Graveyard Shifters

This entails the specific events which lead the underappreciated and overly abused wage earners of Clockworks City to rally, establishing a culture that would influence the race forever.

Abuse of Labor

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A specific section of time in Gnome history where menial laborers were ignored, overworked, and underpaid during a time of inovation and prosperity. There was no cause for this treatment, and in the end, a new culture emerged with a dynamic hold on the lifepulse of the country.

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    27 /5 04:00

    R&D Restrictions Lifted
    Financial Event

    With the desire for economic prosperity at its height, certain safety restrictions controlling R&D (research and development) across the private sector was lifted.   Corporations and medium sized businesses were permitted to develop products and services without fear of political maniputaion, 'progress taxation', and bureaucrats trying to score a financial cut behind closed doors.   Clockworks GDP rose 11.2% in the first quarter after the R&D lift, rising again by an additional 32.4% the following quarter. This, combined with a 288% increase in startups that same year set historic economic records.

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    11 /7

    Petition for Tax Relief
    Financial Event

    Prospering corporations united to petition Congress for tax relief. Most of company profits were quickly swallowed up in tax burdens set by the Government Faction.   Relief was granted by shifting taxation from part-time to full-time employees, in an effort to encourage companies to hire more low-grade/lesser-educated workers into menial positions.

  • 6691 AoL

    Chopping Block
    Life, Career

    Using the new tax relief to a profitable advantage, corporations sacked full-time employees and split labor between part-time positions. This eliminated the bulk of taxation, forcing qualified/educated employees to take pay cuts...and sent them seeking secondary jobs.   This view was adopted by nearly every major business, casting millions of educated gnomes to the wind, while thrusting an entire class of laborers into destitue poverty.

  • 6691 AoL


    Birth of Graveyard Shifters
    Cultural event

    With no work available for too many poor, a creatove surge washed through the lower districts and sub-districts. Street vending became the new form of commerce -- especially food stalls. Most created corner stalls or setups, using tiiny gas stoves to cook. Other prosperous vendors offered repairs or provided much needed services gained from previous employment, offered at a fraction of the price.   Hundreds of thousands of gnomes engaged in this practice to survive and provide for their families.

  • 6692 AoL


    Government to the Rescue

    Congress enacted laws prohibiting new businesses and freelancers to operate outside government issued licensing to charge for products or services. This shut down the Graveyard culture overnight, nailing the coffin closed on the poor.   Centurions were deployed to enforce the closure of all street vendors.

  • 6692 AoL


    Dumpster Law Enacted
    Civil action

    DL-202 was pushed through Congress to counter the public outcry over the starvation of its citizens. The creator of the bill, Jeremy Copperbottom, sought to encourage businesses to give their remains and overflow to support the poor in exchange for tax benefits.   This law also allowed the poor to use the rejected goods cast off by any company or hoisehold for their own use without taxation or infringement by authorites.

  • 6695 AoL


    District Riots
    Criminal Activity

    A riot starts in a sub-district, involving hundreds of gnomes around a soup kitchen. Jeremy Copperbottom, who was feeding the locals through one of his business locations is murdered.   The shock of his death ignites the populace, who surge topside, unleashing violence and vandalism, compelling the government to initiate a lockdown to protect its more respectable citizens.

  • 6695 AoL


    Funeral of Jeremy Copperbottom
    Life, Death

    Jeremy Copperbottom's funeral is televised to hundreds of millions across Clockworks City.   During the funeral, his wife, Mrs. Paige Copperbottom challenges her husbands murders and vows revenge.

  • 6696 AoL

    6717 AoL

    Revenge is Best Served with a Smile

    Mrs. Paige Copperbottom uses the full power of her corporation and financial / media influence to develop '4K INC', employing tens of millions and crafting a corporate umbrella for new startups to compete with their larger corpoate counterparts.   Inside five years, the economy is flipped in favor of the poor, who now have profitable businesses wihtout taxation. Attempts to inject laws to thwart her efforts are rejected and any politician seeking to challenge 4K INC are promptly voted out of office.   Every corporation who engaged in the opposition of Jeremy Copperbottoms dream for the prosperity of the poor eventually lose their client base to the new startup revolution.

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