Every story requires worldbuilding.


In 1990, I had this crazy idea to build a career around the creation of dozens of storylines interwoven into a single world. A fantasy world where a person could happily get lost, over and over again.   This would require high-end worldbuilding skills, organized into an easy-to-follow system, so I didnt get lost myself. I required something to help prevent writer's block, increase writing speed, production, and templates to organize the overflow of ideas I'd been having. Did it work?   The comics have been downloaded over ONE MILLION times since 2005.   This book contains the system I use to write fast, worldbuild even faster, and it includes the 'trigger questions' used to force my brain to be creative. With my time here on WorldAnvil, my skills have grown -- so I've updated the book.     Click the cover to grab your own digital copy.
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Grab your boundless journal today, because you deserve it.
Imagine having the ability to create custom world building journals, perfect for your project needs. Mix and match the genre theme you prefer -- plain, fantasy, sci-fi, or romance, including a cover, spine, title page, table of contents and index. When we did the math, we found hundreds of combinations possible using all subjects combined. Each subject includes our popular templates and trigger questions to speed up your creativity.  

Print whatever you want, whenever you want.

Call it 'old school' in a new age, with no need for the internet or electricity.

Boundless Journals for every Writer and Gamer!


If you prefer individual topics, we've broken them down for you.


Boundless Characters to give your world, uhhh,....character?!
Boundless Events to fuel your world and stories with conflict!
Boundless Illness to seperate the strong from the politicians...
Boundless Locations to set the backdrop to your advetures!
Boundless Lore to flavor your world with myths, legends, and more...
Boundless Magic to make your world pulse with epic wonder!
Boundless Objects to fill the gaps, salt and pepper intents, and give the greedy something to obtain.
Boundless Plants to cover the hills, beautify the valleys, and make you question where to lay your head...
Boundless Races to populate your world and give stories the pawns and patsies to play with.
Boundless Society, where anything can happen...even the unspeakable and overwhelming.

If you prefer our top-selling classic printed journals,
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(I still have my 10 journals for Wanted Hero sitting on the shelf behind me)

What Do Fellow Creatives Think of These Tools?

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I bought this book [Worldbuilding Journal] on a hunch and now that it has arrived, I'm already in love!

  "I didn't realize how big it actually is when I bought it.   If you don't really feel numbers like I do: it's easily two fingers thick, A4-sized, and softcover.   It's not something to be enshrined, but something to be carried around, to be used and abused whenever creativity strikes you. There are hints of order - templates (with trigger questions that are probably gonna be immensely helpful when I get to the characters I don't have running around in my head yet!), a table of content for you to fill in and an index, also for you to fill in.   It feels like the perfect amount of structure and freedom, and I can't wait to actually go back and fill in the ToC and index pages later on.   I may be a digital native and do a lot online, but there's just a different quality to actual writing and drawing (especially the drawing!) on paper, and this really makes me want to sit down and get real with my worldbuilding and book planning!"  

~ ImoenKim (Sage on Worldanvil)


The Advanced Worlbuilding Journal is the best notebook I’ve owned for my writing and note-taking.

  "I’ve used it for everything from detailing out characters, to planning my website layout, to worldbuilding, to (most recently) plotting my first novella.   The templates are fantastically organized, the ability to index and table of contents my general notes is invaluable.   Whether you just need a scratchpad for ideas that won’t get used right away, or volumes to keep your copious lore, the Worldbuilding Journal is the best pen and paper way to do it, hands down."  


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