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Iron Dwarves

Stout Folk of Metalworking

Beneath the mountains, tunnels and caverns ring with the peels of hammers on anvils, large and small, echoing for ages but marking the homeland of the stout folk. Young and old work together, trades and skills being passed along through hours of teaching and practice, the School of Mines a starting place on the road to becoming a Master Dwarf. Under the peaks of the Great Furnaces, one finds the home of the Iron Dwarves, the stalwart metalworkers of the Dwarves.   Iron Dwarves are the more well-versed metalworkers of the Dwarves, choosing to utilize the materials and ores that are commonly found at the depths they make their homes. The tunnels and caverns under the mountains are full of giant cities of stone and metal, each carved and formed with the tools of the various trades these people invest in. Amongst the people of the Dwarven Kingdom, craftsmanship and education are paramount, as demonstrated by the School of Mines and the various other organizations that work towards education and skills for all.

Basic Information


All Dwarves share anatomical traits with Humans, although Dwarves are much shorter and heartier. Dwarves are often resilient to poison and diseases, meaning they rarely fall ill, no matter what circumstances they find themselves in.   Because of the hearty nature of Dwarves and the innate skills for craftsmanship that all in the race have, Dwarves are the only race that can work with Adamantite or any of the alloys that are mixtures of more than two of the special metals that can be found throughout Isekai. These traits allow them the ability to create weapons and armor that are nearly divine in nature through their skill and craftsmanship.   Common Colorations
Dwarves have very similar appearances to Humans although their skin does not range to dark browns and blacks that the Humans can have. Their hair can be shades of blonde, red, brown, black, or even stark white, while their eyes can be shades of green, blue, brown, grey, or gold.  

Skin Tones


Hair Colors


Eye Colors


Additional Information

Social Structure

Iron Dwarf Culture is heavily based on metalworking and the study of various trades. While not dissimilar to the Gem Dwarves of Káto, Iron Dwarves put emphasis on working with rare ores and the process of Metallurgy instead of gems like their brethren.   Iron Dwarves are part of the Dwarven Kingdom and are subject to the rule and law of the current King. These Dwarves will dedicate their lives to the study and plying of trades, pursuing what is seen as the divine right of all Dwarves, to create items in quality far beyond that of any other race.
350 years
Average Height
4 - 5 feet
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