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On the tropical island of Mävro, the sunlight only reaches the soil through reflection. The overabundant plantlife had created a dense ecosystem teeming with insects, fungi, and the largest serpent population of the planet. An environment perfect for a nocturnal tree-dwelling creature, feared by both beast and man.   Täuku.   Hardy and strong, the Täuku would never be mistaken as one of the descendants of Arödrin. Addicted to the delicacies of magic, the Täuku sought to feed that addiction by turning their attention to the darker arts.   A path which twisted both spirit and body into what they are today: hideous beasts with an unmatched understanding of the shadow arts.   For thousands of years this race has faithfully served the master of darkness, Mahan, and reluctantly under the charge of Mahan's general, Thule. Ripping the lifeforce from Elämä to feed their craft, the Täuku can always be found at the forefront of the horde's attack upon the lighter races.


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Oct 1, 2021 10:52 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

These sound like a rather terrifying people. I like how they are swathed in cloaks.   I would love to read more about the island of Mävro. Snakes!

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Oct 2, 2021 22:17 by Jaime Buckley

Thanks Emily----the world map is being reconstructed. We found proof that the current map was off--intentions by some of the powers that be, striving to keep races in the dark.   Mävro is part of that deception.   ...I'll keep you posted. Finley Greenhopper is on it...

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