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Alfensil (Al-fen-sill)

Capital of the Elven Kingdom

A sprawling forest gives way for a brief moment to buildings of marble and polished oak, towering structures still under the canopy of one of the tallest forests in the world. From the city's edge, it seems like a maze, haphazardly tossed together, buildings and wooden structures with no reason for their placement and size. It is when one travels to the center of the city, to the tree that gives life to all else in the forest that one begins to understand how the city was built, branching and reaching like a budding tree, all encircled by marble stones that mark the perimeter for enchanting.   Roads of perfectly carved stones in a rainbow of colors lead one through the weaving roads deeper into the city. Shops and homes reach into the sky, towers and pillars mimicking the natural structures of large tree trunks. The city is both natural and not, woven into the forest so it is difficult to tell the difference between the man-made and world created. The magic of the forest and the city bleed together, creating something that cannot exist without the other.   Alfensil is the largest city in the Elven Kingdom, serving as the capital and home to the Kingdom's magic academy, the Unending Scroll. Here, the Elves have embraced both sides of their heritage, that of magic and of nature, the two blessings that the goddess Lycana granted them. Alfensil is rich in many ways, in assets, in knowledge, and in the breadth of magic available, making it by far one of the most sought places in all of Isekai.


The population of Alfensil is one of the largest in the Elven Kingdom, making the city one of the great urban areas of the Elven Forest. It is a popular trade hub and tourist destination for many as it is one of the few cities that the Elves allow outsiders in. Magic abounds here, as evidenced by the location of the Kingdom's magic academy.   Most inhabitants of the city are Jade Elves, but there is also a number of Jade Half-Elves and a few Emerald Elves that call the capital home. Many other races may inhabit the city for various lengths of time for study or training. It is very uncommon to see Dwarves, Clay Giants, or Minotaurs in the city for a variety of reasons.

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Jade Elves
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Jade Half-Elves & Some Emerald Elves
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Industry & Trade

Aelinor Oak
Aelinor Oaks are some of the largest trees found in Isekai, often growing hundreds of feet tall. While they can only be found in the Elven Forest, the wood of these trees is coveted across the Northern Continent and has been known to be used as a bartering tool in some areas due to its high worth.
Being at the center of the Elven Forest gives Alfensil many opportunities for trade and commerce. Various materials and goods of all types will make their way through the city, but magical goods and Aelinor Oak are by far the most expensive goods that are traded throughout the city. Both goods are plentiful in and around the city, allowing the prices of these goods to drive the economy in most cases. Trading and bartering are often acceptable for the more expensive goods found in the city.  

Magic Goods

Magic is an integral part of what Alfensil is. With the Unending Scroll and the inherent magic that Jade Elves possess, magic goods are extremely commonplace and are rarely seen as a luxury item by those that live in the city. Even so, magic goods are somewhat expensive for outsiders to purchase as the Elves believe the worth of their time and expertise to create these items. Even the most simple of Spell Scrolls may cost a Vóreios Gold or two because of the expertise needed to make such an item.  

Aelinor Oak

While the Aelinor Oaks are harvested on the outskirts of the Elven Forest in the Outlands, the largest trade hub for the wood exists in the capital. Due to the magical properties of the wood and its hardness, it is coveted across the Northern Continent, and many will trade or barter precious goods for it. In many instances, a great piece of Aelinor Oak can sell for much more than a magic item.


