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Silver Spire

Castle of the Elven Kingdom

Through the thick canopy above the city, a citadel reaches above, shining with the unbounded light of precious metals, a shimmering pillar amongst the greenery. Even in a city as outlandish and decorated as Alfensil, this building stands out, carving its place into the memories of those who see it. Here in the Elven capital, the home of the Unending Scroll and the central tree draw people in, but it is the Silver Spire that leaves all in awe.   The Silver Spire is a monolithic structure that rests near the edges of the Eastern and Western Districts of the city, just south of the oldest tree in the Elven Forest. Serving as the home of the Elven King, this structure is often considered beyond decadent, being encrusted in jewels and precious metals instead of the white marble and other stones that are common throughout Alfensil. Parts of the Elven Kingdom's history can be found within the halls of this enormous castle, but few outside of the King’s Council ever enter here.   Because of the materials made to build the spire, it stands apart from anything else built throughout the Elven Kingdom. For many, the shining silver of the castle stands as the center of their realm, a symbol of the Elves’ power and heritage in the forest. It is its difference from the surrounding trees and buildings that make the spire so recognizable, even to those that have never traveled through the Elven Forest.

Purpose / Function

The Silver Spire serves as the home for the current ruling family of the Elven Kingdom. All manner of political and diplomatic relations of the Kingdom happens within the spire, while important artifacts and pieces of history are kept on display. The majority of the decorative silver building is kept as the private chambers of the ruling family, granting them a place away from the bustle of the Kingdom.


Decorative Columns
While the outside of the Silver Spire is defined by silver and other metallic details, the inside brings more of the white marble that lines the streets of Alfensil to the interior. Decorative columns encrusted with precious metals and jewels are common throughout the Silver Spire, adding to the building's opulence.
The Silver Spire is considered the pinnacle of Elven architecture due to its outlandish and opulent style on the exterior while incorporating styles on the interior that are both highly decorative but somewhat welcoming. Much of the building is shaped through magic or the work of Master Dwarves that had offered their talents to the Elves in the past. Gem work, metalwork, and a variety of stone work and carpentry set the Silver Spire apart from other buildings throughout the Elven Kingdom.   The exterior of the building is created from silver and manipulated stone that looks very similar to the metal. While Dwarves were paramount in the shaping of the initial metal and stone, Mages from the Unending Scroll completed the shape of the spire with magic, hiding enchantments and charms that would be of aid in the future. Areas of delicate gemwork completed by Gem Dwarves and scrollwork of precious metals decorate the elaborate exterior of the building.   The interior of the building continues the opulence that is common in the Southern District of Alfensil by bringing in the white marble of the streets inside to create columns and pillars that are then decorated with gems and scrollwork. The massive columns are meant to be reminiscent of the trees of the forest, bringing the heart of the Elven Forest into the castle. Other than the columns, most of the floorplan of the spire is fairly open, bringing in natural light and space for the monarchs that are often crowded.


Many of the defenses of the Silver Spire utilize magic that was built into the structure by Mages of the Unending Scroll. To stretch the very top of the building into its icon point, a great deal of magic was used. During this process, the Mages imbued the structure with a number of charms and enchantments that would only activate if there was a threat within the Silver Spire or Alfensil was in danger. These spells have only been activated a few times throughout history but were active for the entire duration of the Eldritch War.   The first line of defense is the exterior of the castle. Once triggered, the enchantments will cause the spikes to move down the spire toward the base where they will form something that mimics a hunting trap. The spikes form an impenetrable and deadly wall that keeps out all who are not welcome within the spire. Enchantments are in place to allow certain people into the spire if chosen by the King, but otherwise, the Silver Spire is entirely sealed off from the outside world, protecting all inside. Only once all danger has passed will the enchantment deactivate, allowing the Silver Spire to reopen and return to its normal appearance.   Many of the other defenses of the castle are more secretive, only known about by the current King and a handful of people within the Bauxatehn and the Unending Scroll. The point of this is to be able to provide the greatest protection to the King while not allowing outsiders to be able to counteract any of the enchantments. In many instances, only the King's Council knows the true extent of the spells, and the King's personal guard, the Kyserion, is privy to a select number of enchantments that the King's Council is unaware of. This division of knowledge has proven extremely useful in the past when groups have attempted to cause harm to the Kingdom.
Defensive Measures
Due to the magic that was used while building the Silver Spire, the building does have a variety of defenses that will activate if Alfensil is threatened. The most common of these defenses is for some of the pointed parts of the spire to move toward the base and spread out, causing a circle of sharp points to encircle the building, keeping unwanted guests out.
Silver Spire
The grandiose Silver Spire is often best viewed from the southern end of Alfensil through the Aelinor Oaks. The glow from the spire often obscures the sights around it, making it seem like the centerpiece of the city instead of the oldest tree in the forest.
Parent Location
Owning Organization


The true origins of the Silver Spire are unknown, but it is noted that the castle was built in the earliest days of the fledgling Elven Kingdom once the Elves had claimed the land for Alfensil. A meeting with the Dwarves spurred the creation of this structure, but even the best-kept records do not list an exact date for the building of the Silver Spire.


Other than its iconic look, the Silver Spire is known for the myriad of artifacts that are kept on display throughout its halls. While the Unending Scroll has displays representing the various magical achievements reached by the Elves, the Silver Spire displays some of the most important artifacts related to the history of the Elves on Isekai.   Magical weapons, bits of scrolls, decorative items, and all matter of artifacts are displayed, often changing depending on the current King and their tastes. At one point, there was an attempt to bring the remainder of the Giant prince Krojak's weapon from Krojak's End to mark the end of the Giant Wars, but this was an impossible task.   It is said that Stormrender, the grand sword of Alaric Ylyndar, was on display at the Silver Spire, but no records exist that corroborate this claim. Extensive records are kept on all artifacts that are on display in the castle as most will spend their lives within the halls of the Unending Scroll if ever removed from display.


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