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Logisticians of the Royal Dwarven Military

Stone figurines placed on an ever-changing map depict buildings, items, Soldiers, all things necessary for the Dwarves on hand to make their plans and execute maneuvers with the others in their ranks. Without the leadership and planning in this room, the deployment of the Scriptwroughts and the Stoneshapers could mean little, even when units from those corps are paramount to success. It is easy to think that those who began their military careers at the Golden Anvil strictly specialize in weaponry, but that could not be further from the truth. Those who survive the gauntlet of the Golden Anvil and join their corp are the epitome of the military, they are the ones who understand the art of warfare the best.   The Hammerfalls are the corp of the Royal Dwarven Military that specialized in traditional military tactics, weapons, and strategies of warfare. The men and women who choose to attend the Golden Anvil and eventually join the Hammerfalls are considered to be the most widely trained of the Royal Dwarven Military as strategy requires a breadth of knowledge in a number of topics, including small forays into engineering and magic that are covered by the other corps. Those who choose this path more often than not actively seek out this service to the Dwarven Kingdom, utilizing their skills to protect the others that make the Dwarven Kingdom one of the most thriving and great kingdoms of the world.   While not the first of the three corps, or even the three academies, to be established, the Hammerfalls quickly became the largest and the most willing group of the Royal Dwarven Military. While head-on wars require all three corps to work in tandem, the Hammerfalls became a group that not only led from the front but could also be utilized in other roles throughout the Kingdom. Protection of cities and dignitaries is the most common of the corp's peacetime duties, but many ranked officers and others will take on jobs as Professors, Instructors, and other military-related professions.


While the Hammerfalls specialize in weaponry, tactics, and strategy, this corp of the Royal Dwarven Military is often considered a catch-all for all parts of warfare that do not fall under the specialties of the Scriptwroughts or the Stoneshapers. Because of this, the Hammerfalls has the greatest number of divisions within it, each of the divisions specializing in one or more aspects of warfare and troop control.   Those who wish to join this corp will choose a specialty early on in their career. Pathways are established at the Golden Anvil to allow students and others to learn these specialties while also having other robust knowledge that can aid them in times of need on the battlefield. The Hammerfalls are the only corp that choose their specialty so early in their career, but it is necessary to invest the proper time to learn the intricacies of their jobs.  


The Infantry is one of the Combat Arms divisions found within the Hammerfalls. This division is highly specialized in the use of weaponry and combat while on foot. Because of a love for weapons and their various uses in the Kingdom, most that join the Hammerfalls will serve in this division either early in their career or later on when the need for more ranked officers arrives. It is common for Soldiers in this division to be proficient in at least one weapon of melee range and one of long-range, but most choose to specialize in close combat and large, well-made weaponry.   Infantry members are most commonly the second group on the battlefield during large-scale combat, often only after the Scriptwroughts' Special Forces have done their forward reconnaissance. These men and women will push forward, create perimeters, and secure areas so other divisions can fall in and fulfill their duties. The Infantry is considered to be the first and last line of defense for the Royal Dwarven Military as their training and variation in specialties allow them the capabilities to protect all divisions from harm, no matter the circumstances.   All divisions must take part in civil service duties during times of peace. The Infantry often serves as protection for dignitaries and the Dwarven King when traveling throughout the Kingdom. These details are heavily armed and may be added to with Special Forces members or people from other divisions.  

Field Artillery

Field Artillery is one of the Combat Arms divisions found within the Hammerfalls. This division is highly specialized in the use of long-range artillery such as trebuchets, ballistas, and any other large pieces that can launch a projectile. In most cases, those who join the Field Artillery division began their careers in the Infantry but specialized in larger long-range weapons than just simple bows and crossbows. It is common for Soldiers in this division to specialize in only one artillery piece as an entire team is required to make one of these large pieces of equipment function.   Field Artillery is often the third group on the battlefield during large-scale combat, especially if the battlefield is on the surface. This division is meant to provide aerial support or long-range support to the Infantry which specializes in close combat. On the surface where flying combatants or aerial projectiles are common, the Field Artillery division is the best line of defense against those that the Dwarves cannot easily fight hand to hand.   Because of their specialization, Field Artillery does not have the range of possible civil service duties that other divisions do. In some instances, their equipment is used to deal with creatures that may choose to make their homes in the ceilings of caverns or to help decorate for festivals. Others may choose to join the Infantry in fulfilling their civil service duties because of their training.
Field Artillery
Signal Corps

Signal Corps

The Signal Corps is one of the Combat Support divisions found within the Hammerfalls. This division specializes in communication and the equipment and infrastructure necessary to communicate across the entirety of the Kingdom at a moment's notice. It is common for Soldiers in this division to be proficient in Echo Call and the systems surrounding the use of the Telegraph. While magic is not a necessity to join the Signal Corps, a few members do specialize in the Violet Magic that is sometimes used as part of the system.   Signal Corps members are often the first group on the battlefield after the Infantry and Field Artillery as the Signal Corps establishes the communications to allow other Combat Support divisions to gain information and for the Combat Services divisions to establish supply lines. Without the Signal Corps, the other divisions, including those of the Scriptwroughts and Stoneshapers, would have no means of communication and would be working blindly instead of in tandem as all the divisions should.   The Signal Corps' civil service duties were determined long before that requirement was established. In times of peace, the Signal Corps is tasked with the upkeep of the Telegraph system throughout the Kingdom as well as the continuing maintenance of the Old Dwarven Road alongside the Stoneshapers' Corps of Engineers.

