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Cast out as an infant.   Unwanted by his family.   Destined to be the downfall of his own people.
  Could you keep your head up and be strong when those around you rejected your existence?   Few could.  
  Born as Daxänu [dax-AHN-oo], which means ‘unsolvable problem’, the child had no idea of the incredible life he would lead, or how his actions over time would significantly influence the world around him.   Carried by a giant eagle across the Tilliman Highlands and deep into the Andle Forest, the bird landed at the remote cottage of Chuck (a.k.a. Morphiophelius Smith).   Snatching the note from the basket, Chuck scoffed, offended by the name imprinted upon the paper. The mägo knew what it felt like to be misunderstood by those around him. Of the pain one feels from being scorned, mocked, spat upon and rejected.   …and there was no way he would allow such pain to fall upon a child unchallenged.   Daxänu was renamed Dax (solution).    

Adopted by a Loving Psychopath

Dax had a fierce protector in Chuck, who raised him as his own. As Dax grew, the mägo taught him to be rough, tough, and emotionally independent.  
  Dax proved to be a child without fear, intense, blunt, bold, and with a curiosity near impossible to contain. That, coupled with his extraordinary resistance to pain, injury and a heightened healing capability unlike anything the mägo had seen before, danger became the child’s constant companion.   Can you milk a grizzly bear? Dax wanted to know.   Did fish taste better once it rot in the sun for a week, mixed with ripe bananas? Dax ingested it.   Would it taste even better being left outside until it grew fur? Dax ingested it again.   Could you actually snowboard on top of an avalanche and survive? Apparently you can, IF you’re quick enough.    

Exposure to Other Cultures

When the teen became more than the old wizard could manage, Chuck moved The Cottage to the one society known to embrace other cultures: the famed city of Erimuri (otherwise known as Sanctuary).   Dax was introduced to the Iskari High Council who greeted him with open fascination. It was quite the event—the Iskari people being a blue-skinned race, welcoming Dax, who had a deep green sheen to his own.   Yet wherever he traveled throughout Erimuri, Dax was welcomed with open arms.    

Better Than Minimum Wage

As he grew older, Dax displayed signs of a latent talent for the arcane and an ability to understand and recall certain magic difficult for even the most seasoned of mägo. This prompted Chuck to school him in the fundamentals of magic, symbolism and understanding the balance of the world around him. This training helped him form stronger (and expanded) control over his teleporting abilities, eventually breaking free from the binds of his environment.   With his newfound abilities and earned trust, Dax was officially employed by the Iskari High Council as a formal steward and messenger of the people.   It was an honor he would cherish for more than 200 years.  
  During this time, Dax traveled with Chuck on various adventures (see Jaime Buckley's "Adventures of Chuck & Dax" series), only returning to perform his duties as a messenger from time to time. Traveling with the famous mägo not only gained him a considerable reputation among the races, but it also strengthened his already considerable skills in combat.      

Going Rogue

Rumors whispered through the years of Dax enlisting as a mercenary. Others say he traveled the world, seeking reputation or more accurately, solitude.  
  Chuck has confirmed a combination of both.  
“What does a parent do when their child comes to you, hurt and confused, asking, ‘Do I matter?’
“Mahan’s Pink Panties, how do you ANSWER a question like that?
“It’s then that you have to look at yourself and wonder if you’ve loved enough, accepted enough and instilled the principle of intrinsic value in the heart of your child…”
— Morphiophelius Smith
  In the end, Dax turned his heart to those who had accepted him. Taking up residence once more among the Iskari (at the suggestion of Chuck), Dax offered his services as a messenger, a position he'd often missed. Accepting dangerous assignments from the Iskari High Council, he labored in return for his citizenship among the blue-skinned populace.   No longer bound by the powers of the Prime Gate's , Dax could travel at will…and did so frequently.  

Present Day

For more than a hundred years of dedication and unwavering loyalty in the face of certain peril The High Elder bestowed the title of Guardian upon Dax—to be the protector of Wendell P. Dipmier for the duration of the human’s stay upon their world.  

"You can get a lot further in life with a kind word and a bat, than a kind word alone." ~ Dax







3' 10"




Sky Blue




Putrid green with yellow shadows  


Other than the obvious height, skin tone, and odd looks, Dax has extremely dense bones and muscles, and a constitution allowing him to resist extreme temperature changes, ignoring most weather conditions. His long arms allow him to propel himself at great speeds (much like an ape).   Another unique feature is Dax's mode of dress. Ever since he was an infant, he took to wearing a pair of Chucks boxer shorts. From striped to polkadots, Dax wears the shorts as normal attire and rarely anything else. Consider it an act of rebellion and point of contention to provoke others into confrontations with him. It should be noted that he has small pockets sown into the elastic band, where he stocks cigars and matches.   Dax also wears five golden loops in his ears. Three in his right ear, two in the left. These are of pure gold, and have, at times, been used as a deposit for a rather long night of drinking...    

Known Languages

Dax is fluent in Iskari, Human, Vallen, Therrin and his native Evolu toungue. He has a passion for magic and has studied both Script and Runelore under the encouraging eye of Chuck, Wendell's guide, magical tutor, and comical sidekick.
Parents (Adopting)
"Dax is one of our least understood citizens. At first glance, he appears rough, uncouth, bitter, perhaps even cruel...but his true nature is quite the opposite. He is thoughtful, kind, and any Iskari child will tell you our messenger is a person worthy of trust and admiration."
— Delnar, The High Elder
"If you don't like monkey-boy, you just don't know him (yet)..."
"A greater fighter I have never known. Except maybe me."


Wendell's story is being written and released chapter by chapter, every week over at Life Of Fiction each Friday at 5pm MST.   The first book in the series is called
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Dec 29, 2020 01:45 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Awww, I love his story and that Chuck took him in and raised him as his own. He definitely is a study in the fact you shouldn't judge others by their appearance.   Also... *can* you milk a grizzly bear? :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 29, 2020 06:15 by Jaime Buckley

It's a true story that back in 2006 I received a tender email from a youth in another country--he thanked me for the stories I was telling and the comic books, then asked me something that both broke my heart and put a fire in my belly that has never been quenched.   "Mr. Buckley, do I matter?"   Even now I get a lump in my throat, wondering what kind of life a young boy has to live to ask a complete stranger that most important question.   ...or what he experienced that he felt he HAD to ask it of a stranger!   That was what prompted the adventures of Chuck and Dax, and why that sad and lonely mägo took in a rejected baby--and made sure he was loved, supported and was taught that he had INTRINSIC VALUE.   ....and yes, you CAN milk a grizzly bear. You do it gently and only while the creature is in the deepest stages of hibernation!

Storyteller, Cartoonist,..pretty awesome friend =)
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