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Andle Forest

The andle forest was once a rich and lorious valley, housing an abundant resource of the magically-sensitive trees of silver bark and unique growth cycles.   Located in the western region of Andilain, this forest was a protected sanctuary where both men and animal lived in peace, and where the great Verrdrä resided, watching over the wealth of magical power.   Legend speaks of this being the original garden of the gods, and Pääjumä Himself, where the ancients would come to receive their blessings and instruction in the mysteries of life. It is said that the very presesnce of the gods left a poweful residue within the very fabric of the plantlife of the forest--and the andle trees in particular.   When the gods left Elämä, giving all dominion to the mortals, the trees remained ever sensitive to the presence of magic, thus becoming one of the finest materials to use in crafting magical items of curious workmanship.


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