Wanted Hero

Enjoy epic fantasy and walk the path of your favorite characters, feasting upon the endless sarcasm and kick-butt humor of hundreds of unforgettable personalities. This ain’t your mother's bedtime story, buttercup.
Wanted Hero is a ever-growing collection of tidbits and rumors, myths and misfiled paperwork, posted in its gross imperfections. You are invited to enjoy the lore and whisperings of imagined things, even questionable things, while walking hand in hand with your favorite characters. Consider it an offering, to be explored freely, as the author better learns his craft, still clinging to hope, even after dealing with the endless sarcasm and overwhelming personalities still wedged in his brain.   The hope that he will finish this work in time; that this work will be worth that time; and that he will be able to entertain you in some small way.
Do This First! (You won't regret it)
Introduction (By Hobin)
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