Military Intelligence

Military Intelligence is one of the Combat Support divisions found within the Hammerfalls. This division specializes in gaining knowledge about opponents, their forces, and all information that could give them an edge during battle. It is common for Soldiers in this division to be fluent in multiple languages found throughout the world as well as be proficient in information gathering, translation, and integrating into various cultures. In many ways, Military Intelligence is the most complex and scholarly-based division of the entire Royal Dwarven Military.   Military Intelligence members will rarely, if ever, see time on the battlefield as their jobs are very complex and are often better served behind the scenes. These men and women spend time infiltrating enemy lines, deciphering messages, and overall learning any weaknesses the enemy might have. With the help of the Signal Corps, this information is relayed to the proper divisions and can aid in creating a decisive victory that one could not have had before. This division works hand in hand with all the other divisions so that all in the military have the most up-to-date information at any given time.   Intelligence gathering can lead to a variety of civil service duties but in most cases, Military Intelligence members will serve as dignitaries and diplomats as their knowledge of languages and cultures allows them to work well with other peoples and cultures to make agreements and relationships that benefit the Kingdom.
Military Intelligence
Military Intelligence by Crest via Armoria, created by RiverFang


Ordnance is one of the Combat Services divisions found within the Hammerfalls. This division specializes in all things weaponry, including the supply, maintenance, and procurement of new items for the Kingdom's arsenal. It is common for Soldiers in this division to have backgrounds in smithing, mining, and crafting of all types as all members of the Ordnance division will take part in everything relating to weapons.   Once the Signal Corps is established on the battlefield, members of both the Ordnance and Quartermaster divisions will establish supply lines for both weapons and goods. Ordnance will often stay behind in a safer location to establish maintenance areas for equipment used by both the Infantry and Field Artillery. For long-term battles, Ordnance and their jobs are important to keep the battle going.   Civil service duties for the Ordnance division vary little during peacetime. This division spends all of its time honing, forging, and supplying weapons to various stations throughout the Kingdom. Ordnance is one of the only divisions that invests in contractors and craftsmen who are not part of the Royal Dwarven Military. Often, these contractors are people who have centuries of skills behind their works and can provide the best things that the Dwarven Kingdom can offer under the Master Dwarf stamp. Because of contractors, the Ordnance division is one of the smaller divisions in the Hammerfalls.


The Quartermaster corps is one of the Combat Services divisions found within the Hammerfalls. This division specializes in the development, production, acquisition, and sustainment of general supply. If there is a need for items or aid for Soldiers, the Quartermasters fill that role, including things such as crafting, funeral services, and more. Soldiers in this division are the most diversified in their duties because of the huge role that this division provides for the Royal Dwarven Military.   On the battlefield, the Quartermaster and Ordnance divisions arrive at the same time, working with the Signal Corps to establish lines of supply and communication. Much like Ordnance, the Quartermasters will stay behind in a safer location in order to supply the forward divisions with all manner of goods to sustain the fight. Without the Quartermasters and Ordnance, long-term battles would not be sustainable.   Much like Ordnance, the civil service duties of the Quartermasters vary little during peacetime. Supply lines are necessary throughout the Dwarven Kingdom require a great deal of planning to make sure all cities and villages can survive. Craftsmen, logisticians, and others make up these ranks and work to provide equal access to goods, no matter where one may live. Many of the goods that are produced by the Quartermasters have the stamp of a Master Dwarf, showing the quality of work that this division strives for.


