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"Jaime’s commitment to teaching kids how to be better people is inspiring.

He manages to teach heroism and other niceties through his fiction so that his readers don’t even realize they’re learning. That’s the best kind of teaching and it’s rare. I’m not sure I’ve met anyone like him and there’s probably a reason for that.
  So, get to know him – you won’t regret it."   MATT LANGDON, The Hero Roundtable
My dad, Jaime Buckley, is probably one of the most genuine personalities you'll meet online. As a father of 13 hereditarily passionate and driven children, his heartfelt visions for their future, not just in business, but in life, have nuanced themselves throughout the work of his professional career.    As a professional illustrator, game creator, podcaster, author of books, comics, and graphic novels, his goal was to create worthwhile heroes for children to emulate, in a world where true heroes are hard to find.  
He launched Wanted:Hero in 2005 and received visitors from 60 different countries, all by word of mouth, in the first 10 months. The fantasies began to bud and bloom, a reminder that he had pursued illustration to see others achieve their dreams and goals as much as he desired to reach his own.    At the heart of all his success, in the firm hard ground underneath his most epic and humbling setbacks, the essence of my father's work has always been a love for people. Intrinsic value for the soul of an individual.    My daddy, my favorite storyteller, has dreamt up a million dissimilar ways to teach me that every human being has infinite worth.  
~ Asia Bailey


On May 27th, 1969, Oakland California went to hell. Some say it was because Jaime Buckley was born...others just decline to answer. Either way, a curious and creative mind was born.   A quiet kid growing up, all Jaime really wanted to do was draw. From the early age of 2 years old, his mother would set him in his highchair, arm him with paper and crayons, then stand back as he crafted his accurate renditions of Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and other characters from Sesame Street. That obsession for drawing never stopped.   Graduating high school at age 15, he turned to street art -- running from mall rent-a-cops while doing caricatures of couples, selling them for $4 each. Jaime followed a series of opportunities as he grew older, collecting an unusual array of skills along the way.  

Boy Meets Girl

The late 80's brought a new set of challenges. It wasn't just that Jaime couldn't figure out the Rubik's Cube or buy enough batteries for his Walkman. People had to blow on Nintendo cartridges to get them to work, suffer through confusion as Smurfs referred to themselves as a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb, and don't forget the "OH CRAP!" moment when Luke Skywalker found out his dad was the bad guy.   On top of all these first-world problems, a severe car wreck left Jaime homeless, jobless, and forced him to move back into his parents' house at 20 years old, unable to use his hands. Luckily the Universe had plans for the wounded artist...and it manifested in the form of the perfect female.  

Microwave version:

They met. They went out on a single date. They got engaged that month...followed by marriage 10 months later. That was 1990.
  On May 1st 2019, they had their 13th child, and are still happily married, surrounded and loved by dozens of grandbabies.    

Wanted Hero is born

Jaime started telling stories of an accidental hero, Wendell P. Dipmier. At first, these stories were told to his children. Then the stories were shared, even asked for...going from family to friends, to strangers. Those stories eventually turned into comic books.   It wasn't long before Jaime's father suggested he take his comic book ideas to a newly emerging fad called the 'internet'.  
With a handful of library books and the money he'd won from a single pull of a slot machine (true story), Jaime created WANTED:HERO the website. This website catered to readers and sold comic books in PDF format for ¢.97 each. By the end of the first year, Wanted:Hero had thousands of readers from 60 countries. It was done by word-of-mouth...and Jaime, to this day, doesn't have a clue how that even happened.  

The Story Today...

Jaime realized his love for storytelling has no bounds. His own children have grown up with fictional characters as siblings and now even the grandchildren seek time with 'Papa' to hear the adventures of Wendell, Morphiophelius Smith (a.k.a. Chuck) and Dax.   Truth is, the expanding world of Wanted:Hero shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Both his wife and older children are slowly joining Jaime in the expansion of this fantastical world. So why bother trying, right?    

So What's Next?!?

In 2019, with the encouragement of his entire family, Jaime went to crafting Wanted:Hero full time. Three days after that decision, he discovered the WorldAnvil platform...allowing him to bring years of notes to life.   So stay tuned.   There's a lot more to come...
"Any time I’m feeling down or unmotivated all I have to do is hop over here and it’s like happiness caffeine. (Must. Get. Jaime. Fix.)   Jaime is hands-down one of the most talented, encouraging and downright fun people I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. I refer to him as my muse because every time we chat, or I read something he’s written, it inspires me to go create something amazing. He has a way of bringing out the best in people just by being his outrageously hilarious self.   His writing is way too entertaining, though…I’m not getting any sleep lately because it’s too hard to put his books down and go to bed!"
— Mandie Sanders

"Jaime is an amazingly talented storyteller, artist, and illustrator. The first time I saw his work I was blown away — and he’s only gotten better since!   Graphic novel fans, check out WantedHero …super fun, and with a character called the BookWorm you might recognize…"
Barry Eisler, New York Times & International Best Selling Author

"Jaime Buckley is an amazing creative talent. His stories. His art. The worlds he creates. All his creative endeavors are awesome. And he’s the hardest working man I know.   But you know what really sets Jaime Buckley apart? He’s the most genuine human being you’ll likely find.   Add that to his dependability and you have yourself a rockstar talent."
— Jon Filitti, Out Of This World

"Jaime Buckley is a unique and quirky breed of writer. It’s not because of his style or skill….but his focus.
What’s makes this man so likable and why we adore him is that within minutes, you quickly realize his business isn’t products or information–it’s people. Teaching, encouraging, entertaining, empowering and uplifting people–no matter who they are or where they live.   What’s impressive, is he’s incredibly good at it.   Just to be clear, this isn’t something Jaime does…it’s who he is…and that powerful fact makes him a gem to work with."
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