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Metal of Many Uses

A barrel of ore, shining in the moonlight that streams through the open window, awaits its purpose, hours away from becoming a much-needed item. This much ore, a shining silver, could become so many things, a weapon, coinage, decorations, nearly anything. Silver could easily be the most versatile of the simple metals, so much potential just waiting for the trained hands of a Blacksmith.   A Gem Dwarf pounds a thin piece of Silver into a wire-like line, rounding the edges so that she can make the setting for a valuable gem. The Silver rolled to her liking, she delicately folds it around the gem, caging it into place atop a ring, one that will eventually hold an enchantment in its silver and purple sheen. The pile of raw Silver ore in her shop is small, but even this small amount will have hundreds of pieces of jewelry finished and sold in her shop.   Silver is a common resource, much like the other simple metals of Isekai, but by far has a greater number of uses. From jewelry to weapons to decorations and coinage, it is nearly impossible for someone to not have a piece of Silver in their possession. Its malleable nature allows more than just Master Dwarves to utilize this metal and help the raw ore reach its full potential.


Material Characteristics

Silver is a relatively soft metal and is one of the easiest to smelt and forge. Because of this, Silver quickly became common in decoration once the great forges of the Dwarves were established and many races began utilizing a variety of metals to adorn their buildings. Its metallic grey or white color can be similar to other metals, such as some of the Noble Metals, but Silver is far more common and accessible for the layman.   Little refinement is necessary for many of Silver's uses as most decorations or uses of the metal use very small amounts. Other than weapons or possibly armor, most uses of Silver require only a couple of ounces. Coins made from Silver or weapons and armor are often refined a bit more and smelted in a specific way so that the coins can withstand constant handling and their uses.   Silver weighs slightly more than Copper, setting its value as coinage. Silver is also inherently good at damaging creatures that are undead or have certain ofter afflictions.

Geology & Geography

Silver is a fairly common resource and can be found in a variety of places throughout Isekai. This metal is naturally occurring, even without the presence of Silver Dragons, and is frequently found in places where Copper and many other metals are found, including mountain ranges, areas of rolling hills, and deep in the ground. Places such as the Spine of Kallex, the Great Furnaces, the Cradle of Clay, Visk of the Zóni, the Chromatic Peaks, and Káto hold a great deal of the world's Silver supply, but small deposits can be found elsewhere.   Silver is more common in Vóreios due to the presence of Silver Dragons, but these Dragons are not the reason for all deposits in the Northern Continent. Some deposits, mostly in the Spine of Kallex and Great Furnaces, were created by the death of a Silver Dragon in their twilight years.

History & Usage

Everyday use

While more common in the mountain ranges of Vóreios, Silver can be found throughout the world, making it one of the most plentiful metals. Its easy-to-forge qualities allow it to be used as common currency, the second lowest value coinage in Isekai as determined by the powers of the world. Even so, Silver has a great number of uses that make it an invaluable material.   Silver is used by most as a decorative metal, both on buildings and in jewelry or other small objects. The metal can easily adorn a gem in a setting or be inlaid into other metals, woods, or stones as a decorative stripe or color. In more well-off areas, Silver is utilized for silverware and other serving dishes to show status. For those that may not be able to afford decorative Silver, one may more commonly see Silver used in medicine or as medical instruments.   Another common use for Silver is in a variety of weapons and armor. Historically, this metal has been used to repel those creatures that are undead and is known to be one of the few methods to actually dispatch an undead creature. These weapons and armor must be refined in a specific way so it is more difficult to purchase these items as they are often a specialty of certain Blacksmiths.
10 Silver Coins = 1 Gold Coin
Metallic dark grey to nearly white
Melting / Freezing Point
Relatively high but does not require enchanted forges to heat or work with this metal
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