Transportation is on of the Combat Services divisions found within the Hammerfalls. This division specializes in the mobilization and movement of Soldiers and goods throughout the Dwarven Kingdom and to the battlefield. It is common for Soldiers in this division to have backgrounds with animals, logistics, and knowledge of large equipment and carts. Other than the Quartermaster corps, Transportation requires the widest knowledge base to be successful.   Without Transportation, few other divisions would be able to make it to the battlefield. These men and women care for the carts and animals that allow the Royal Dwarven Military to travel throughout their Kingdom and beyond. Small parts of the Transportation corps serve with each of the other divisions, helping with the movements of Soldiers and goods as soon as deemed necessary.   While Transportation is an integral part of wartime, during times of peace, the role of the Transportation corps shifts slightly. The herds of animals that are used to move goods and Soldiers must still be cared for, but the Transportation corps also takes on the duties of caring for the carriages and animals that are used for the Dwarven king and other dignitaries. It is often joked how that this division should more aptly be called the "Animal" division in peacetime as their duties have very little to do with transportation as it is known during times of war.
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The symbol of the Hammerfalls is an axe with wooden posts banded about the haft. This weapon was chosen as it symbolizes the role that the Hammerfalls fulfill in the Royal Dwarven Military and to the Dwarven Kingdom. The axe is meant to be the military as a whole or the Dwarven king while the posts symbolize the different divisions of the Hammerfalls that have joined together in order to provide a wall of safety for the other corps of the military or for the king. Each division receives a set of different colored posts and bands to mark them as different but yet still part of the whole.

Military Education

While the youngest of the academies in the Dwarven Kingdom, the Golden Anvil is by far the most diversified in its curriculum. While the School of Mines and the First Furnace specialize in engineering and magic respectively, the Golden Anvil became the catch-all academy for everything military-related. In its early days, the academy strictly specialized in the art of war, weaponry, and strategy, but as times changed and the Royal Dwarven Military grew, it became necessary to expand the offerings so that all necessary parts of the military could be covered under this education.   Specialized paths are built into the curriculum at the Golden Anvil to give all students a robust knowledge of everything about war and the military but also allow them to specialize in a given area that would prepare them for joining one of the many divisions of the Hammerfalls. Early on, students will choose the path of Combat Arms, Combat Support, or Combat Services. After a couple of decades of overall education in a given area, the students will specialize in one of the seven divisions.


The culture of the Hammerfalls is little different from that of the rest of the Royal Dwarven Military but the amount of divisions and specialties does create a more regimented lifestyle. The men and women who are part of the Hammerfalls are surrounded by military life, even during peacetime, as their jobs are central not only to the function of the Royal Dwarven Military but also to the Kingdom as a whole. In many ways, there is little difference between the Hammerfalls and the rank and file found within the Military of the Human Empire. Standards among the Soldiers are kept high as they are a representation of their people and Kingdom.   While the Cleric Corps is part of the Scriptwroughts, the worship and study of the teachings of Crommel is something all divisions participate in. One day throughout the week is often dedicated to this study, with different divisions selecting different days so as not to take out the entire force on a single day. Even during wartime, daily prayers are common, led either by one of the Cleric Corps or a General of the division.


For such a large military, leadership is paramount to success on and off the battlefield. This is equally true for the Hammerfalls which is the largest corp of the Royal Dwarven Military and is structured into the largest number of divisions.   Overall, the Hammerfalls are led by a battle-tested General who has served many centuries in the Royal Dwarven Military. A handful of other ranked officers serve beneath this General and run the daily operations of the Hammerfalls, including things like recruitment, pay, and other over-arching issues. Beneath this, each of the divisions has its own leadership structure.   A General leads the various divisions and then a series of ranked officers as the division breaks into smaller and smaller units, each with a similar command structure and duty. At the smallest scale, a unit will consist of twenty Soldiers led by a lower-ranked officer specializing in one specific thing within their division.


Dwarven Law dictates that items must be stockpiled at the various academies throughout the Dwarven Kingdom for use by the corps of the Royal Dwarven Military. Still, these goods are under the purview of the Combat Services divisions, including Ordnance, Quartermaster, and Transportation. Specific units of each division are designated to the academies to inventory, care for, and distribute the various items that are kept in stores across the Kingdom.


While the date of the formation of the Royal Dwarven Military is unknown, the Hammerfalls were the last of the corps to be formed as the Golden Anvil was formed. It is believed that the Hammerfalls were formally established within centuries of the Golden Anvil being created as the need for logistics and classically trained Soldiers arose.   It was believed that even in times of peace, the training and skills of the Hammerfalls would be necessary. Along with their formation, it was decided that all divisions of the Royal Dwarven Military would be required to have some form of civil service above and beyond their military service in times of peace. Each division was given a task that somewhat related to their wartime duties to perform during peace to keep themselves busy while still serving their Kingdom.   Since the formation of the Hammerfalls, it has grown to be the largest division of the Royal Dwarven Military and the most diversified in terms of skill sets. Infantry and Field Artillery were the first divisions to be established, but it was soon realized that the Combat Services divisions were necessary for the Infantry and Field Artillery divisions to survive during wartime. Centuries passed before the Signal Corps and Military Intelligence were established, but soon, all divisions fell into their roles, and the other corps, the Scriptwroughts and the Stoneshapers, created divisions of their own to specialize in various things that would benefit the Royal Dwarven Military as a whole.

Character flag image: Hammerfalls Crest by Crest via Armoria, created by RiverFang


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