Alfensil is a grand city that boasts all the amenities of the great cities of the Humans and Dwarves, plus more that was granted through the use of the great magic of the Elves. Through research done at the Unending Scroll, both an irrigation system as well as a sewer system run underneath the city, keeping the streets waste-free while keeping the area prosperous without close access to water. Due to the magic used for these systems, one will never see dirty streets or buildings within the city.   The streets are paved with a white marble brought from the edges of the Spine of Kallex, a stark contrast in color to the forest for visibility during the low light levels of the evening and early mornings. Colored glass lights line the streets and inside buildings, kept ablaze by Mages during most of the day. Much of the infrastructure of Alfensil is powered this way, used as a training opportunity by the professors at the Unending Scroll. More prominent structures with more difficult needs utilize more proficient Mages.   Alfensil finds its uniqueness in the way that magic was used to blend the city seamlessly with the forest. The buildings and structures created from wood and stone seem to meld into the edge of the forest where they meet and in many instances, the structures mimic the behemoth tree trunks that are found in the oldest parts of the forest.  
White Marble
The Elves often use a simple white marble for the roads in their larger cities as it has great contrast when placed alongside the Aelinor Oak that is commonly used for building. Against the browns and greens of the Elven Forest, the white marble is extremely visible, even at night.


Due to the large size of the city and how various structures were built, the city is split into districts for easier navigation so that the Ahelian can provide proper protection for the entire city. Alfensil is a large, circular city with buildings and roads laid out to look like a branching tree when viewed from above. The largest and oldest tree in the Elven Forest stands as the heart of the city, where each district begins.  

Northern District

The Northern District of the city is the canopy of the tree, with scattered roads that form the various branches of the tree. This district is protected by the Minister of Northern District Defense and serves as the city's merchant district. Here, one can find many shops and trade goods for sale as well as places of diplomacy where trade agreements are made. It is also common to find inns and taverns in this area as well.  

Eastern District

The Eastern District of the city is the eastern side of the tree's trunk, with many large courtyards and gardens surrounding the oldest tree in the center of the city. This district is protected by the Minister of Eastern District Defense and serves as the city's workshop district where many of the craftsman and others keeps their shops away from the bustle of the merchant district. Here, one can find Elves and others plying their trades in quiet, close-knit shops.  

Southern District

The Southern District of the city is the root system of the tree, with the monarch's castle being the central piece near the edges of the Eastern and Western Districts. This district is protected by the Minister of Southern District Defense and serves as the city's political district. The Minister of Defense is stationed here as well as the rest of the King's Council. Many of the inner workings of the Elven Kingdom occur in many decadent buildings throughout this district.  

Western District

The Western District of the city is the western side of the tree's trunk, with many large courtyards and gardens surrounding the oldest tree in the center of the city. This district is protected by the Minister of Western District Defense and serves as the city's residential district. Towering homes of wood and stone are found here, mimicking the trees around them. This area of the city is large enough to house the entire population of Alfensil and then some.
Crest of Alfensil
Millennia ago, the King's Council created a crest that would be placed on all goods or objects that originated in Alfensil. This crest indicated a good of Elven make or something that was enchanted with magic. Over the years, this crest has become an integral part of Alfensil's identity to the rest of the world.
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Alfensil was the first city to be built once the Elves claimed the Elven Forest as their own. They traveled to the center of the forest searching for the oldest tree that would mark their capital. As the millennia have passed, the city has grown and changed, turning into the magnificent city that is seen today.

Guilds & Factions

Alfensil is home to the Elven King and is the center of all politics for the Elven Kingdom, but some groups within the city have great sway when the King convenes his Council. The Unending Scroll and the Dagger Guild bring different perspectives to the table, allowing the King to make more informed decisions.  

Unending Scroll

Serving as the Kingdom's magic academy, the Unending Scroll is a leader in magical knowledge. The Headmaster serves as not only the leader of the Bauxatehn, but a close advisor to the King.  
Unending Scroll
Building / Landmark | Jul 20, 2022

Serving as the magic academy for the Elves, the Unending Scroll is a world leader in terms of magical research and the creations the school has made. Their advancements have changed lives and expanded technologies beyond belief.


Dagger Guild

One of the only remaining Adventurers' guilds in the world, the Dagger Guild brings the perspective of other kingdoms and countries to the King's Council. The leader of the guild in Alfensil often serves as the King's advisor on foreign affairs.  
Dagger Guild
Organization | Mar 17, 2022

Someway, somehow, all that wish to adventure come to the guild, weapons at the ready, long roads ahead of them. The Dagger Guild serves the world as much as it broadens the horizons of its members.


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