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Stone of the Ocean

A brilliant blue shines beneath the ocean's waves, calling those on the water like a siren's song. Those who see the shimmering blue are often held in awe, seeing a true artifact of Caspian's grace upon the water, a marker of whose domain this truly is. Only in the farthest places of the ocean can one find these glittering stones, so far away that some may think they will fall from the world or be sucked into the Abyss Ocean far below. To those that never leave the land, these beautiful stones are nothing more than a myth, but to those that have reached the Temple of the Sea, these stones are a stunning reality, decorating a divine place.   In the water-logged kingdoms of the world, these brilliant stones are little more precious than Iron or Steel. Above the water is where these stones gain their true worth, their colors only showing truly in the dry sunlight. To those that follow the teachings of Caspian, even the smallest bit of this stone is believed to have divine grace, to have been blessed by the God of the Sea himself. To others, these are precious gemstones that shine with more depth and color than Opals, making them perfect for decorative pieces and showing one's wealth.   Prismarine is one of the world's rarest stones, being found only in the depths of the ocean, far away from land and civilization. For those that are water dwellers, these stones are seen as Caspian's divine touch, something that they will protect at all costs. In more recent years, Prismarine has been found as decorations on the surface as the once closed-off Obsidea came to a trade deal with Fire & Gold, Inc., allowing the stones to be sold to land dwellers, but at a steep price.

History & Usage


Prismarine is considered to be as old as the world, placed into the oceans when Caspian filled the waters with life. For those that lived beneath the waves, the shining blue stone was common, a commodity to be used for trade based upon the color and size of the stone. The Obsidea specifically used Prismarine as a simple currency, items worth a certain weight of the precious rock.   A chance encounter would change how the world saw Prismarine. Most believed the shimmering blue rock to be nothing more than the stories of sailors who had strayed too far. if one saw these stones, it was attributed to illness, too much time on the sea without the comforts of land. When a tradesman first presented the actual stone to the world, everyone believed him to be a liar, but soon the truth would be realized.   Within the last decade, Prismarine has become a hot commodity on the surface, often being sold for prices that were once only for Mithril and other extremely precious metals. Fire & Gold, Inc. struck a very lucrative deal with the Obsidea that traded Prismarine for a large number of goods that could not be found beneath the sea. Currently, the Obsidea are the only supplier of the stone and it can only be purchased directly from Fire & Gold, Inc..

Cultural Significance and Usage

For most, Prismarine is nothing more than a decorative stone that can be used to adorn a number of things. Those who follow the teachings of Caspian see the stone as nearly a divine artifact, an item that holds a blessing from the god himself. In some instances, Paladins and Clerics of Caspian will choose to have small amounts of Prismarine crafted into their holy symbols as they believe it heightens their ties to their deity.
Prismarine comes in varying shades of blue and green, and is often considered to be similar to Opals in many ways. Above water, it is believed that Prismarine shines in such a way that truly sets it apart from other precious stones.
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Dec 3, 2023 20:11 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love how it has become the Thing to Have (tm) on the surface. I bet all the rich people are trying to get their hands on some.

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Jan 26, 2024 22:40 by Mikey Stevens

I really like this concept, and I especially like that you didn't go with the "crystals have power / healing properties" idea, infusing Prismarine with physical attributes instead. I've yet to dig deep (sorry) into the Dwarves of my world, where I'm most likely to play around geology and precious stones, but hadn't considered stones from the ocean in any context (despite living in Cornwall, UK and often coming home from walking the dog on the beach with pretty stones from the sea!) You have a beautiful imagination :)

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