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Generals serve as the highest leaders of most militaries in the world, often only second in command behind the monarch or head of state who leads the homeland of the fighting force. These men and women are battle-tested and have immeasurable experience.

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Greenwood Honey

Once back in the village, this barrel of liquid and comb would be separated and filtered, readied to pour into barrels & jars to be shared with all who wished. Some would be taken to the Halfling village a day's journey away to be traded for other goods.

889 words


Prismarine is one of the world's rarest stones, being found only in the depths of the ocean, far away from land and civilization. For those that are water dwellers, these stones are seen as Caspian's divine touch, something that they will protect.

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Minister of Defense

Each district of Alfensil has its own leader, but all of them report to the Minister of Defense, the leader of the Ahelian and the protector of the capital of the Elven Kingdom.

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Minister of District Defense

While the Minister of Defense had existed since the earliest days of the Ahelian, the Ministers of District Defense were a much newer creation that allowed for greater security and specialization in magic & other training that each district needed.

761 words

Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owls are a common predatory bird found throughout Vóreios, but most consider them to be rare creatures to see. A small, long-legged owl, these creatures are often confused with Hawks or other birds of prey when looked at from a distance.

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The Hammerfalls are the corp of the Royal Dwarven Military that specialized in traditional military tactics, weapons, and strategies of warfare. These men & women are considered to be the most widely trained of the Royal Dwarven Military.

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Giant Koi

Giant Koi are one of the most common creatures found beneath the waves of Lake Idryl, although the true numbers of the population are unknown. Their scales vary widely in color, often white and gold, but can include shades of orange and black as well.

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Hello and welcome!   I'm River and I work in the historic trifecta (archives, museums, and libraries, oh my!), with degrees in History, Creative Writing, and Library & Information Sciences, but worldbuilding and writing are by far some of my greatest passions.   You can often find me writing with my husband, Shiftrex, as we work to build the worlds and gaming systems that we want to write and play in.   Our worlds are those of fantasy, swords and sorcery, and great tragedies and triumphs. Isekai is our current and most robust project, and is the most often updated of our worlds.

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