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Leaders of Militaries

Chaos rains across battlefields as spells fall from the sky like Dragon fire, burning those beneath with power that is hard to beat. The men and women beneath the onslaught begin to break and scatter, their morale diminishing as quickly as their numbers. Previous battles had been easier, battles fought with weapons and hands, but now there were spells and magic beyond what many of these people had ever seen. Under such lethal fire, it was hard to want to continue, even when their homeland was under attack.   A gold shield marked with silver and the insignia of their king shone in the fiery light as the man walked amongst his charges, speaking quick words of encouragement before moving on. His plan with this was two-fold, raise the quickly falling morale while taking stock of what remained of a once great force. His presence on the battlefield alone gave those fighting their second wind, their leader walking among them, still fighting, still leading from the front.   Generals serve as the highest leaders of most militaries in the world, often only second in command behind the monarch or head of state who leads the homeland of the fighting force. These men and women are often battle-tested and have experience beyond their years as well as immeasurable schooling in the art of war. While the qualifications of Generals vary from country to country, their duties as leaders and role models rarely waver between forces.


Qualifications for this rank vary from country to country due to the difference in military structures, but some requirements are universally the same. Most countries require a certain amount of military service, often within the country that one would become a General, but service spread across countries does not disqualify most candidates. The number of years necessary to be considered for promotion to General is often defined by the lifespan of the race in question and how long training is for one to enter the military in that country. For Humans, the requirement is at least fifteen years of service while in the Dwarven Kingdom, a minimum of four decades of service is necessary.   Generals are also often required to have some formal education in the art of war. Many who wish to become a General in the militaries of Vóreios will attempt to gain entrance to the Golden Anvil, even if they do not have the title of Dwarf. The Dwarven Kingdom is considered to provide the most in-depth schooling relating to war and its various facets, causing some countries to require at least a year of learning in one of the academies there to be considered for promotion to General.


Promotion to the rank of General requires being appointed by the leader of the country or kingdom whose military the person is a part of. As Generals often serve as the second in command after the country's leader or as the highest level of the military, appointment to these positions is not taken lightly. In some countries, candidates for the positions may be in consideration for a decade or more and thoroughly vetted before they are appointed to such a leadership position.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The removal or dismissal of someone from the position of General is not something taken lightly. Oftentimes, one would be removed from the position for committing a crime. Depending on the severity of the crime, the General may be demoted from their position and returned to the military hierarchy. If the crime is especially heinous, the General will be dismissed from the military and in most cases imprisoned depending on the crime.
General Shield
As Generals are often found in most militaries of the world, a similar shield is worn by all. These shields are normally found on pauldrons or other easily visible pieces of armor and are emblazoned with the insignia of their country or kingdom.
Civic, Military, Commissioned
Source of Authority
Ruler of Kingdom or Country
Length of Term
Depends on the organization, but this role is often for a lifetime.


Author's Notes

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Dec 1, 2023 21:04 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Just thinking about the difference in experience of human and dwarven generals. Dwarven generals must seem formidable to shorter-lived races.

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