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Dec 4, 2023 17:37 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Such a prestigious and fascinating position. I love that it takes so much experience to be even just considered for the role.

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