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Tilliman Highlands

Along the southern borders of Andilain stands a rugged mountain pass. Silent sentries watching those seeking entrance into the northern country. Casting a mist as far as the eye can see--the wildlife prospers and the abundant plant life takes a near-mythical presence throughout the Tilliman Highlands.

Blurred Borders

The one aspect that sets the Tilliman Highlands apart is its blurred borders. The continent of Humär is separated into seven distinct kingdoms, yet the Highlands remain a single strip of neutral territory--where the rule of Andilain and King Robert III hold sway.   From the mountains just west of Sangil, to the Mist Plains and Dunhill, the Highlands come to a rough point near Southbend, along the Irdu River.  
Tilliman Highlands
  The Tilliman Highlands rests between the borders of Illmorjä [ill-MOR-yah]--ruled by King Jasper, and Jokimset [YOK-em-set], ruled by King Otaktay (kills many).      


Tilliman Highlands is nestled between extremes. To the north, one finds the great Highland mountains, while to the south, the land ends at the shores of The Shell Sea. To the west, the Highlands transform into the monolith mountains of Illmorjä, while to the southeast the dense forests blend into the near-tropical region of Jokimset.  


To the east of Binmeer Lake is a ring of mountains reaching their fingers to the sky. Within the center of their grasp is the hidden valley of Tämä-Un, ancient runes containing one of the three Prime Gates.  

Rare Ore

For nearly 700 years, the mountains within Tilliman Highlands have been searched and mined for its ore. Copper, gold, silver, and iron were found in abundance. In addition, both mägo and Kutollum Rune Keepers scowered the various mountain ranges for rae minerals and ore to use in ther magical crafts.  

The Twin Mines

To this day, there are two deep coal mines found in the twin peaks of Mt. Venmeer and Mt. Agmeer. Since the separation of the seven kingdoms, regular mining has ceased as few have wanted to challenge boundary lines near King Otoktay's domain of Jokimset [YOK-em-set], though any in need have been able to freely enter the mines.  

Fauna and Flora

Tilliman Highlands is known for its abundant animal life and woodlands. Elk, deer, rabbit, fox, boar, quail, and other larger game can be found throughout the region. Fish are also abundant in both river and lake. Other than the residents of Dunhill, most avoid the region about the Mist Plains, as it is heavily infested with insects.  
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There are some notes I would add to this location readers should be aware of.   Due to the dense forest, bountiful wildlife and abundant natural caves piercing the mountainsides, the Tilliman Highlands remains to be one of the more dangerous geographical locations on Humär.   The enemies of mankind have, more than once, skittered across the borders of the land and vanished into the dense environment, waiting for the opportune moment to plunge their daggers into unknowing flesh.   For all the beauty and resources, the Highlands is a fierce and dangerous place for the uninitiated and unprepared.  
~ Höbin
During the retreat of Thule and his disciples from Til-Thorin, scouts discovered random bands of both Vallen and ocassional Täuku hiding at higher elevations.   It wasn't until the University of Magic sent staff to investogate that traces of what we believe to be 'gates' were discovered in strategic locations.   These gates were not able to function on the scale of a Prime Gate, but to open a temporary doorway for a set number of travelers through, before collapsing.   It is our belief that it is by this means Humär was invaded, even though its borders were secured by traditional military means.
A Prime Gate spire...
  Tilliman Highlands was first mentioned in the book Race to Til-Thorin.

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