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Gem Dwarves

Stout Folk of Gemshaping

Far below the mountains, in the deepest dark, caverns and tunnels wind and weave, blind corners, yawning ceilings, rooms beyond any ever seen. Yet few live in the depths of Káto where monsters roam wild and death is always just around the corner. Even so, amongst the bleak walls of Káto, one can find a hidden sparkle or shimmer and the Gem Dwarves that make their homes surrounded by precious stones.   Gem Dwarves are very similar to the Iron Dwarves of the surface, it is said that they came about from the story of two brothers where one loved gold and the sun more and one loved gems and the warm, dark caverns under the mountains more. Regardless of their origin, the Gem Dwarves descended from the same lineage as the Dwarves and share a common ancestor, but unlike the Dwarves of the surface, the Gem Dwarves played a large part in the Eldritch War and faced many hardships in their Káto kingdom. While they were not able to drive their foes back to the same extent that the Silver Elves did, the Gem Dwarves held their borders, walls, and lands with pride that was paid for dearly. Gem Dwarves are known to be experts on all things concerning gems, enchanted and mundane, and their mining techniques are of the same quality as the Iron Dwarves except Gem Dwarves do not have the ability to mine or shape adamantite.   Currently, the Gem Dwarves live deep in their Káto kingdom and it is rare for a Gem Dwarf to leave their borders because they lead a life of hard work and commitment to the cause of bettering their race. Though they are less famous than Silver Elves, most people have only heard tales of the Gem Dwarves as few creatures that live above ground have ever seen a Gem Dwarf. The capital of the Kingdom of Gems is called the Pit of Amber and boasts a fantastical gem the size of a castle that grants a soft light with the ability to heal, grant magical powers, remove curses, and even see the future for some. It is said to be the place in Isekai where mundane gems are as commonplace as glass and if you seek to learn divination magic, there is no finer place to study.

Basic Information


All Dwarves share anatomical traits with Humans, although Dwarves are much shorter and heartier. Dwarves are often resilient to poison and diseases, meaning they rarely fall ill, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.   Because of the hearty nature of Dwarves and the innate skills for craftsmanship that all in the race have, Dwarves are the only race that can work with any of the alloys that are mixtures of more than two of the special metals that can be found throughout Isekai. Gem Dwarves do not have the ability to work with Adamantite like the Iron Dwarves, but Gem Dwarves have innate skill when it comes to working and enchanting gems or precious stones.   Common Colorations
While Dwarves are anatomically similar to Humans, Gem Dwarves are more similar in appearance to the Silver Elves and Deep Fairies that also call Káto home. Their skin can range in color from a pale grey to a dark black while their hair is often stark white to a silver color. The color of their eyes is often shades of purple, grey, bright blues, or even a deep red.  

Skin Tones


Hair Colors


Eye Colors


Additional Information

Social Structure

Gem Dwarf Culture is heavily based on working with gems and precious stones, although they are also Miners and traders. Education is not as easily accessible as it is for their surface-dwelling brethren, but apprenticeships are common and expected for all in the Kingdom of Gems.   Gem Dwarves are part of the Kingdom of Gems and are subject to the rule and law of the current King. These Dwarves will dedicate their lives to working with stones, whether precious or mundane and the magics that utilize these items. No other race has the ability to craft gemstones like the Gem Dwarves.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gem Dwarves are known for being practical and stout people that are capable of surviving many a hardship. They often have peculiar abilities that enable them to be Miners, and craftsmen, and excel at living a life deep underground.   These people are naturally hardy and have the stamina that outlasts other races when hiking, working, or fighting. They are strangely resilient against poison and many ailments, and almost always have an interest in stonework as it seems to be a foundational skill that most in their culture pursue at some point in their life. Gem Dwarves are known to be quite similar to their surface-dwelling brethren but they have a few physiological differences that seem to stem from their environment. Aside from that, they are known to be stout, brave, hardworking, and a little too committed to the idea of the many over the few, or the idea of the good of the group outweighing the sacrifice of the individual.   Gem Dwarves appear to have eyesight that is well-suited to the darkness and can see farther than their surface-dwelling brethren, rivaling the prowess of the vision that Silver Elves possess. They also have the ability to manifest certain magical abilities, although it is unknown if this is a byproduct of their environment or their hardworking culture but all Gem Dwarves have some innate magical abilities including a resistance to certain types of magic that target the mind. This appears to be a psychological ability manifested from their long lives in the dark caverns of Káto.
Gem Dwarf
Gem Dwarves make their home in the tunnels of Káto, mining for both metals and gems. Their gem work is unrivalled across all of Isekai.
350 years
Average Height
4 - 5 feet tall
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