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General. Murderer. Devourer of Hope. Son of Mahan.

Legends are created by great and powerful acts. Acts of both heroism and atrocity will gain the notice of those who record history. Of all the Vallen recorded by scribe and mägo, one stands only second to the Lord of Darkness himself.   Thule.   A being bred and raised in the blood of war, revenge, pain and absolute dominion over lesser beings. He is both the abused and pride of Mahan.   In him, Darkness has an independent will.

Personal History

Mahan planted his seed throughout the world. Weaving his arcane knowledge to mystify and seduce females into submission. Male children born with tainted blood coursing through their veins, struggling to understand the fevered impulses and overwhelming drive towards evil.   Some are pushed to madness. Others crumble in fear—the world about them forming to their cracking wills, dishelving reality.   Then there are some who welcome the darkness and hear the call, beckoning them to seek out their brethren. To leave their homes and track down each and every blood brother upon the face of this world.   And bathe in their blood.   The grip was powerful. Hot, sour breath upon the wind as sharp teeth sank deep into Thules shoulder. Upon the shores of southern Mällistädel, the child forced his head to the side, out of the sand and sipped air.   …and saw the body of his mother, hunched over the red-stained washing stone at the rivers mouth.   She had run with Thule. Taken him from his home. Protected him. Shielded him. Teaching him to deny the fevered dreams and impulses towards violence. Beaten, shunned, and cast out from among their people, she had been his only beacon of light and reason.   Darkness had come to claim its servant.   The body of his elder brother was left for the animals to feast upon.   Rumors say the last act of humanity Thule performed was that of the burial of his mother.   From there, history remembers the son of Mahan well.   Thule sought both the face and approval of his father, allowing nothing to stand in his way.



Thule seeks to be the heir to the power, glory and rule of Mahan. There can be only one and The Lord of Darkness will only accept he that knows no pain, no fear, no mercy and no will of his own. Only then will the secrets of the Book of Dark Bindings be shared.   Thule revels in blood, pain and chaos. It pleases him and he understands them well.

Virtues & Vices

Of virtues, Thule has none to speak of, other than a perfect obedience to the will of his father. Among vices, there is no greater than his passion for obtaining more knowledge in the way of rune lore. A way to use magic to enhance physical conflict is nothing short of an addiction.

Likes & Dislikes

Thule enjoys the experience of those seeking to remove him from his position. For the Law of Dominion requires close personal combat, allowing him to test his skill, strength and resolve in blood. The bigger and more dangerous the foe, the greater the satisfaction.

Abilities & Skills

Hand to Hand

Thule has been trained by the greatest military minds of his race. His hunger for conflict has both seasoned and hardened him for combat. Though Thule is proficient in each known weapon, his specialty in knife, short sword, axe, and double swords are his preferred weapons of choice. His favorite weapon overall is a small 3” rune blade he carries on his belt at all times-able to cut through skin, bone, wood and even stone.


Studying under the Täuku Thule is proficient in several disciplines of magic. The greatest of all these is rune magic, which has allowed him to further his studies in elemental magic and harness some forms of chaos. Thule has also learned how to communicate with his father through the use of the Kälä-Iskul.


For all his violent tendencies, Thule is a highly intelligent and disciplined individual, who expertly reads and manipulates those around him to his advantage. Using words, gestures and reading subtle variations in body language, tone and even scent, Thule is often able to control a situation or negotiation without resorting to violence.

Heightened Senses

Thule is highly sensitive to the non-corporeal around him. The elements, spirits (specifically the unembodied) but also to sound, light and scent. Much like a wolf, Thule is able to detect and follow a scent imperceivable to most mortals. He uses this talent in tracking prey and also detecting lies.

Social Connections

Thule rules second only to his father, Master Mahan and is known throughout the societies of vallen, therrin and the elusive täuku mägo. Unlike his vallen brothers, Thule has earned the respect of the täuku, who give their service to him of their own free will. Among the races of light, the utterance of his name alone strikes panic and fear into the hearts of lesser men.
Few have had the misfortune of meeting him and live to tell of the experience. We know him and judge him by the mischief and bloodshed that bear his mark.
244 yrs
6’ 1”
General Physical Condition:
Thule has the strength, stamina, and agility of a vallen species that engages in intense physical exercise, while also enhancing attributes through magical means.
The vallen tell a story of ‘The Cunning One’ whose blood lust began with hunting down his own siblings. His father was not a loyal man, nor was he accountable for his infidelity. In Thule’s demented pursuit of singular endowment, he was not wholly successful. There is one he missed. One beyond his reach. Nevertheless, he earned his father’s favor.
— Chuck
I don’t know what this means, but the fact that it’s happened so much and I can’t seem to pin down why, bothers the hell outta me: Thule has been seen in places that just don’t matter.   What I mean by that is, he’s invaded Clockworks. Why? What could possibly be there for him?   He’s also traveled to Elämämäkäs…which no one does. It’s an enchanted island completely protected and impenetrable even by the greatest mägo. So why bother?   Then there’s the time he spent in Tilliman Highlands. Yes it had abundant resources, such as wood, coal and even wildlife, but Thule has those things on his own homeland.   All I’m saying is that this isn’t measuring up, that’s all…   What is he looking for?


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